Lifetime of Bliss And Contentment With You

Chapter 1634

Chapter 1634: Side Story (3)

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“Back then … Did you really like me?” han Yixuan could not help but ask.

Lin Yan was speechless. ‘Brother, you’re asking such a question in front of my husband. Are you sick?’

She subconsciously looked at the silver watch on PEI Yucheng’s wrist, afraid that the beeping would start again.

This was a public place. If a certain someone were to start a fight, it would be like a science fiction blockbuster!

Lin Yan took a deep breath and said,””Whether or not I lost my memory at that time, objectively speaking, I did cheat on you when the procedures were not completed. However, you also cheated on me once, so we’re even.

As for whether I like him or not, I’m really sorry. It’s indeed because I forgot everything at the time. If I still remember PEI Yucheng’s words back then, based on my aesthetic judgment before I lost my memory, there’s a high chance that we wouldn’t have crossed paths …”

In other words, she had been with PEI Yucheng before, so she would never fall for han Yixuan again …

Han Yixuan glanced in the direction of PEI Yucheng and left in a hurry with a dark expression.

When Mr. PEI heard this, the shadow of “I made myself green” that shrouded his head finally dissipated a little.

After han Yixuan and Lin Shuya left, the reporters immediately turned their attention to Lin Yan and PEI Yucheng. After all, the gossip that had just been released was indeed very explosive.

“Miss Lin Yan! Ms. Lin, may I ask why you wanted to get a divorce?”

Lin Yan was speechless.

Was he trying to kill her today?

Why did they all mention that?

Lin Yan coughed.”The reasons are complicated. One of them is that he is against me racing because he thinks it is too dangerous.”

The reporter’s desire for gossip was burning. Under PEI Yucheng’s dangerous gaze, he continued to ask,””Then, why did you get together with han Yixuan when you lost your memory?”

Lin Yan was silent for a moment, then she said slowly,”actually, at first, it was because of one thing he said. He said that he liked the way I looked when I was free when I was racing … But later, I found out that people who appreciate and like you will love your beauty and carefreeness, but only people who love you deeply will care if you are tired or in danger.”

Lin Yan looked at the man beside her.”I was young and aggressive back then. I hated being bound. I didn’t know much about this. I’m sorry.”

PEI Yucheng gently pulled the girl into his arms.””I’m the one who should be sorry. True love isn’t a restraint, but to let go. I love you, but you’re free.”

The reporters at the scene were in tears. They had never expected that they would see such a beautiful and affectionate confession when they just wanted to gossip. This dog food was really unexpected!


After the race, there was the annual awards ceremony held by the International racing Association.

“Driver of the Year,””Team of the Year,” and other awards will be given out. In addition, there will be exhibition races, including some collective business activities to attract investment and so on.

Lin Yan canceled all the activities.

She didn’t need money, so there was no need to give face to the International racing Association.

This caused the International racing Association to be in an awkward position.

None of these events could be held without Lin Yan. The annual awards ceremony, for example, was only a commercial event, but if Lin Yan, the champion, didn’t show up and even rejected the shortlisted award, the ceremony would be meaningless.

Not to mention the huge commercial value Lin Yan had. Without her, the International racing Association would not be able to carry out any business activities for the whole year.

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