Library of Heaven’s Path

Chapter 2270 -END

Chapter 2270 -END – 2270 Prequel: The Origin of the Library of Heaven’s Path

In the Divine Realm, on the highest mountain, a human-shaped stone stood by the cliff, overlooking the heavens.

“Father, Father… Help me catch it!”

At this moment, a five or six-year-old girl with a ponytail ran over. In front of her was a little yellow chick that was running in panic. Some of the feathers on its tail had been pulled off, making its bald tail stand out.

Ji ji ji ji!


The little yellow chick was anxious as it was being chased. With a hurried shout, the little yellow chick flapped its wings and landed on the shoulder of the humanoid stone.

“Let’s see where you’re going!”

The young lady harrumphed. In a flash, she appeared before the stone statue. With a light grab, she gently grabbed the yellow chicken with her palm.

“Little Master, I was wrong…”

Upon being caught, the little yellow chick panicked and spoke up.

As if she knew that it would do this, the young lady raised her nose and placed a hand on her waist. “It’s too late for you to admit that you’re wrong now. Scrooge, I just need a few feathers to make a duster. If you don’t agree, don’t even think about leaving if you don’t lay an egg for me today!”


The little chick blinked. “I’m a male…”

The girl said, “Who said that males can’t lay eggs? I don’t care. You have to lay an egg. If you don’t, I’ll find a mushroom and stew you with it!”


The little yellow chick was on the brink of tears. Just as it was about to say something, a deep voice sounded, “Lingxi, stop fooling around!”


The human-shaped stone statue began to shatter. Then, a young man with sharp eyebrows and starry eyes stood up.

Surprisingly, it was not a stone statue. Instead, it was formed by a person who had been sitting for a long time. As a result, dust accumulated on his body and solidified.


The little girl pouted.

“Don’t be angry. I’ve just opened up a Heavenly Domain for you and named it Freedom Heaven. You can treat it as your amusement park. I also have a few drops of my blood essence with me. If anyone dares to cause trouble for you, I can deal with them!”

Rubbing the young girl’s head dotingly, the young man tapped lightly with his other hand, and a few drops of bright red blood were wrapped in a special force before landing on the other party’s palm.

“My own Heavenly Domain? Then I want to go over.”

After storing the blood essence, the girl looked excited.

“Go and play.”

With a light chuckle, the young man waved his hand, and a spatial door immediately appeared before him. The little girl skipped into it and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

She was young, but she already had the power of a Divine King. Coupled with the young man’s blood essence, even Venerable Sovereigns wouldn’t be able to take advantage of her. Naturally, her safety wouldn’t be a problem.

Seeing that the girl was nowhere to be seen, the little yellow chick turned into a handsome young man. He landed not too far away and clasped his fist toward the stone statue. “Master…”

“Okay, go and find Nie Tong.”

The young man waved his hand.

“Yes!” The yellow chick turned around and left. In the blink of an eye, he disappeared from the spot. If anyone from the Divine Realm saw him, they would immediately realize that he was also a God-leveled cultivator.

That was right. This little yellow chick controlled the Spirit Origin Heaven. He was the Undying Emperor Monarch!

Meanwhile, this young man was Nie Yun, the father of Nie Lingxi, also known as Luo Ruoxin. He was also the father-in-law of Zhang Xuan.


A few breaths later, a young man with a cold expression and a long sword on his back was brought over by the Undying Emperor Monarch.

This was his younger brother, Nie Tong!

Nie Tong looked at his brother with a complicated expression. “Have you decided?”


Nie Yun replied, “All these years, I’ve been feeling that something is constantly calling out to me. It’s constantly disturbing my mind, making it difficult for me to fall asleep and cultivate normally. If not for the fact that I’ve sealed the energy in my body, I might have collapsed long ago… Now that Lingxi has grown up and her dantian has stabilized, I want to see what exactly it is!”

Nie Tong said, “Since you’ve made up your mind, I’ll go with you.”

Nie Yun said, “Don’t go. I’ll test the situation first. If it’s too dangerous and anything happens, you have to protect the Divine Realm for me.”

Nie Tong looked anxious. “Brother…”

Nie Yun waved his hand and said, “Alright, it’s settled then. Besides, I’m not going there with my true body. I’m just sending a thought over to investigate. It’s not like you have nothing to do either. You have to protect my true body and prevent any unpredictable dangers from happening. At our cultivation realm, outsiders might think that we’re invincible, but in reality, there’s always someone better than us. Don’t let your guard down.”


Nie Tong nodded.

He knew his brother’s strength very well. He had long surpassed the Venerable Sovereign Realm and reached an unimaginable realm. However, even he was so afraid and had considered it for countless years before making the decision to test the situation. It was obvious that he was afraid.

Nie Yun stood up and looked at the sky with a deep gaze. “Then let’s begin! Lingxi has just gone to Freedom Heaven. No matter how dangerous the situation is, it won’t affect her.”

“Master, I want to stay too!”

The Undying Emperor Monarch spoke hurriedly.

Nie Yun did not say much. His slender body suddenly became tall, like a pincer supporting the heavens. In the next moment, a tide-like will tore through space and quickly spread out.


A spatial door appeared in front of him. Then, a huge land appeared in his vision.

This piece of land was so majestic that even Gods would find it difficult to find its borders. Countless stars floated in the sky, and dazzling rays of light descended like thin threads.

These lines were like IV tubes, transferring the power of the stars to the land bit by bit.

After observing for a while, Nie Yun’s pupils constricted and his voice trembled. “Every star is a Divine Realm!”

With his vision, he could see that the stars in the sky were all independent worlds. Furthermore, their strength was not inferior to his place!

The power of such strong realms was actually being drained by a continent…

In the past, he wouldn’t even dare to think about it!

From the looks of it, if this continued, it would not be long before all the living beings in the planets died and the worlds would collapse.

“What happened?” Zhang Xuan asked Elder Liao with a grim voice.

Nie Yun couldn’t believe it.

Countless realms nourished a continent. Then… how strong were the people on this continent?

More importantly… why would they do such a thing?

What was the purpose of sacrificing other realms to maintain this continent?

Nie Yun was still in shock. Suddenly, someone in the center of the continent seemed to have discovered his spying. Whoosh! A huge palm suddenly came.

The palm spanned tens of thousands of kilometers and appeared in front of the spatial door in the blink of an eye.

Nie Yun’s face turned pale. He knew that the strength of this palm far exceeded his own, and there was no way he could withstand it. Thus, he hurriedly closed his mind, intending to close the door.


Nie Yun’s movements were swift, but the palm was even faster. Before the palm could reach the door, the door was already unable to withstand the pressure and shattered. The immense pressure caused Nie Yun’s scalp to explode.


He spat out a mouthful of blood.

“Big brother!”


With two loud roars, a sword light along with a sea of fire blasted towards the spatial door.

“Get back!”

Nie Yun roared and stood up again. He spread his fingers and rushed towards the palm.


The moment the two came into contact, Nie Yun’s skeletal frame and physical body were immediately crushed into dust. His soul was on the verge of collapsing.

“Heaven’s Path, fuse into my body and stop it!”

As he roared, the Heaven’s Path of the Divine Realm fused with him. In an instant, Nie Yun’s aura surged.

The Divine Realm was his dantian and his realm. With the fusion of the Heaven’s Path, it was equivalent to him being the entire world. He was invincible.


There was a limit.

If the power in the Divine Realm could not be destroyed, the same could not be said for the outside world.


Nie Yun, who had fused with the Heaven’s Path, collided with the huge palm. In an instant, his body was shattered once more, and the Heaven’s Path was torn out as well. It transformed into three parts, namely the Order of the Heaven’s Path, the Deficiency of the Heaven’s Path, and the Nature of the Heaven’s Path. Among them, the first two parts swayed a little before entering the spatial rift and disappearing.

Of course, after shattering Nie Yun’s body and the Heaven’s Path, the palm force had weakened by nearly 90% and was no longer as ferocious as before.


The Undying Emperor Monarch roared and rushed forward. At the same time, he took out his magic treasure, the floating Undying City.

When the huge city came into contact with the palm, the Undying Emperor Monarch’s body also turned into ashes. The Undying City could not withstand the pressure either. Countless living beings died and disappeared into the crack.


After being blocked by the Undying Emperor Monarch and the Undying City, the palm print finally exhausted all its strength and disappeared.

“Big brother…”

Nie Tong rushed forward.

The change happened too quickly. It was over before he could attack.

Of course, the palm was too powerful. With his strength, even if he attacked, the outcome would not change.

It didn’t take long for Nie Yun to recover. However, his aura was as weak as a mortal’s, and his face was as pale as a sheet of paper. At the same time, deep worry surfaced in his eyes. “The appearance of the palm means that the experts of that world have discovered us. I’m afraid that it won’t be long before they extract our power and completely destroy us like what they did to the other worlds…”

At this moment, he finally understood what was going on with those stars.

They should have experienced the same thing as he did. They had been discovered by the other party and ended up being nourishment for them…

Nie Tong asked, “Then what should we do now?”

After a moment of contemplation, Nie Yun said, “We definitely won’t be able to withstand it on our own. We can only hope that someone with similar goals will appear. Such a person should have great luck and extraordinary talent. If we work together, we might be able to change the outcome… Right now, the Order of the Heaven’s Path and the Deficiency of the Heaven’s Path have entered the lower realm. This is an opportunity!”

Nie Tong did not understand, but he trusted his brother and did not ask.

Nie Yun continued, “Let’s wait for now. I’m seriously injured this time, and I’m going to cultivate in seclusion. Tell Lingxi that I’ve fallen into a deep sleep. At the same time, send the Nature of the Heaven’s Path over and let her control it for me.”

Nie Tong was puzzled. “Why not tell the truth?”

Nie Yun shook his head. “I deduced that the changes in the future are related to her. I can’t let her know too much, or else more changes will happen.”

Nie Tong was enlightened.

In a world far away from the Divine Realm, there was a young man who had attained the Order of the Heavens. He rose to prominence step by step, and his descendants addressed him as Master Kong.

Ten thousand years later, the Deficiency of the Heaven’s Path turned into a library and descended upon an ordinary teacher in Tianxuan Kingdom.

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