Lifetime of Bliss And Contentment With You

Chapter 48 - You Have a Girlfriend?

Chapter 48: You Have a Girlfriend?

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After parting ways with Pei Yutang, Lin Yan didn’t return to her aunt’s place.

She had thoroughly fallen out with her aunt during the audition. Thus, she knew what was going to happen if she went back.

Perhaps she would go to Wang Jingyang’s place for a few days. Once she managed to find a place, she would move out immediately.

At Maple River Residences…

Lin Yan stood outside an apartment and pressed the doorbell.

Wang Jingyang opened the door and raised his eyebrows the moment he saw her. “You finally got kicked out of the house?”

Lin Yan studied his expression and realized that he seemed to be gloating. She was speechless. “Why do I feel like you are rather happy?”

“Because I couldn’t stand seeing you get bullied by your aunt? You should have moved out earlier!” Wang Jingyang grinned as he passed her a pair of slippers.

Lin Yan glanced at the pair of brand new slippers in Wang Jingyang’s hands. Unconsciously, she blurted out, “You have a girlfriend?”

It wasn’t Lin Yan’s fault for reading too much into this. The slippers were pink and featured a pair of cat ears.

Wang Jingyang rolled his eyes at her. “What girlfriend? Are you drunk again?”

Lin Yan pointed at the slippers. “Why would you have a pair of pink slippers?”

Wang Jingyang’s face turned to stone. This woman was really an idiot. “I like this kind of design, alright?” he yelled.

Lin Yan threw him a meaningful glance. “Alright, alright. No problem at all! As long as you’re happy!”

It had never occurred to her that he took a liking to this kind of thing…

Wang Jingyang was half-livid, half-exasperated. He took a deep breath before saying, “So, what are your plans?”

Lin Yan walked in with the slippers and sat down on the couch. “My audition was a success and I asked to get paid in advance. I’m planning to move out and rent a place.”

Wang Jingyang’s expression froze slightly. “What? Your audition was a success?”

Lin Yan nodded. “Yeah, and it’s not a minor role either. It’s a major production, and I got the supporting role!”

Wang Jingyang appeared doubtful. “Based on your dreadful acting…”

Lin Yan narrowed her eyes. “I shall give you a chance to rephrase this!”

“Ahem… Yeah, yeah, yeah, your acting is not dreadful. You’re merely not serious about it. If you took acting seriously, other actresses wouldn’t compare to you,” replied Wang Jingyang in a fawning manner.

Lin Yan beamed happily. “Pup, you’re still the smartest!”

Wang Jingyang was speechless…

“Oh yeah, you said that you wanted to move out. Have you found a place?” asked Wang Jingyang.

“I was planning to! I fell out with my aunt, so I definitely can’t go back. I’ll tell you the entire story later. Now, I have to ask for your help. I need to stay at your place for a few days. I will move out once I find a place!” said Lin Yan.

“I’m fine with you staying as long as you want.”

Wang Jingyang’s eyes spun around as he spoke. “Oh yeah! My neighbor next door moved out. Why don’t you stay next door? It’s dangerous for a girl to stay alone, but I can help take care of you.”

“Your neighbor moved away? I thought he had been renting this apartment for a long time.” Lin Yan was puzzled.

Wang Jingyang replied, “How would I know? Anyway, he left!”

Lin Yan frowned. “That’s weird. When I met him previously, he said that he would stay here for three years…”

Wang Jingyang replied casually, “Perhaps something came up and he had to move out. I’m close to the landlord. I can liaise with him on your behalf!”

Lin Yan scratched her chin. “Not so fast. Let me try to search for…”

Wang Jingyang interjected. “Why do you still want to look for another place? This place is cheap, and he is in a hurry to rent it out. The rent could be lowered.”

Lin Yan quipped, “Alright then! Help me contact him!”

Wang Jingyang was speechless!

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