Lifetime of Bliss And Contentment With You

Chapter 11 - I Almost Had a Heart Attack

Chapter 11: I Almost Had a Heart Attack

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“What the…” Wang Jingyang, who was thoroughly frightened by her, rolled off the chair and collapsed on the floor.

At the same time, in the car parked across the road…

Pei Nanxu peered anxiously at Pei Yucheng, who had lost consciousness suddenly. “Big Brother! Big Brother, wake up…”

Wang Jingyang had never expected that Lin Yan would wake up so abruptly. He had fallen off his chair out of fear, and it took him some time to get back on his feet as he gripped his waist.

“Damn it! Lin Yan, what are you doing? You scared me so badly that I almost had a heart attack!”

‘Lin Yan’ looked terrified for a moment.

In the past, Pei Yucheng’s consciousness had been able to infiltrate Lin Yan’s body and take over her body and mind.

However, this was subjective. If Pei Yucheng was unwilling, his consciousness wouldn’t leave his body.

‘Lin Yan”s eyes revealed a trace of astonishment. It had never crossed Pei Yucheng’s mind that he would lose control to this extent. His consciousness had incredibly possessed Lin Yan, even though he hadn’t been thinking about it.

He hadn’t planned on entering Lin Yan’s body earlier. Nevertheless, his consciousness had gone ahead without his control…

It looked like his soul was more honest than his body.

The girl’s eyes, which had originally looked forlorn, sparkled quietly like a pair of pearls now, as though someone had wiped away a layer of dust.

Wang Jingyang felt guilty under her intent stare. Thus, he forced himself to explain. “Why are you looking at me? I saw something on your face and I wanted to wipe it off!”

“Really?” the girl calmly asked.

‘Lin Yan”s expression made Wang Jingyang feel as if she could read his mind. This made him get flustered.

The crushing pressure he felt was as intense as though he was facing a formidable rival.

F*ck! What was going on?

Wang Jingyang couldn’t help but sneer. “Lin Yan, are you being possessed by something? Why did you become so… cold all of a sudden?”

Earlier on, when she had opened her eyes, he had been so shocked that he had almost died!

Wang Jingyang muttered under his breath to himself as he tried to change the topic. “Lin Yan, did you hear what I said just now? Do you want to stay at my place? Then you won’t have to be bullied by your aunt.”

‘Lin Yan’ glanced at him. “There is no need.”

Wang Jingyang assumed that she didn’t want to trouble him so he persisted. “You don’t have to stand on ceremony with me! Anyway, I have an empty room in my house.”

‘Lin Yan’ picked up a skewer of barbecued food, although she didn’t look as though she had any intention of eating it. She merely glanced at it and replied, “I have a place to go to.”

Wang Jingyang looked helpless. “If you really feel bad, you could pay me rent when you have money. Don’t be so stubborn. You have no family or friends in the capital. Where else can you go?”

‘Lin Yan’ replied, “To my boyfriend’s place.”

Wang Jingyang was shocked!

He remained frozen on the spot as the skewered food in his hand dropped to the ground.

“What.. What did you say?” Wang Jingyang looked as if someone had just hit him.

Boyfriend? When did she get a boyfriend?

Lin Yan had barely recovered after breaking up with Han Yixuan. How could she possibly have a new boyfriend?

How could he not know?

‘Lin Yan’ finished talking and simply stood up. Her cold voice disappeared along with the wind…

Wang Jingyang was left sitting there in a daze as he watched Lin Yan leave. His heart was shredded like dumpling fillings.

Indeed, she was different now that she had a boyfriend! Even the way she talked to him was different.


Pei Nanxu panicked when Pei Yucheng fell into a coma once again.

He was just about to take him back to the hospital, when someone knocked on the car window.

Pei Nanxu rolled down the window and glanced outside. The person standing outside was Lin Yan!

“You… Lin Yan?”

The girl opened the door and sat down next to Pei Yucheng. “Don’t go to the hospital. Go directly to Cloud Manor.”

Pei Nanxu looked at her warily. “Who are you? What is your relationship with my brother?”

It was incredible, but this woman’s tone made him want to obey despite the unwillingness he felt.

‘Lin Yan’ maintained her calm, indifferent facade as she replied coldly, “The most… intimate relationship in this world.”

Pei Nanxu was rendered speechless.

Actually, just the fact that this woman could make his brother travel such a long way to look for her hinted at the unusual relationship between his brother and her.

At least, this was true for his brother. He should be able to trust her.

After a brief struggle, Pei Nanxu decided to head to Cloud Manor.

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