Leveling Up And Becoming Undefeatable

Chapter 35: A Mouthful Of Shit

Chapter 35: A Mouthful Of Shit

A big tub of runny, fresh out of oven and piping hot shit that could take a person’s life was thrown over.

That guy…

I’ll wipe his face with it!

The surrounding Luo family disciples paled as they jumped out of the way afraid that it would splash onto them.

Luo Chen was not psychologically prepared for this.

His own father was the Second Elder and happened to be sitting on top of the stage. His own cultivation was very powerful and he was considered a genius in the Luo family. Even if Luo Tian was given 10,000 times more courage, there’s no way he would dare to act against him.

This was his capital for being arrogant.

Moreover, would his Profound Pupil 7th rank strength be afraid of a piece of trash if there was a fight?

That’s why Luo Chen arrogantly glared and Luo Tian with cold eyes of disdain. His conceited smile was saying: This daddy ain’t keeping his words so what can this piece of trash to do this daddy?

He never imagined that Luo Tian would actually throw the tub of shit over.

The worst thing of all was he actually couldn’t move.


An enormous pressure caused Luo Chen to be unable to move. He could only watch as a big tub of shit came sailing straight for his face.


Luo Tian accurately threw the tub of shit which landed on Luo Chen’s face. The dark gooey mess splattered everywhere. Luo Tian had already jumped away several meters as the tub left his hand. His cheap looking face had a smile, “Oh man, it was lucky a moved back quickly or it’ll definitely splash on me.”

As it left Luo Tian’s hand, the tub of shit slowly fell down from Luo Chen’s face.

The brown gooey shit also started dripping down.

Because he couldn’t move while under the pressure from Luo Tian, and Luo Chen’s mouth was slightly agape, the brown gooey shit happened to…

Inside the mouth, inside the nostrils, the eyes, on the head, and the chest; he was completely covered in shit.

Luo Chen’s eyes were popped out of his head as he wanted to tear Luo Tian into 18,000 little pieces. The rage he was feeling had rushed into his head but there was nothing he could do. He couldn’t move his body or say a single word.

This was the pressure from the strong due to the difference in their levels.



Luo Chen’s current image was just too embarrassing to look at. The surrounding Luo family disciples were trying to hold it in because of his status, but they couldn’t anymore and started bursting out laughing.

This shameful image will cause him to be unable to walk proudly ever again.

On top of the stage, Luo Changshan’s eyes turned savage. His body blurred and in a blink of an eye, he was right beside Luo Tian. A giant black hand as if stretching out from the void reached out as he angrily roared: “Bullying my son? You’re courting death!”

Luo Tian’s eyebrows tightened as he quickly retreated backwards. He was also loudly yelling at the same time: “Murder! Murder! The Luo family’s Second Elder is trying to murder the Luo family’s young master!”

“Everyone come and look!”

“He’s killing me, the young master, so that he can become the Patriarch!”

Luo Tian was like a hysterical woman yelling while running in-between the crowd.

The surrounding Luo family disciples were hiddenly glancing at Luo Changshan with strange looks in their eyes.

Luo Changshan’s eyes darkened and he clenched his jaws and said to himself: “Calm down, calm down. If Luo Tian dies by my hand, Luo Jianshan will effortlessly sit on the Patriarch’s position. I definitely cannot allow him to grasp this Achilles heel.”

Luo Changshan was already forty something years old so his shrewdness was definitely not weak.

Although his rage was rushing up into the skies, his reasonable self was telling him that he couldn’t make a single wrong move.

His son was in the wrong and now he was making a move on the martial training grounds. No matter which direction one looks at this incident, it wasn’t a reasonable act. And Luo Jianshan would definitely hold this against him.

Within a few seconds, Luo Changshan was able to calm himself down. He restrained his attack and the giant hand made of profound energy disappeared without a trace.

Luo Tian also stopped before lightly smiling and mumbling to himself: “You old fogey wanna mess with me? You still aren’t qualified.”

It was during the time when Luo Tian was hiding himself in the crowd that the pressure loosened up allowing Luo Chen to regain his freedom.

Luo Chen was glaring at Luo Tian with his fists clenched before angrily roaring out: “I’m going to kill you!”

As he opened his mouth, the brown gooey shit came out. A big mouthful of shit made a “poof” sound as it sprayed out. The scene was so horrific that it even made Luo Tian stare with his mouth agape. What hasn’t he seen before? Just coincidentally he has never seen shit being sprayed from a person’s mouth before. It was just too motherf*cking shocking.

As the mouthful of shit sprayed out, Luo Chen’s stomach started rumbling before he started throwing up. Let alone killing someone, he was now expending all his strength in throwing up.

This was called losing face all the way to one’s ancestral home.

Luo Tian pretended to have a scared look on his face and said: “Acting Patriarch, he wants to kill me. Aren’t you going to do something about it?”

Luo Jianshan’s eyebrows twitched before he cleared his throat. He circulated his profound energy and floated off the stage and onto the ground. He then majestically said: “That’s enough, no more messing around here.”

After saying that, Luo Jianshan coldly glanced at Luo Tian.

Drool started dripping out of Luo Tian’s mouth.

The last boss and it’s so close to me…

The glimmering golden light around Luo Jianshan almost made Luo Tian unable to open his eyes fully. He wanted to just smash Luo Jianshan apart right now, but his reasonable self was telling him not to act rashly.

Luo Jianshan’s strength should be the strongest out of all the Luo family, or else he wouldn’t have become the Acting Patriarch.

Wanting to challenge him required strength and enough preparations.

Luo Tian swallowed his saliva before mumbling to himself: “This daddy will definitely make you explode.”

Luo Jianshan’s figure moved next to the Furious Thunder Bull’s head before a stream of thick profound energy came out of his palms. The released profound energy started sensing around the skull, “The demon core is really missing!”

He then immediately went back onto the stage and loudly yelled: “Let the calculations continue!”

The staff in charge of calculations replied: “Reporting to the Patriarch, Luo Tian is the last person.”

It was at this time…

Luo Kunshan went into the martial training grounds and quickly went up to the stage. He saluted Luo Jianshan before saying: “All the disciples have already left the hunting grounds.”


Luo Jianshan frowned and shivered once before he anxiously asked: “What about my son?”

Luo Kunshan shook his head, “He didn’t come out so most likely…”


“Impossible. My son’s strength was at the Profound Pupil 8th rank so it’s impossible for him to die in there.” Luo Jianshan’s voice was a bit shaky and his eyes glazed over, “Someone go search through the mountain. My son is definitely still alive, definitely still alive.”

Luo Xiaoshan walked up and roared out: “What are you all waiting for? Why aren’t you quickly going back to the mountains to search?!”

“Hold on!”

“The hunting grounds were only supposed to be maintained for three days. After three days, the demonic beasts will all re-enter so I’m afraid if we rashly went back…” Luo Zhongshan reminded everyone.

Luo Xiaoshan’s eyes widened as he yelled: “What do you mean by that Luo Zhongshan? Is it because it’s not your son that’s still in there?!”

Luo Changshan returned to the stage and said: “It’s not the matter of whose son it is. The Ghostly Mountain Range is filled with dangers so we must be fully prepared for it.”

“What preparations? Quickly go take care of it!”

“Fifth Elder, can you sober up a bit? Could it be that you want to mess around with the entire Luo family’s fate?”

“Second Elder, your son came out so of course you aren’t worried. Luo Lin is our Luo family’s rarely seen genius of the century. If you delay us in searching for him, isn’t that also messing around with our Luo family’s fate? Can you handle shouldering that responsibility?”


“You, what you? Big brother, I will immediately mobilize the elite Luo family disciples to start the search. I will definitely bring Luo Lin back out.”

After saying that, Luo Xiaoshan was about to leave…

Luo Jianshan heavily exhaled and said: “Don’t bother going.”

With Luo Lin’s strength on top of Luo Ming’s Profound Master 3rd rank, they should have been able to retreat safely even if they encountered the Furious Thunder Bull. For them to have still not gotten out meant they must have encountered a huge incident. Most likely they will never come out again.

Immediately after those thoughts, Luo Jianshan’s eyes glared at Luo Tian…

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