Leveling Up And Becoming Undefeatable

Chapter 50: Extremely Sinister

Chapter 50: Extremely Sinister

“Fatty Lei, make him eat that horse shit!”


Feng Lei grabbed a shovel that was solely used to get rid of horse manner. He then scooped up the horse shit without leaving anything behind and brought it up to Luo Chen’s face with a grin. “Eat it!”

Luo Chen’s face paled as he glared at Luo Tian. He then flicked his sleeves and gloomily said: “We’re leaving!”

“Motherf*cker, you want to leave?”

“If you don’t eat this pile of shit today, this daddy will see if you have the capability of leaving!” Luo Tian coldly smiled and had an expression that if Luo Chen didn’t start eating, he would beat the shit out of him.

The strength of the surrounding six core disciples weren’t low.

With them here, it was natural that Luo Chen wasn’t afraid. He then laughed in disdain, “Luo Tian, don’t think you’re all that. Others might be scared of you but I, Luo Chen am not.”

After saying that, he made an eye movement.

The surrounding six people took a step forward and glared at Luo Tian with a comedic expression.

“Oh? They all seem to be core disciples right?”

“There’s so many of them, I’m really so cared.” Luo Tian faintly grinned.

Immediately after…

Luo Tian’s eyes landed on Feng Lei.

Feng Lei understood the look and whistled into the air. “Fellow brothers, come on out for me!”

“Thump, thump, thump….”

“Thump, thump…”

From the surrounding area, dozens upon dozens of outer sect Luo family disciples poured in like water. They quickly surrounded Luo Chen and the core disciples before giving Luo Tian a firm look. They then all bowed at the same time and said in unison: “Boss!”

Their voices were like thunder and their momentum unstoppable.

That cold and firm cry of “boss” almost scared Luo Tian into jumping out of his skin. He then said to himself: “Shit, this is just like the Chinese triad gangs in the movies!”

He rolled his eyes at Feng Lei and cursed out softly: “Fatty Lei, what they hell did you do?”

Feng Lei then grinned foolishly, “Boss, my training isn’t bad huh? Ho ho ho…”

“Not bad your big ass head, almost gave me a scare.” Luo Tian then pretended to be angry and smiled to the crowd. “Fellow brothers, Luo Chen bullied me by having more people on his side. What do you guys think we should do?”

This crowd of people were all the Luo family disciples that were at the hunting contest grounds.

These past eight days, Feng Lei was training them in secret. Luo Tian never imagined the damn fatty Feng Lei would train them into military like delinquent gang members.

Gang members weren’t scary, but gang members that acted like the military would definitely be incredible.

In this regard, Luo Tian’s heart was quite satisfied with the outcome.

Everyone’s eyes landed on Luo Chen without saying a word. All they did was just glare at him.

Being glared by several dozens of eyes, Luo Chen’s hair stood on its end. His voice was fluttering a bit as he said: “Luo Tian, what are you planning on doing? Are you going to rebel against the family?”

“I’m not really doing anything; I just want you to finish this pile of shit.” Luo Tian smiled in reply.

Luo Chen’s face changed as he angrily said: “Luo Tian you damn dog thing, did you forget who my father is? Last time you were fortunate to escape with your life at the martial training grounds. If you dare to touch a single hair on me today, I will immediately have my father slap you into a cripple.”

“Cripple me?”

“F*ck your mom!”

Luo Tian was immediately filled with rage as he threw out a slap.


Five red fingerprints appeared on Luo Chen’s cheeks as his entire body fell down next to the shovel of shit. The eyes of the surrounding six core disciples sank as they clenched their fists and were about to take action.

Luo Tian swept his right index finger at the core disciples and domineeringly yelled: “Motherf*ckers, which one of you dares to make a single movement?”

As he said this…

The aura of a Profound Master exploded forth – completely arrogant and filled with recklessness!

The expression on the six quickly changed and they didn’t dare to make any sudden movements. Even though they wanted to help Luo Chen regain his reputation, they realized their life was more important. Without one’s life, everything else was just a dog’s fart!

Luo Chen on the ground was being oppressed by Luo Tian’s aura to the point that he could barely breathe. His mind froze while he kept muttering to himself: “Impossible, impossible, it’s absolutely impossible…”

How was it possible to break through into the Profound Master realm in a short half a month?

Even if it was a super rare, once every ten millennia genius wouldn’t be able to do it. So how was it possible for the piece of trash Luo Tian who had his dantian crippled accomplish it?

But the facts were in front of his face; this was indeed the aura of a Profound Master and it cannot be faked. This made Luo Chen’s heart sink into the depths of the abyss.

Luo Tian lowered himself down and grabbed Luo Chen’s hair. He then said with a fierce grin: “This daddy will ask you one more time: Are you going to eat it or not?”


Luo Chen’s whole body was shaking as he looked at the pile of horse shit that weighed at least 2 kilograms. His stomach started churning and he was speechless for the time being.

Luo Tian let go of Luo Chen’s hair and coldly smiled, “Shove it in for me!”

Luo Tian was never soft when dealing with his enemies!

There was no doubt that Luo Changshan had gone over to Luo Jianshan’s side. Not only was he dealing with Luo Jianshan now, he was pretty much going against the entire Luo family.

Since Luo Tian had determined who his enemies were, then he had to beat them all to the ground and not give them a chance to get back up.

Of course…

Right now wasn’t the time to break off all relations or else it wouldn’t be as simple as making Luo Chen eat some shit.

This time Luo Tian was just giving them a glimpse of his power so that the Luo family will receive the message. This daddy has returned so you guys better wash your butts and be ready for this daddy to explode it!

Not long after, Luo Chen’s mouth was filled with horse shit and he had already fainted from it.

Even at this point, no one stopped. They kept shoving the horse shit into Luo Chen’s mouth until not a speck was left before they ceased their actions.

Luo Tian waved his hand and smiled, “Good enough! Bring this message back to your master: It was Luo Chen that wanted to eat shit and I was merely fulfilling his little wish.”

Immediately after…

The six core disciples with pale faces supported Luo Chen up and darted out of the area.



Luo Changshan’s anger had reached the heavens as he slapped down on a mahogany table and shattering it into pieces. His eyes looked like it could spray out flames as he said: “Luo Tian, this old man will never rest until he tears your corpse into thousands of pieces!”

“Father… father, kill him. I want you to kill him…”


Luo Chen once again threw up. The entire room had the smell of horse manure making anyone in it nauseous.

After eating shit twice, Luo Chen had completely lost all face. Not only in the Luo family, but everyone in the Jade Mountain City were laughing at him. Luo Chen even developed an inner mental demon because of Luo Tian, making him half a step into a crippled state.

Luo Changshan was beyond furious as he emitted thick killing intent. He then turned around and walked out of the room in large strides.

Just upon leaving his courtyard, he was blocked by Luo Jianshan who had quickly rushed over.

“Don’t stop me! This time no matter what, I’m going to kill him!” Luo Changshan said in full fury.

“He will die tomorrow!”

“Not even dregs will be left of him, this I guarantee to you!” Luo Jianshan then continued: “Back then he became a beggar in front of the entire city. Tomorrow he will die without a burial in front of the entire city as well.”

“That kid has already broken through to the Profound Master realm so how can you still be so sure?” Luo Changshan asked.

Luo Jianshan lightly smiled before mysteriously saying: “Do you know what demonic beast it will be this time?”

Luo Changshan’s eyes tightened. Before the fight starts, no one would know what sort of demonic beast it would be because the Violet organization’s battle arena had strict security measures in place. He couldn’t help but ask: “What?”

Luo Jianshan replied: “It’s a huge Lava Lizard!”

“Lava Lizard?” Luo Changshan’s body couldn’t help but shiver before thinking back to the catastrophe that happened a hundred years ago in the Jade Mountain City. A huge Lava Lizard destroyed half the city and killed hundreds of thousands of civilians. The four major families suffered countless casualties and almost ceased to exist, yet they still couldn’t kill it in the end.

“The huge lizard planned is a descendant of it.”


Luo Changshan once again revealed a shocked expression as he mumbled: “If that’s the case, then Luo Tian will definitely die.”

“I will tell you one other thing…”

Luo Jianshan lowered his voice and said in a grim manner: “I had some people do something to the huge lizard. Tomorrow in the arena, it will explode forth with the terrifying power of a 5th rank demonic beast…”

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