Leveling Up And Becoming Undefeatable

Chapter 899: This Daddy Will Give You A Blast First

Chapter 899: This Daddy Will Give You A Blast First

The four disciples from the Soaring Sky Sect had been lurking in the dark very early on.

They wanted to see who was killing the White Wolf King.

When they found out it was Luo Tian, who was only in the Spirit Martial 3rd rank, their hearts were filled with shock.

A Spirit Martial 3rd ranker was able to kill the White Wolf King by himself? This was something they couldn’t accomplish.

The White Wolf King was considered a very special demonic beast. They, too, had wanted to kill it before, but they didn’t dare to make the move due to being afraid of the thousand plus Mountain Wolves.

The entire White Wolf King’s body was considered a treasure.

Its hair and bones could be sold for quite a bit of money.

Greed rose up in their heart.

But they didn’t immediately make a move. When Luo Tian brought out the inner core, the expression on all four of them instantly changed. One of them exclaimed in surprise, “Inner core! That’s a demonic beast inner core!”

Luo Tian’s face instantly revealed his shock.

He fought for a whole night and then fought the White Wolf King. His body and spirit were completely depleted of energy. After killing the White Wolf King, he was finally able to relax, so his guard was down. He wasn’t paying attention to his surroundings and obviously didn’t detect that there were people around him.

Luo Tian looked at the forest and said, “Come out. Is there a need to keep hiding now?”



“I never expected a mere White Wolf King would have an inner core. I didn’t see you go into the White Wolf King’s corpse to dig out the inner core, either. How did you get the inner core?” Liu Wang said with excitement on his face. His eyes were glowing as he stared at Luo Tian holding onto that small inner core.

This was the glowing light of greed coming from his eyes!

A rank 1 inner core in Martial Mountain City should have a market price of over 500 xuan coins. And it was an item where demand exceeds supply.

One needs to understand that 500 xuan coins was something a normal family of four wouldn’t be able to spend their whole life. This was a substantial amount of money!

Moreover, all martial artists wanted to become stronger.

With this inner core in hand, they may not make a breakthrough, but they can definitely increase their strength by quite a bit!

Since Liu Wang and his group had been found out by Luo Tian, there was no longer any need to keep hiding.

The four of them walked out from the bushes. When they saw how exhausted Luo Tian was, each one of them had a faint smile on their face.

“Kid, my advice is that you act sensibly and leave behind that inner core. I will give you a way out.” Liu Wang said smugly before continuing, “You are currently exhausted, so you aren’t our match. Even if you were in top condition, a Spirit Martial 4th ranker like me could kill you with a single hand.”

“Senior brother, why are you talking so much nonsense with him? Just kill him already.”

“That’s right!”

“Who knows what kind of dogshit luck this kid has? Killing a White Wolf King would give him an inner core? This kid might have some other good stuff on him! Since this isn’t Martial Mountain City, there are no rules saying we can’t kill other people. Senior brother, do you happen to see what he’s wearing? The clothes don’t look like anything from the clans or sects of Martial Mountain City. He’s definitely a rogue cultivator. No one will care if a rogue cultivator is killed.”

“What you said is correct!”

The other three all chuckled while speaking.

Liu Wang said with a smile, “Kid, you heard them, right? It’s not against the rules to kill someone in the Martial Mountain Range. Even if you were inside Martial Mountain City and belonged to a clan or a sect, it’s still not against the rules to kill someone. Within Martial Mountain, whoever’s fist is the hardest decides the rules!”

“I will give you a chance – leave behind the inner core, and you can scram!”

Luo Tian’s expression changed as he asked, “What if I don’t leave it behind?”

“It’s very simple – death!” Liu Wang said with a cold sneer.

When he looked at Luo Tian, it was like someone staring at a fish on the chopping board. Everything was completely under his control.

Luo Tian didn’t put down the inner core and directly swallowed the inner core in front of the four of them.


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for consuming the inner core. The inner core will begin replenishing your yuan energy…”

The inner core slowly released yuan energy, which then made the yuan energy points go up. It was just like how Luo Tian would take a medicinal pill.

When the four of them saw Luo Tian swallow the White Wolf King’s inner core, their expressions turned to pure anger.

Liu Wang immediately screamed, “Damn dog thing! You dare to swallow that inner core?! You are definitely going to die now!”

“Senior brother, the inner core was just swallowed. If we cut open this kid’s stomach, it should still be useful.”

“That’s correct!”

“Senior brother, let me kill this kid.”

After saying that, one of the disciples dashed out. His speed was fast, and his fingers turned to claws as he attempted to grasp onto Luo Tian’s throat.

This person was at the Spirit Martial 3rd rank.

His cultivation was considered to have reached the middle stage of the Spirit Martial 3rd rank.

He had cultivated in the Spirit Martial 3rd rank for over three years now.

Luo Tian had just stepped into the Spirit Martial 3rd rank, but there was no such thing as an early, middle, or late stage to him. That disciple attacked very quickly, and Luo Tian revealed a scared expression without moving.

Just when the disciple was about to lock his hands onto his throat, Luo Tian suddenly made a move.

His fists were imbued with power as he smashed out, “Mountain River Fist!”


Luo Tian’s fists landed heavily on that disciple’s chest. That disciple instantly sprayed out a mouthful of blood, and his face immediately paled. He never imagined Luo Tian would react this quickly, and the strength he displayed was rich with power. How can an exhausted person display such power?!

Luo Tian had always been like this when he made his move.

Even if he was tired, he would use all his strength whenever he attacked.

He would never hold back any power.

After the successful strike, Luo Tian didn’t stop and instantly drew near that disciple. His fingers became claws as he swiped them forth onto that disciples’ solar plexus area. “Wolf King Claws!”




That disciple had chunks of his chest ripped out. He fell to the ground and twitched a few times before dying.

Only two moves!

Sharp, clean, and his actions fluid like flowing water!

Liu Wang and the other two were dumbstruck!

When they saw their junior brother lying on the ground, they couldn’t react for several seconds.


“Mountain River Fist?”

“You’re a disciple of the Spirit Gathering Sect?”


“Damn dog thing! Today, I don’t care if you’re a disciple from the Spirit Gathering Sect or a disciple from whatever sect. Even if you’re a disciple of the Heavenly Emperor, you can forget about escaping death today!” Liu Wang’s rage was flaring up. He then shouted, “Attack together and kill him!”

The three of them went into a triangle formation and surrounded Luo Tian.

Luo Tian instantly raised his guard.

It was fine if he had to deal with Spirit Martial 3rd rankers, but Luo Tian wasn’t confident in dealing with a Spirit Martial 4th ranker. Moreover, he had to deal with three people at once.


Once Liu Wang shouted that, he was the first to attack. His hands blurred into shadows where one couldn’t see what he was doing.

The other two followed up.

The three of them hung out together every day, so they had a tacit understanding of each other when fighting together. Liu Wang’s Phantom Hands were moving about, and the other two inched closer to Luo Tian.

Luo Tian locked his eyes on one of the disciples at the Spirit Martial 3rd rank. He revealed an expression more fierce than the White Wolf King and brought out a fang of a Mountain Wolf. It didn’t matter what kind of attack Liu Wang was going to do because Luo Tian was determined to take down the disciple he had locked onto.

At this time, the cooldown of Mountain River Fist was over.

Wolf King Claws was still in cooldown.

“God Flame!”

“This daddy will give you a blast first!”

At this time, a girl who had possibly arrived earlier than Liu Wang and his group was standing on a branch of a tree dressed in exquisite clothing, watching all of this.

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