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Chapter 1891 - Word of Law

Chapter 1891: Word of Law

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Along with the emergence of the head, the mercury-like power began to seep through the rift and diffuse into the surroundings. In response, Zhang Xuan hurriedly sealed his acupoints, not daring to absorb any of it at all.

Similar to the Zhenqi of Slaughter, this mercury-like energy was a special type of energy that could potentially crush one’s meridians, causing one’s cultivation to fall sharply or even put one in severe danger.

“We need to kill him right now!”

Seeing that the deity had managed to push his head through the rift, the complexions of Ancient Sage Yan Qing and the others darkened. With a furious roar, they swiftly charged toward the figure climbing out from the void.

All kinds of energy sweeping around the area caused the formation to shake nonstop. Piece after piece of space crumbled to the ground.

With just a flick of his finger, the deity fended off everyone’s attack. At the same time, he used his other hand to push himself out from the rift, and it did not take long for his entire shoulder to come into appearance.

It was as if he was dealing with mere ants. Despite having to fend off the simultaneous assault of numerous Ancient Sages, he had strength spare to push himself through the dimension barrier.

From that alone, it was certain that the deity was much stronger that fellow whom he had killed with the golden page.

“We won’t be able to stop him at this rate!” Kong Shiyao spat through gritted teeth.

She had already launched several hundred slashes, such that her zhenqi was on the verge of drying up, but she was unable to inflict any damage at all. Grinding her teeth, she turned to Ancient Sage Yan Qing and said in a resounding voice, “Don’t waste your strength on attacking anymore. Use your strength to pull Ancient Sage Zi Yuan’s body here instead!”

“This…” As if having figured out what Kong Shiyao was going to do, Ancient Sage Yan Qing shook his head instinctively.

“Ancient Sage Yan Qing, there’s no other way around it. If we waste any more time, we’ll all lose our lives here!” Kong Shiyao berated.

If that fellow climbed through the dimension barrier and descended to their world, they would all be slaughtered. At the same time, the Hundred Schools of Philosophers would face a calamity of unprecedented proportions… and it would not be long before the devastation spread to the Master Teacher Continent!

If they wished to overcome the current crisis, they needed the resolve to put their lives on the line!

“But… you are the only one among Kong shi’s offspring to have a bloodline purity of over ‘8’. You are the future of our Hundred Schools of Philosophers,” Ancient Sage Yan Qing said anxiously.

If Kong Shiyao did what she was thinking of, there was a good chance that she would lose her life!

He was already old, so his death was inconsequential to the Hundred Schools of Philosophers. However, the young lady was the descendant who had inherited the purest bloodline of Kong shi in the past millennium. Furthermore, she had overcome three Ancient Sage Ordeals to date.

As long as she was given sufficient time, there was a good chance that she would become the first cultivator to reach the Dimension Shatterer realm since Kong shi’s era. If he allowed her to die, he would not be able to face his predecessors even after his death!

“If that fellow succeeds, all of us will lose our lives here! What use will the purity of my bloodline be after all of us are dead?” Kong Shiyao exclaimed.

She took a deep breath before spurting out a mouthful of blood.


As soon as she spat out the mouthful of blood, it immediately burst into flames in the air. In an instant, it seemed as if the surrounding time had been halted. Even the deity who was climbing out from the rift came to a halt.

It was as if someone had struck the ‘stop’ button.

After spurting out the mouthful of blood, Kong Shiyao’s face grew significantly paler. Beads of sweat formed on her forehead as she looked at the coffin floating not too far away and commanded, “Come here.”


Hearing the order, the coffin slowly made its way over to Kong Shiyao amid a light rumbling sound.

“This is… Impartation of Heaven’s Will?” Zhang Xuan was surprised.

This was the ability that Kong Shiyao had activated through her bloodline. All along, he had been wondering what the bloodline ability of those of Kong shi’s lineage was, but who would have thought that it was Impartation of Heaven’s Will?

Was this not a little too simple?

Compared to the Zhang Clan’s time acceleration and the Luo Clan’s spatial seal, was Impartation of Heaven’s Will not a little too lackluster in comparison? This did not seem to match up to Kong shi’s incredible strength.

“This isn’t right…” Zhang Xuan frowned as he activated his Eye of Insight to take a closer look.

What he saw made his heart jolt in astonishment.

“This isn’t Impartation of Heaven’s Will but…”

Impartation of Heaven’s Will required one to impart knowledge that was acknowledged by the heavens in order to induce cultivators to heed their commands. While the Heart of Teacher comprehended by Zhang Xuan allowed him to command plants and artifacts too, these beings needed to possess spirit or be enchanted with one.

To put it in other words, Impartation of Heaven’s Will only worked on those who possessed spirit and were able to cultivate, and it required one to lecture on a cultivation technique that was suited for that individual’s cultivation. It was easier said than done.

For example, if Zhang Xuan wanted to influence someone through Impartation of Heaven’s Will, his Soul Depth would have to exceed the other party’s, and the content of his lecture needed to spark inspiration in the other party.

As formidable as Kong Shiyao seemed, her true cultivation was only at Sempiternal realm consummation. Even if her Soul Depth had reached the level of an Ancient Sage, it still should not have been possible for her to make a lifeless coffin and corpse to heed her orders.

“This is… Word of Law!” Zhang Xuan widened his eyes in astonishment.

Word of Law was an ability that turned one’s diction into laws of the world, compelling the elements of the world to obey one’s command. On the surface, it might seem similar to Impartation of Heaven’s Will, but it was much more terrifying than that.

Before the Word of Law, all temporal laws and spatial laws meant nothing at all.

Even if he activated the Zhang Clan’s bloodline, all the young lady had to do was to utter the word “Stop”, and his movements would come to a complete halt.

This was not a manipulation of time or space but the very elements of the world! The act of stopping would become a new law of the world, forcing one to abide by it.

This was how terrifying the ability was!

To think that this was the ability that Kong shi had comprehended during his breakthrough to Ancient Sage. It was no wonder he had boasted such incredible strength!

Hong long!

Meanwhile, Kong Shiyao flew over to the coffin and opened it. Ancient Sage Zi Yuan’s corpse swiftly flew out and floated in the air.

Even though his eyes were tightly shut, the pulsations of energy that were coming from him made it seem as though he was alive.


After doing all of this, Kong Shiyao spurted another mouthful of blood as her face turned even paler. Her body shuddered a little as it seemed to reach its limits.

As powerful as the Word of Law was, her cultivation was still too low. Forcefully activating Ancient Sage Zi Yuan’s body had caused too heavy a toll on her, damaging her foundations.

Sighing deeply, Ancient Sage Yan Qing commanded, “Allow me!”


An incredible amount of blood gushed out from his body to surge into Ancient Sage Zi Yuan’s corpse. This caused the aura that Ancient Sage Zi Yuan’s corpse was emanating to swiftly grow stronger.

“Do you think that you can defeat me with a mere corpse? I really should snap you out of your daydreams!” the deity sneered coldly as he thrust his palm downward.

At that moment, his chest had also been pushed out through the dimension barrier as well. It seemed like it would not be long before he completely descended upon this world.

The palm strike caused the surrounding space to swiftly compress together, forming something reminiscent of a black hole.

“Get him!”

With a ferocious cry, the remaining Ancient Sages rushed forward to meet the deity’s palm.


The incredible pressure sent shockwaves rippling into the surroundings. Before the Ancient Sages could react, their flesh had already been vaporized clean, leaving behind mere skeletons.

Even so, they did not back down. They stood firmly in the air to stop the palm from landing on Ancient Sage Yan Qing and the others.

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