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Chapter 18 - This Role Is Definitely Mine

Chapter 18: This Role Is Definitely Mine

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It was summer, and cicadas were buzzing incessantly outside the windows.

The air-conditioning wasn’t working in the bedroom. Sunlight streamed in from the windows, and the room felt like it was being baked in a gigantic oven.

Lin Yan turned on her laptop to research upcoming productions that were inviting applicants for auditions.

Lin Shuya kept using Triumph Entertainment to put her down and prevent her from getting roles. However, Triumph Entertainment wasn’t influential enough to monopolize the entire entertainment industry, so there would be other productions that were not controlled by them.

Her cousin, He Shanshan, was making a din inside her room as she played games.

“Shanshan! Come and eat some fruit, it’s good for your skin. The Capital City Drama and Theater School is the best in the entire country. You have to work hard, do you understand?” Wang Qiaohui came bearing a plate of iced fruit with a bright smile on her face.

He Shanshan pursed her lips. “Mom, who would attend classes every day? The people who have connections have already gotten roles long ago.”

Lin Yan heard her remarks and furrowed her eyebrows. She couldn’t help but retort, “Shanshan, if you want to make this your long-term career, you have to make sure you have a strong foundation…”

He Shanshan heard her and burst into laughter. “What a joke! You are known in the entertainment industry for your horrible acting skills. Are you really fit to advise me?”

Wang Qiaohui snapped. She looked irked as well as she said, “Instead of worrying about this, you should focus on earning next month’s rent!”

Lin Yan knew that her advice would fall on deaf ears, so she decided to clam up.

He Shanshan rolled her eyes at Lin Yan and deliberately flaunted in a haughty tone. “Mom, Sister Shuya has already arranged for me to have an audition for a movie.”

Wang Qiaohui’s eyes lit up. “What kind of movie?”

“It’s called ‘Meeting One’s Match’. I’m auditioning for a supporting role. Don’t underestimate this supporting role, mom. This movie is a major blockbuster with a huge production budget. The male lead is the award-winning actor Pei Nanxu, and the investor is JM Corporation!”

Wang Qiaohui, who was delighted, beamed from ear to ear. “Wow! JM Corporation is investing in the movie? It must be a major production! I suppose the competition is fierce then?”

“Of course! There is a girl in my dormitory who auditioned last week. She auditioned for a minor role who only has one line, yet she was eliminated instantly!

Many members of the acting faculties of prestigious schools are fighting over the role! Not to mention D-list actresses!” He Shanshan deliberately stole a glance at Lin Yan when she spoke.

“Mom, don’t worry! Sister Shuya has helped me contact the necessary connections. This role is definitely mine! Sister Shuya knows the top management of JM Corporation!”

“Really? Then you will definitely get this role! I always knew that your cousin, Shuya, is a capable girl! She has proved me right! Unlike someone else…”

Lin Yan had also heard about the movie that He Shanshan had just mentioned.

Director Jiang Yiming’s new movie was indeed having auditions right now.

However, Jiang Yiming was known for being strict and particular. He had never accepted anyone through connections and he picked applicants based on their acting skills.

This supporting character was a successful career woman who was tough and possessed an overbearing aura. She was supposed to be the domineering president of a company.

He Shanshan wouldn’t be able to get this role given her acting skills and experience.

Thus, even if He Shanshan managed to snag an opportunity to get an audition, it would be hard for her to get hired based on her acting.

However, she sounded really confident. It was probably because Lin Shuya had made prior arrangements.

Lin Yan didn’t mull over this, as it had nothing to do with her. Instead, she continued her research and kept sending her résumé.

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