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Chapter 792 - Chapter 792 Heavenly Venerable Demon Vanquishing! (1)

Chapter 792 Heavenly Venerable Demon Vanquishing! (1)

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It was night.

Dark clouds covered the moon, and a few dim stars hung in the sky.

In a desolate forest deep in the mountains, a group of warriors in gray martial arts attire with long sabers at their waists came. They protected a black carriage in the middle, looking travel-worn. They looked like either guards or escorts.

Seeing that the starlight was dim and the people were tired after a day of traveling, an old man with a curly beard signaled the team to stop and rest on the spot.

“Zhang San, Li Cheng, the two of you go and gather some dry grass and firewood to keep the three nobles warm.”


The curly-bearded old man called two young men over and the two of them left together.

“Guan Ling, go with Ma Han, Zhao Chong, and the others to take a look around. If there are wild beasts, kill them on the spot. Don’t disturb the nobles.”


“Elder Wang, why did you stop?” After a while, a gentle female voice sounded from the carriage.

When the bearded old man heard this, he walked to the front of the carriage and bowed. “Young Madam, we’ve been walking for a day. We can walk, but the horse has to take a break and eat some grass to rest. Otherwise, we won’t be able to travel much tomorrow.”

“I didn’t think it through.” At this moment, the curtain of the carriage was lifted, and a noble lady stuck half of her body out with an apologetic smile on her face. Her makeup was exquisite, and she was not more than 30 years old. She was wearing a light blue quilted shirt and a white fox fur coat.

As soon as the curtain of the carriage was lifted, a stream of hot air spread out from inside. When it came into contact with the cold air outside the carriage, it condensed into water vapor.

At this moment, two small heads poked out from the side of the young woman. They were both eleven or twelve-year-old girls who were born with delicate features. One of their clothes was purple, and the other was green. They were also wrapped in white fox fur. As they breathed, hot air spewed out. Their little faces were red from the cold, making them look very cute.

“Eldest Young Mistress, you’re being too serious.” The curly-bearded elder hurriedly bowed.

“Let’s rest here for today. It just so happens that the charcoal in the hand stove isn’t hot anymore.” The young woman alighted from the carriage and took out a purple copper octagonal hand stove carved with the image of a magpie coiling around a plum blossom.

Although they were in the wilderness, they seemed to be well-prepared in the team. After a while, they started a fire, set up a boiler, and cooked broth.

A burly servant who looked like a chef stepped forward and placed seasonings on it. Then, he cut the dried meat and flatbread into small pieces and threw them into the soup.

After cooking, the young woman and the two little girls ate first. Although the others were hungry, they only started eating after the three of them finished eating.

After eating her fill, the young woman took the hand stove from the servant and returned to the carriage with the two little girls.

As for the others, they could only wrap themselves in the sheets they took out from the carriage behind and drink the meat soup in the cold wind to ward off the cold.

“This damn weather changes just like that. It’s really cold!”

“That’s right, it’s really freezing!”

A few martial artists complained softly.

“By the way, when I was collecting firewood just now, I saw an abandoned Heavenly Venerable Temple over there. We can spend the night there. At least there will be a place to shelter us from the wind and rain,” Li Cheng suddenly said.

“Why didn’t you say so earlier!” The few people who complained that the weather was too cold immediately shouted. After that, someone even boldly went to look for Elder Wang, the bearded old man in charge. At this moment, other than Elder Wang, the Martial Master, agreeing, they could not make the decision.

After they went to look for Elder Wang, Elder Wang went to seek Eldest Young Mistress’ opinion. After getting her approval, they rushed towards the dilapidated temple.

The young woman brought the two children and entered the temple under the protection of a group of martial artists.

In the middle of the hall stood a statue of a young man with a dignified appearance. However, perhaps because it had been abandoned for too long, the golden paint on the surface of the statue was a little faded.

“Wait!” The moment the young woman saw the divine statue, she suddenly spoke, stopping everyone from entering the temple.

“Eldest Young Mistress?!” Elder Wang didn’t find anything wrong, but he still held the saber in one hand and looked around warily.

At this moment, the young woman knelt on the ground with an extremely pious expression and muttered, “I’m from the He Clan. Greetings to the Heaven Suppressing True Martial Spirit Blessing Saint Emperor.”

“Mother! What are you doing? The floor is so dirty!” At this moment, the little girl in purple on Madam He’s left stepped forward to help her up.

However, she could not move him.

At the same time, the little girl in green knelt down and bowed to the statue with Madam He.

“Lingning, what are you doing now?” The little girl in purple was stunned.

“Zining, kneel down and pay your respects to the Heavenly Venerable!” Madam He’s expression was solemn and her voice was stern.

He Zining rarely saw her mother like this, but she knew that once her mother showed this expression, it would be unquestionable.

Therefore, she could only frown and endure the dirty ground as she knelt down together. However, when she paid her respects, it was completely in formality. She was still muttering that there were no gods in this world.

When Elder Wang and the other guards saw that their mistress had knelt down, they also knelt down and bowed.

At this moment, the people with their heads lowered did not notice that as Madam He and He Qingning knelt, the statue that was originally covered in golden paint suddenly emitted an imperceptible purple light. A faint golden thread appeared above Madam He and He Qingning’s heads and finally floated up, entering the eyes of the statue.

After everyone had paid their respects, Madam He and He Qingning stood up slowly. At this moment, He Zining looked at the miserable dress and fur coat and could not help but mutter. However, under Madam He’s stern gaze, she shrank her head and covered her mouth.

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