Lifetime of Bliss And Contentment With You

Chapter 3 - Don't Do Anything Foolish, Or You Will Get Hurt

Chapter 3: Don’t Do Anything Foolish, Or You Will Get Hurt

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Their father, Lin Yuetong, didn’t really like Lin Shuya or care about her. However, she was a sly and scheming person, so she hadn’t spent a single cent of his money. When she grew up, she left her home, leading Lin Yuetong to assume that she was capable of supporting herself.

No one knew that Lin Yan had paid for all of Lin Shuya’s expenses, luxury belongings and her brand car with her hard-earned money.

“Lin Shuya, hopefully, you can keep up this pretense and fool everyone for the rest of your life. I’ll be waiting to watch your downfall.”

After some time, Lin Yan’s attitude turned cold.

“Sister, I really didn’t lie to anyone. Why did you misunderstand me…” Lin Shuya stared at Lin Yan as though she had been wronged.

Without waiting for Lin Yan to respond, Han Yixuan, who couldn’t restrain his fury, strode forward and yelled, “Lin Yan, shut up!”

“Are you qualified to ask me to shut up?” Lin Yan glanced at Han Yixuan.

Lin Yan had just finished her last word, when Han Yixuan suddenly raised his hand to aim a slap at her.

A loud sound was heard.

Everyone present saw Lin Yan standing in the same spot, looking aloof and cold. She too had raised her hand and caught Han Yixuan’s hand.

“You…” It hadn’t crossed Han Yixuan’s mind that Lin Yan would be so strong. He couldn’t break away from her grip.

“Don’t do anything foolish, or you will get hurt.” Lin Yan glanced at Han Yixuan coldly.

“You!” Han Yixuan glared fiercely at Lin Yan.

Lin Yan relinquished her grip on Han Yixuan’s hand and cast it away.

Her eyes briefly swept past Han Yixuan and Lin Shuya. Without another word, she turned around slowly and departed.

Everyone laughed and mocked the girl’s lonely, desolate figure.

The night was quiet, and gusts of piercing cold wind were blowing.

Lin Yan was walking absentmindedly on the road.

At that very moment, flashes of blinding light shone from the end of the road.

Lin Yan snapped out of her daze and instinctively glanced ahead.

Luxury cars sped towards her at lightning speed one after another.

Lin Yan, who had been in a daze, couldn’t manage to dodge in time.

The first car came to an emergency halt and then was steered in another direction. Unfortunately, it was still too late to avoid Lin Yan completely, so the car brushed against her.

The entire fleet of cars stopped by the roadside in an orderly manner.

“Get lost!”

A man wearing a custom-made suit rolled down his window and yelled at Lin Yan sharply.

Lin Yan didn’t respond. Her gaze fell on a luxury car in the middle of the fleet.

“Hennessey Venom GT?”

The black car in the middle of the fleet had successfully drawn Lin Yan’s attention.

As a professional racer, Lin Yan was extremely sensitive when it came to cars. She had seen all sorts of luxury and brand sports cars, but this was the first time she had seen a Hennessey Venom GT.

This car had been designed solely for speed and was much faster than a Bugatti. Its unique trait was that it was vicious and fierce. There were only 10 such cars in the world, and wealth alone wasn’t enough to get one!

This car seemed to have undergone professional modifications…

Lin Yan was curious about the identity of the car owner. She wondered who this person could be.

A man wearing a pair of gold-framed spectacles was lying against the back seat.

The man looked sickly and his face was pale.

There were a woman and a man next to him.

‘Beep, beep, beep.’

The man was wearing a silver watch, which was producing ear-piercing sounds similar to an alert alarm.

“Oh no, Brother Yu is reaching a critical point!” The young man beside him looked anxious.

“What happened up ahead? Why did the car stop suddenly?” The woman, who was dressed in black, frowned.

“I’ll go take a look.”

The young man passed the watch to the woman and opened the door to get out.

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