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Chapter 20 - For the Supporting Actress

Chapter 20: For the Supporting Actress

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Knock, knock, knock.

Someone knocked softly on the door.

Pei Nanxu replied, “Enter.”

Producer Feng Anhua and Director Jiang Yiming strode in.

Both of them unconsciously shuddered immediately when they spotted the man sitting on the couch.

They had never thought that their big boss would come personally.

Both the director and the producer were experienced and famous in the entertainment industry. They had met countless famous celebrities, as well as wealthy, high-ranking investors.

However, they had never met anyone like Pei Yucheng, who could exert a tremendous amount of pressure on them.

Feng Anhua rubbed his hands and managed to give him a fawning smile. “President Pei, it’s such an honor that you came here personally. We are extremely honored!”

Jiang Yiming then said, “President Pei, I’ve always been very strict about acting skills. No other factors will affect the auditions. Please rest assured, the quality of the movie will be superb!”

Feng Anhua hastily chimed in, “This partitioned area is very quiet, so no one will be able to disturb you. You can take a look at the audition process. If you have any suggestions or feedback, please let me know. I will do my best to accede to your requests!”

The man on the couch tilted his head slightly as he took a sip of coffee. He looked completely unbothered by what they had just said. “Don’t be nervous. Just proceed normally.”

Feng Anhua and Jiang Yiming looked at each other helplessly.

Judging by Pei Yucheng’s attitude, he didn’t seem as though he was there to check on the auditions.

If he wasn’t there for the auditions, why would a busy man like him come personally?

The male lead of this movie was Pei Nanxu, so he could be there to express his concern for his younger brother…

Jiang Yiming and Feng Anhua heaved a sigh of relief after leaving the room. Even though Pei Yucheng had merely sat on the couch with his eyes shut, an invisible pressure had suffocated them.

Due to Pei Yucheng’s presence, Jiang Yiming and Feng Anhua seemed extremely uneasy on the set. Their thoughts began to run wild.

“Old Jiang, can you guess why President Pei is here today?” Feng Anhua whispered carefully into Jiang Yiming’s ear.

Jiang Yiming shook his head in confusion. “How would I know?”

Pei Yucheng was a man of extraordinary status and wealth. He couldn’t be interested in the production crew.

Pei Yucheng managed too many businesses. The entertainment business was just one of them. He had at least a dozen top-notch production and entertainment companies in the country.

Even though this movie was a mega global blockbuster, there was no reason for Pei Yucheng to visit the set personally.

It couldn’t be because of Pei Nanxu’s leading part, as he had been an actor for many years. He had acted in countless movies and participated in numerous major blockbusters. Why was Pei Yucheng showering this specific movie with attention? Why had he visited personally?

It all came down to the purpose of Pei Yucheng’s visit.

“Old Jiang… Do you think President Pei…” Feng Anhua furrowed his eyebrows.

“Don’t beat around the bush. Say it,” said Jiang Yiming.

Feng Anhua replied, “I only have one guess regarding President Pei’s visit today.”

Jiang Yiming asked, “What is it?”

Feng Anhua replied, “If a man suddenly begins to act abnormally, it must be because of a woman! Today, we are casting the supporting actress! Do you reckon that President Pei is here for the… supporting actress?”

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