Lifetime of Bliss And Contentment With You

Chapter 43 - A Supreme Ruler Who Just Walloped Him Without Mercy

Chapter 43: A Supreme Ruler Who Just Walloped Him Without Mercy

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Her driving skills were impressive!

This… This woman… Where was she from exactly?

Other than Song Yaonan, the rest of the men and women in the crowd had all fallen silent.

“What the… That was so awesome…”

“Did you see this clearly?”

“Yeah… I saw it clearly… That woman had perfect control at every tight turn as well as around the loops… Brother Nan was crushed the entire time…”

“Master! Expert! She is practically a supreme ruler who just walloped him without mercy!”

The most shocked person was the individual inside the Ferrari named Pei Yutang.

The young man clenched tightly onto his seatbelt, looking sickly pale. He looked as though he was about to throw up. His eyes were fixed on Lin Yan, as though he had just seen a ghost.

“You… You, you, you…” Pei Yutang couldn’t finish his sentence.

Lin Yan opened the door and got out.

The night breeze ruffled her hair and made it dance, while her eyes gleamed sharply like the inky sky. There was no trace of the frail, timid girl left anymore.

“Young Master Song, can you honor your promise now?” asked the girl casually.

Song Yaonan gnashed his teeth as he glared at Pei Yutang. “I never thought that I would lose to a woman so miserably. Pei Yutang, you’re brilliant. Did you set up a trap for me?”

Pei Yutang was speechless…

Song Yaonan quipped, “Say it. What do you want?”

Lin Yan’s eyes flickered and landed on Song Yaonan’s car bonnet before she said casually, “Young Master Song has a fantastic engine.”

Song Yaonan’s eyes widened in shock. “You…”

How could this woman be this greedy?

Damn it! How did a wastrel like Pei Yutang manage to find such an expert?

“Remove it and give it to her!”

“What? Brother Nan, it was imported from Germany…”

“I asked you to give it to her. Didn’t you hear me?”


Lin Yan grinned happily as they moved the engine over to their car. “What can you get by calling someone else daddy? One should get something practical and valuable…” she muttered to herself.

Pei Yutang studied the greedy expression on Lin Yan’s face. The image of the revered goddess was destroyed instantly.

Was this an illusion?

She had completely transformed from a weak rabbit into a different person…

When the engine was in the car, Lin Yan glanced at Pei Yutang. “Let’s go!”

Pei Yutang nodded stiffly as he sat in the driver’s seat obediently.

In the end, Song Yaonan and the crowd watched as Lin Yan and Pei Yutang drove away with the prized engine in a victorious manner.

Although Pei Yutang was sitting in the driver’s seat, he didn’t dare flaunt his driving skills anymore. He drove the car carefully, as if it was crawling.

Neither of them talked, so the enclosed space was silent.

Pei Yutang was bursting with questions. In the end, he randomly chose one. “You… Why did you take Song Yaonan’s engine?”

Lin Yan replied, “I just wanted something random from him. One must be kind!”

The corners of Pei Yutang’s mouth twitched…

She was indeed kind. That was the most valuable part of that car!

Pei Yutang stared at Lin Yan and continued to steal furtive glances at her. His words seemed to get choked in his throat.

Lin Yan tilted her head and glanced at him. “Young Master, do you have anything to say?”

Pei Yutang’s eyes were sparkling as he gawked at her. “Daddy!” cried Pei Yutang excitedly.

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