Leveling Up And Becoming Undefeatable

Chapter 5: Beating Up Ma Tong

Chapter 5: Beating Up Ma Tong

The passage of time flowed on and in a blink of an eye, evening had arrived.

Luo Tian brought back the last stone of grass to the stables and before he even reached it, he already heard a voice of condemnation.

“Feng Lei you damn dog bastard, if you go out stirring up trouble again, just watch me beat you to death.”

“Is the young master really okay?”

“With your piece of trash status, you want to cause trouble with young master Luo Yue? Why don’t you take a piss and look at your own reflection and see what kind of shit you really are?

“Is the young master really okay?”

“Pak, pak…”

In-between the conversation, two slaps were heard.

A youth with a large body like an ox, who was almost 2 meters in height stood next to Ma Tong. No matter how much he was smacked about, the large youth would keep a smile on his face as if he was a mentally disabled person.

His name was Feng Lei.

Luo Tian’s sole servant.

Instead of calling him a servant, might as well call him a brother.

The two of them grew up together. They didn’t have the same family name but they were as close as biological brothers.

After Luo Tian was crippled, Feng Lei could have left him and became an official disciple of the Luo family, but he chose to continue following Luo Tian.

Because of his relationship with Luo Tian, Feng Lei was almost beaten up every day as well.

Most of the time, he would substitute himself to be beaten instead of Luo Tian. The scars on his body almost covered his entire body, but he never regretted his decision.

He has always been like this, acting like a fool.

When talking about Feng Lei’s history, no one knows about it in the Luo family. He was brought back by Luo Tian’s father from the Ghostly Mountain Range. At that time, he was only about 1 years old. His eyes looked like a beast’s and he exhibited strange behaviors. Everyone in the Luo family was against him staying, but Luo Zhen used his status as the family’s Patriarch to forcefully allow him to stay.

Luo Zhen gave him a name, slowly taught him to speak, walk, and read. He was treated like a real son.

One year later, Luo Tian was born, and Feng Lei looked at this little brother of his with intimacy. From that day on, Feng Lei promised himself that he will take good care of protecting Luo Tian.


Later on, Luo Tian’s talent was revealed and he cultivated very quickly. On the other hand, Feng Lei was clueless when it came to cultivation so most of the time; it was Luo Tian who protected him.

Until Luo Tian’s cultivation was crippled.

Their two lives suddenly dropped into the depths of hell.

Every time he sees Luo Tian getting beaten up, Feng Lei didn’t care who it was or how strong the opponent was; he would rush up and take most of the blows meant for Luo Tian.

In Luo Tian’s memories, most of them were related to Feng Lei.

Luo Tian was personally moved by everything he saw in his memories.

He even envied the brotherly relationship those two had.

Therefore, when Luo Tian entered the stables and saw that Feng Lei was taking a beating by Ma Tong, he rushed up and shouted at Ma Tong: “I dare you to beat him one more time!”

“Young master!”

“Young master, you’re really okay.” Feng Lei grinned; his smile was just like an idiot’s.

At this time, Feng Lei was full of bruises and his body was covered in mud. One look and anyone could tell he was beaten quite viciously by someone.

Once he found out that Luo Yue and beaten Luo Tian up, Feng Lei rushed out looking for Luo Yue to take revenge.

In the afternoon, Feng Lei found Luo Yue at the martial training field. He hadn’t even gotten close to Luo Yue when a group of people had already surrounded him beating and kicking him half to death.

Feng Lei struggled like crazy trying to get close to Luo Yue.

But there were too many people surrounding him and his strength was too weak, he could only take the beating when dealing with the Luo family’s disciples.

He hadn’t even taken revenge yet and was already severely beaten.

He started panicking again when he returned to the stables and couldn’t find Luo Tian, and nearly kicked up a ruckus with Ma Tong. When he finally heard from Ma Tong that Luo Tian and gone to the back mountains to cut wild grass, he reverted to his fool-like smile and allowed Ma Tong to curse and smack him around.

The look in Ma Tong’s eyes changed as he coldly stared at Luo Tian before cursing out: “Oi oi, did you eat a bear’s heart or a leopard’s gallbladder? A damn piece of trash like you dares to speak to me like that?”

After saying that…

A slap once again landed on Feng Lei’s face. Ma Tong’s eyes stared at Luo Tian and in an aggressive tone: “I struck him so what are you going to do about it?”

“You useless shit, you dare to challenge me? This daddy will see if you’re tired of living!”

After saying that…

Ma Tong slapped again and cursed out: “I struck him again, what do you dare to do about it? You two pieces of trash going out all over the place causing trouble for me. One goes off to provoke young master Luo Yue, while the other wants a taste of swan meat and provoke young master Luo Lin. You guys don’t even take a look at what you are – pieces of trash, complete and pure trash! You both are Luo family’s two biggest pile of trash!”


Another slap landed.


And another slap.

Feng Lei at the Profound Pupil 1st rank against Ma Tong at the Profound Pupil 3rd rank had no abilities to resist.

Feng Lei didn’t dodge because he was afraid that if Ma Tong couldn’t hit him, he might go after Luo Tian. So, he just stood there like a fool and allowed Ma Tong to smack him however he wanted.

After several slaps, Feng Lei’s cheeks were now swollen and some blood started seeping out at the corner of his mouth.

Anger was seething in Luo Tian’s heart as he menacingly stared at Ma Tong as if he wanted to eat him alive.

A kick landed on Feng Lei’s body before Ma Tong coldly glanced at Luo Tian and pointed at him cursing: “You dog thing, you dare to look at me that way? This daddy thinks your skin is itching for a beating too.”

After saying that…

Ma Tong pulled out the whip at his waist. Raising his right hand, he whipped towards Luo Tian’s direction.

Luo Tian clenched his fist and didn’t dodge out of the way.

The end of the whip lashed onto his chest, the muscles opened up and started burning. The pain was unbearable but Luo Tian still coldly smiled, “Steward Ma, I have finished cutting 10 stones of wild grass.”


For a moment, Ma Tong wasn’t sure how to respond but nodded.


“Congratulations to Player Luo Tian for completing the quest ‘Cut 10 stones of fresh grass for the horses.’ You have gained 50 experience points for completing the quest.”

His experience bar was instantly filled up with 50 points.

Right after that, the System’s alert sounded off again.


“Congratulations to Player Luo Tian for leveling up. You are now at the Profound Pupil 3rd Rank!”

Right after the alert for leveling up, Luo Tian’s facial expression changed and he punched out and cursed at the same time: “F*ck your ancestors!”

Luo Lin was at the Profound Pupil 8th rank which was too much of a gap, so I couldn’t deal with him. Now that this daddy has leveled up and entered the realm of a Profound Pupil 3rd rank, how can I not deal with a little Steward of the stables?

Every bit of anger exploded out of Luo Tian.

A punch came smashing out!

All the power of a Profound Pupil 3rd rank exploded forth.

The flame of anger in his heart was also instantly released.

Memories of the insults, ridicule, and the beatings surfaced…

The shame he suffered in the back mountains by Luo Lin…

The unbearable pain of not being in control of one’s own fate… the unbearable pain of being trampled on…

All of this followed along that single punch and exploded forth!

Like a surging wave!

Luo Tian was similar to a crazy demon as his eyes became bloodshot.

Ma Tong didn’t have time to put his guard up since he never expected Luo Tian to make a move. He definitely didn’t expect Luo Tian’s strength to have reached the Profound Pupil 3rd rank.

This punch knocked him flying back several meters.


Ma Tong had been stuck at the Profound Pupil 3rd rank for many years and his cultivation had already reached the peak of it. Enduring the pain in his chest, both of Ma Tong’s eyes looked like they were going to spray out flames. He stepped forward and roared: “You mix-breed dog, you dare to sneak attack this daddy? You’re courting death!”

As he was talking, he had already rushed up towards Luo Tian.

The corner of Luo Tian’s lips curved up as he coldly said: “Let’s see who’s the one courting death.”

Before he reached the Profound Pupil 3rd rank, Luo Tian didn’t dare to make a move. It was after all, a difference of 1 rank. If he happened to fail, then the consequences would be unthinkable.

After completing the quest, it was just enough for him to level up.

Profound Pupil 3rd rank vs. Profound Pupil 3rd rank, even if Luo Tian was scared, he still had to fight.

A person on the cultivation path cannot be afraid!

He was helpless if the disparity was too big, but why not fight if they’re on the same level?

Watching his brother being beaten and not raising a hand, would he still be considered human?

Luo Tian raised both his fists and then punched out. He yelled in his mind: “Thunder Tiger Fists!”

At the same time…

Ma Tong also threw out a heavy punch.

But the skill behind his punch was ordinary and didn’t have any martial skills contained within it.

He had never learned any martial skills and within the Luo family, he wasn’t qualified to learn a martial skill.

Their two fists met and Ma Tong’s arm made a “crack” noise. It was the sound of bones fracturing!

Defeated by one punch!

This was the advantage of a martial skill.

When those on the same levels fought, one can only accept the abuse when their own martial skill was below their opponent’s.

Ma Tong’s face suddenly lost all color and looked at Luo Tian in shock. Fear rose in his heart as he staggered backwards. He then said with pain: “You… you… isn’t your dantian crippled? How could you have such power? You… you… what do you plan on doing to me?”


Upon saying that, a slap landed on Ma Tong’s face.”

“Come again.”

Another slap was thrown.

“You f*cking come at me again. Weren’t you very fierce? Weren’t you very arrogant? You f*cker, why don’t you show this daddy how arrogant you were just then?!” Luo Tian roared out.

A series of slap came after that, causing Ma Tong to feel confused and disoriented. Not to mention fighting back, he didn’t even dare look at Luo Tian.

His heart was filled with fear as he started begging for mercy.

With a kick, Luo Tian sent Ma Tong sprawling into a horse stall.

Ma Tong then fainted.

Upon seeing the unconscious Ma Tong, Luo Tian then said to himself: “F*cker, if I weren’t sure if you would keep giving me quests in the future, this daddy would have absolutely killed you already!”

In order to level up, he had to rely on the small daily quests and couldn’t miss out on them.

Or else Luo Tian would have definitely made a killing blow!

Feng Lei had been standing at the side the whole time with shock; he was just staring at Luo Tian like an idiot completely dumbstruck. It was quite a while before he issued a sentence: “Young master is so powerful!”

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