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Chapter 30 - Interlocked Hands

Chapter 30: Interlocked Hands

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Pei Yucheng, who seemed to be fast asleep at the moment, looked slightly pale.

Mottled sunlight streamed in from the leaves of the tree and fell on the man’s exquisite, handsome face.

Right now, Pei Yucheng didn’t seem to possess the suffocating pressure he projected usually or the dangerous, sharp aura he always emanated. Nobody knew if the fact that he was sleeping was the reason why. He slept quietly, without looking menacing at all. He looked like a sleeping beauty who had been asleep for a millennium…

Lin Yan entered a daze as she gazed at his gorgeous, stunning face.

Amid her daze, she abruptly realized something!

Her hand… was holding Pei Yucheng’s hand tightly!

Damn it!

What was happening again?

Had she done something disrespectful to Pei Yucheng once more?

Clearly, she hadn’t drunk anything!

Oh yeah! Hadn’t she just been to the audition?

How had she ended up in Pei Yucheng’s ward the next moment?

This was absurd!

Lin Yan looked utterly confounded and confused. She couldn’t make sense of the situation right now. A moment later…

Pei Yucheng, who was lying on the bed, fluttered his long eyelashes and opened his eyes slowly.

Meanwhile, her evil claws… were still clutching tightly onto his hands…

Lin Yan was speechless!

When the man’s eyes opened, the overwhelming aura of a dictator returned once again and permeated the room.

He had probably just woken up, so he wasn’t entirely alert. The man’s eyes began to turn sharp as they regained their focus.

Gradually, his eyes recovered their usual sharpness and landed on Lin Yan… Her hands were holding his hands tightly…

The man raised his eyebrows a little and glanced at her with an indifferent expression. Then, he said in a slightly hoarse voice, “Miss Lin, we are meeting again.”

Lin Yan had never thought that she would be caught red-handed. Her posture made it seem as if she had been touching him sneakily and been caught in a dilemma between withdrawing or remaining still.

The atmosphere froze awkwardly for a few seconds.

Lin Yan, who looked as though she was ready to meet death, faltered with difficulty. “Mr. Pei… If I… If I told you that… I didn’t come here out of my own free will… that I might have been possessed by something… Would you believe me?”

The man’s eyes billowed slowly in the light mist that surrounded him. “Judging by your intelligence, you must have tried your best to come up with this explanation.”

Lin Yan was speechless…

She knew that she was being ridiculous, but this situation was too strange. Other than the possibility of being possessed, she couldn’t think of any other explanation.

Lin Yan was so engrossed that she felt like she’d had an internal mental breakdown. Her hands froze and she forgot to move.

The man, who looked unruffled, glanced at her pair of fair, soft hands. “Do you wish to continue, Miss Lin?”

Lin Yan swiftly retracted her hands as though she had just touched burning hot charcoal. “No, no, no! I don’t! Sorry!”

Pei Yucheng’s eyesight didn’t appear to be that good. He always seemed to be looking at someone from behind a layer of fog, thus giving off an impression of mystery and secrecy.

It was as though he had seen through someone, but no one could do the same to him.

The man slowly got up and picked up his spectacles, which were beside the bed. “I think that you need to explain yourself, Miss Lin.”

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