Leveling Up And Becoming Undefeatable

Chapter 37: The Puppet Technique

Chapter 37: The Puppet Technique

Luo Tian was super unhappy having fallen into Luo Jianshan’s scheme.

The first thing being unable to complete his quest, making Luo Tian super super unhappy.


Humans were alive while the System wasn’t. The system only wanted some type of acknowledgement.

That’s why Luo Tian deliberately formed his question that way, trying to make Luo Jianshan give some type of acknowledgement. Once he acknowledges it, the System will by default take that as the quest being completed.


“Congratulations to Player Luo Tian for completing an A-ranked quest. You have gained 20,000 quest experience points, 1000 profound energy, and a random supportive martial skill.”

His experience bar surged ahead by 20,000 points and his profound energy value increased by 1000 points.


“Would you like to start the random draw?”

Luo Tian didn’t even contemplate it and made a thought: “Start!”

A big roulette wheel appeared in his mind that was filled with different martial skills engraved around it. There were refining pills, refining weapons and armor, inscriptions, and several other supportive martial skills. Luo Tian looked at the refining pill techniques and started praying: “Big sister Guanyin¹, little sister Chang’e¹, little sister Maria Ozawa², teacher Sola Aoi², Rola Misaki² etc… you all must bless me so that I can draw pill refinement.”

He wouldn’t need to worry about his profound energy being exhausted when he’s able to refine pills.

Even if he encounters someone he can’t kill, he could at least tire the person death.

“Refining pill technique, it has to be the refining pill technique!”

Luo Tian was praying with all his might.

The roulette wheel started spinning and a few minutes later, it stopped and pointed at a martial skill.


“Congratulations to Player Luo Tian for gaining the Puppet Technique!”

As the voice faded, an ancient looking book floated in his mind with the words Puppet Technique on its cover.

Luo Tian was at a complete loss as strength drained from him. He then mumbled: “You sister System! In order to finish the quest, I almost died on the Ghostly Mountain Range. And I almost died trying to complete the quest yet you give me a Puppet Technique? Your sister, do you want me to die that much? What I wanted was the refining pill technique, refining pill technique ahhhhhhhh…”

Ten million times screw your mom you damn System.

Li Xue’er saw that Luo Tian was unhappy so she quickly asked in concern: “Big brother Luo Tian, are you okay?”

Such intimacy; this girl’s gentle eyes made Luo Tian’s heart skip a beat. Luo Tian then shook his head with a bitter smile: “I’m fine.”

Li Xue’er made a light “oh” before continuing: “Big brother Luo Tian, are you worried about fighting the 4th rank demonic beast in half a month’s time? If you’re worried, I could…”

“I’m not worried.”

Luo Tian interrupted without allowing Li Xue’er to finish speaking.

The feeling Li Xue’er gave him was not normal. Her temperament, the way she speaks, and her calmness made her completely different from other normal girls. The sword skill she cultivated was very powerful and when adding all of these together, Luo Tian came to the conclusion that she was definitely not a simple girl.

She must have an extremely strong background!

As to how strong her background was? Luo Tian had no way to even guess. The memories from his childhood were too fuzzy so he couldn’t remember why she came to the Luo family and definitely couldn’t remember how strong her background was.

Perhaps a single sentence from Li Xue’er would make Luo Jianshan take back the words he had said in the martial training grounds.

But Luo Tian didn’t wish for her to do that.

He was a man.

He couldn’t allow a girl stand up for him, especially when it came to a girl he liked!

Every action had a price so no matter what; Luo Tian didn’t want Li Xue’er to beg someone!

That’s why Luo Tian made a clear cut refusal.

Li Xue’er’s eyebrows made a slight frown and her hesitation made her look extremely cute.

Luo Tian’s index finger gently patted Li Xue’er’s nose as he softly said: “Silly girl, there’s no need to worry because nothing will happen to me.”

Feng Lei had a foolish grin on him, “Sister-in-law, don’t worry because I will use my life to protect the boss.”

Looking at his foolish grin, he looked exactly like a complete idiot. But his words were very serious; serious enough that he would trade his life for Luo Tian’s without a thought.

What is considered brotherhood? This is!

Luo Tian felt quite emotional knowing he had a girl and a brother like this. With a relaxed smile, “You two are worrying too much, you forget who I am. A single Luo Jianshan is not qualified to mess with me!”

The three of them smiled at each other.

Immediately after…

Luo Tian opened up the System’s skills area to check out the Puppet Technique properties.

Martial Skill: Puppet Technique

Grade: Grade 3

Proficiency: 0/1000

Profound Energy Consumption: 100

Skill Description: The cultivator may create 3 puppet soldiers. Level 1 Puppet Technique can summon puppet soldiers equivalent to 1st rank demonic beasts. Level 2 will be the equivalent strength of a 2nd rank demonic beast, level 3 will be the equivalent… at the last great perfection stage, the cultivator is capable of summoning 5 war pets and each one of them will have the strength of a 10th rank demonic beast.

Addition: A level 1 puppet soldier will have a health bar of 1000 points, level 2 will have 2000 points… as long as they have a single point of health left, they can continue fighting without a time limit.

“Oh woaa!”

“This is interesting.”

Luo Tian’s eyes briefly flashed as he said to himself: “The Puppet Technique doesn’t seem too bad. If I were to level up the technique a bit and then create some puppet soldiers, I could place it in the outer periphery of the Ghostly Mountain Range and just eat free experience right?”

“This will be pretty awesome.”

Thinking about this, there was a brief glimpse of excitement in Luo Tian’s eyes.

With these puppet soldiers killing monsters for him, he’d be able to lie on a bed with his girl and still manage to level up.

This will be way too cool!

Apart from this, he could use the puppet soldiers for scouting or going to places normal people couldn’t get to. There were just too many uses for them!

There was about half a month to go before he would be fighting a 4th rank demonic beast, and wanting to power level himself to about the same rank would be very difficult by himself. The difficulty was increased when one had to level within the dangerous Ghostly Mountain Range. But now it was different when he could create some puppet soldiers.


Luo Tian laughed like mad, “This supportive skill is simply too awesome.”

Feng Lei scratched his head and asked: “Hey boss, what are you so happy about?”

“Something good.”

“Something real good, hahaha…” Luo Tian enthusiastically replied.

Luo Tian was originally at a dead end where he couldn’t find a method to deal with the 4th rank demonic beast. But it didn’t bother him anymore as he coldly said to himself: “Luo Jianshan, you want this daddy to die? You just wait for me and this daddy will give you a good show.”

Soon after…

Luo Tian waved his arm and said: “Let’s go, we’re going to celebrate at the best restaurant Jade Mountain City has to offer.”

“The Drunken Immortal restaurant?”

Feng Lei’s drool dripped down as he scuttled behind Luo Tian with a foolish smile on his face. Just thinking about the signature dishes at the Drunken Immortal restaurant made him unconsciously grin like an idiot.


The Drunken Immortal restaurant, inside a luxurious private room.

Luo Yue revealed a sneer on his face while Zhu Mei was in his embrace. He downed a cup of wine before proudly saying: “Big brother Luo Lin will definitely get first place in the hunting contest while Luo Tian that piece of trash will die within the Ghostly Mountain Range. Hahaha…”

He had been enjoying himself the entire evening at the Drunken Immortal and didn’t know what went on within the Luo family.

There were several other people sitting around the dinner table who were disciples of the Zhu family. They all had a look of respect on their faces.

Zhu Mei giggled in Luo Yue’s embrace and said: “Big brother Luo Yue, is that piece of trash really going to die? I don’t want to ever see him again because I truly do despise him. Luo Lin will become a core disciple after getting first place so when will you become a core disciple?”

“Don’t worry.”

“My father mentioned that my eldest uncle will not let him go so don’t worry my little beauty. Hahaha…” Luo Yue pinched Zhu Mei’s cheek. Upon peering down her collar, he swallowed down some saliva as he noticed her two white half covered peaks with light veins. If it weren’t for the others around the table, he would have already pushed her beneath him.

After swallowing another round of drool, Luo Yue looked around before saying in a soft and mysterious voice: “I don’t need to participate in the hunting contest and can still become a core disciple. It’s something my eldest uncle promised my father.”

Around this time…

Luo Tian, Feng Lei, and Li Xue’er happened to walk by the private room.

“Fatty Lei, where did you get that tub of shit from? It was all runny and stunk to no ends, simply too brilliant!” Luo Tian laughed out loud as he couldn’t hold it anymore.

“Damn dogs, who the f*ck is outside talking about shit? Don’t you know this daddy is in here eating?” Luo Yue roared out.

A few of his lackeys immediately rushed forth to open the private room’s door.

Luo Yue had an overbearing attitude as he softly said: “Leave the girl behind and give each of those two guys three big slaps before kicking them out of the Drunken Immortal. Let’s see if there’s any other motherf*ckers who dare to talk about shit in front of this daddy ever again.”

Luo Tian turned around and looked inside the private room before his lips curled into a smile, “Oh oh, it’s someone we know!”


¹ – Chinese gods of the Buddhist religion ² – Japanese porn stars

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