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Chapter 1636

Chapter 1636: Side Story (5)

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This exposé post pushed the International racing Union to the forefront of the storm.

A lot of dirty secrets had been exposed in the past, and the long – suppressed emotions of the car fans had completely erupted. The overbearing style of KD and the International racing Association had long provoked public anger.

When Lin Yan found out about the news, she did not say anything but posted on her social platform,”[If you’re not convinced, then let’s have another match. I’ll play with you anytime.]

Didn’t he suspect that she was on drugs?

Then let’s compete again, however many times we want.

True gold fears no fire.

Lin Yan’s words made the fans even angrier, and they began to accuse the International racing Association of maliciously suppressing Chinese racers.

At the start, the International racing Union had been waiting to see a joke. They had never expected the fire to inexplicably burn on their heads in such a short time. They had been tormented to the point of being in a terrible fix.

Avis, the Vice President of the International racing Association, finally got through to Lin Yan.

“Hello? Yeva! My dear, I’ve finally managed to contact you!”

“President Avis? Is there something you need?” Lin Yan’s lips twitched when she heard the man call her “dear.”

“Oh, my dear, please believe me. The exposé on the forum this time really has nothing to do with us. It’s not our people.” Avis explained in a hurry.

Of course, Lin Yan knew that they did not do it.

After all, they weren’t stupid. They knew that this kind of reason wouldn’t be able to convince the fans and might even arouse their rebellious mentality. This was also the reason why they only dared to deal with it in private.

Lin Yan could roughly guess who had done it …

Seeing that Lin Yan did not say anything, Avis continued,””However, my dear, don’t worry. Although this matter has nothing to do with us, as an Association, we will definitely try our best to help you clarify the truth. After all, this is our responsibility. We’ll definitely find the surveillance footage from that year and prove your innocence!”

Lin Yan’s lips curled up when she heard the president’s Grand speech.”So, you’re really grateful to the president?”

“You’re welcome, you’re welcome. I just hope that you won’t have any misunderstandings with us, dear. I really hope that we can work together happily in the future.”

At the end of the day, the International racing Association’s sudden change in attitude was partly because they were anxious that she wasn’t cooperating, and partly because they had no choice but to step in because they were the ones who had been implicated.


This time, the International racing Association acted very quickly. Just as the news was spreading like wildfire, the International racing Association officially released a surveillance video.

The time on the top right corner of the video showed that it was the day of the tournament three years ago.

Yeva was talking to a girl. The two seemed to be very close. Someone recognized the girl as Lin Yan’s sister, Lin Shuya.

In the video, Lin Yan left for a while, and Lin Shuya took the opportunity to secretly put a pill in Lin Yan’s Cup.

The video was very clear, and the editing zoomed in on the box of medicine. The English words on it showed that the box of medicine was actually a stimulant.

After Lin Yan came back, she gulped down the box of medicine without any warning.

Everyone was shocked by the content of the surveillance video.

Lin Yan’s drinking water had been drugged, and the person was her sister?

Lin Shuya, who was waiting at home to see Lin Yan’s reputation ruined, stared at the video in shock.

She had never expected that the International racing God would expose her when she was trying to frame Lin Yan.

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