Leveling Up And Becoming Undefeatable

Chapter 3: The Sudden First Kiss

Chapter 3: The Sudden First Kiss

Martial Skills in the Tianxuan Continent were rare.

A book containing a good martial skill could change the fate of a clan.

What about divine skills?

Divine skills were above martial skills. It required a high comprehension ability to learn it, or some could be born with it.

Any divine ability was a peerless existence.

Possessing a divine skill wasn’t as simple as changing the fate of a clan, it can change the fate of a Sect or an entire Empire.

“What is ‘Berserk’ considered?

This was a divine ability that was comprehended by the Violent King Kong Ape; its destructive power was enormous!

Level 1 Berserk – double the strength, double one’s speed, double the Profound Energy… everything will be doubled.

Level 2 Berserk, 4 times.

Level 3 Berserk, 8 times.

Level 10 will be completion, giving 1000 times the power and was terrifying to the extreme!

A single punch could flatten a super expert into meat paste, which was the sole reason that made Luo Tian’s blood boil with excitement.


“Berserk, this daddy must learn it as soon as possible.”

“With that divine skill, who else will this daddy fear? The Profound Pupil 5th rank Luo Yue? Just watch me pinch him to death!” Luo Tian’s joy had made him a complete mess as he quickened his pace towards the back mountains.

The easiest way to gain experience was to kill demonic beasts.

About a hundred kilometers from the Jade Mountain City is a place called the Ghostly Mountain Range. There are countless demonic beasts there, making it a leveling paradise. But for the current Luo Tian to enter that place would only result in death.

It’s due to the lack of strength!

The demonic beasts were tough beyond imagination. Their physical bodies and their strength were extremely great, and add the fact that there were numerous demonic beasts at the Ghostly Mountain Range; ordinary people simply didn’t dare to approach it. Even top experts dare not to needlessly enter. There were even rumors that demonic beasts were able to transform to human forms while their strength was beyond terrifying.

Luo Tian’s current strength was fine in dealing with dung beetles, but for him to deal with demonic beasts? Most likely a Level 0 demonic beast would make him run for his life. Having Luo Tian kill demonic beasts was equal to sending him to his own death!

Before gaining sufficient strength, Luo Tian would not even think of entering the Ghostly Mountain Range.

After all, staying alive was his number one priority.

Without one’s life, everything becomes useless.

For the time being, Luo Tian can only rely on the quests given by Ma Tong, and maybe search for some dung beetles.

As the Killer of Dung Beetles, Luo Tian only needed horse manure. After thoroughly searching the area, he only had to seize the opportunity and stomp down.

With a “splat” sound, a single point of experience was gained.

He was forced to do this because there was no other way. Even a small mosquito would consider having some meat on it. With Luo Tian’s current strength, he could only deal with these dung beetles that couldn’t fight back.

Without realizing it, Luo Tian had arrived at the back mountains.

The back mountains were all uncultivated lands where only wild grass grew.

Luo Tian didn’t want to waste anymore time. He raised his sickle and started cutting fiercely. He had to complete the quest before nightfall since there was 50 experience points on the line!

As he was cutting grass, Luo Tian was also thinking on how else to level in the future.

Purely relying on Ma Tong to give him quests would make leveling too slow.

The dung beetles gave 1 experience point, and to level up from a Profound Pupil 2nd rank to a 3rd rank required 200 points. It’s only 200 dung beetles yet where was he supposed to find all of them? And there was another thing that Luo Tian was worried about…

Will Ma Tong be able to give me unlimited quests?

Let’s say that he can only give out those two quests, then leveling would become even harder. Luo Tian had to make some precautionary plans the earlier the better.

Just as Luo Tian was thinking of these issues, there was a “whoosh” noise from the forest.

A white figure then floated out.

“Damn, a fairy descended to the mortal realm?”

Her white dress was fluttering in the air and her long black hair swaying in the wind. Her sword was pointed to the side and the whole image looked like a fairy had descended from the celestial realm.

Her elegant movements and her emotional face, add the chilling flash of light reflecting on her sword made the scene just too beautiful to behold.

She was so beautiful that one would suffocate. She was so beautiful that…


“Why do I feel like she’s pointing her sword at me?”

“Ah f*ck!”

“It really is pointed at me!” Luo Tian was shocked and his body unconsciously trembled. He quickly jumped to the side and cursed: “Your sister!”

The grass in the uncultivated lands reached the height of a person’s waist. Luo Tian had been bending down to cut the grass all along and if one didn’t look clearly, they wouldn’t even see him.

With this sudden jump by Luo Tian, the rest of his body was revealed.

While floating in the air, the girl holding the sword had a look of panic on her face before yelling out: “Ah, why is there a person here? Go away, quickly leave, I cannot brake in time!” ¹

Being startled like this, her profound energy was disrupted and she couldn’t maintain her balance.

The speed of her falling was also extremely quick.

Luo Tian kept fleeing and used his previous life’s experience of online games and ran an “S” curve in order to avoid that sister behind him pursuing to kill.


The worst thing was Luo Tian’s “S” running path was the same as that sister’s “S” flying path, except hers looked more elegant than his.

“Stop running all over the place!” That sister yelled out.

Luo Tian then turned his head and cried out: “Can you stop flying all over the place?”

The moment Luo Tian turned his head around, the expression of the girl in white suddenly changed. “Crap, the profound energy in my dantian has been depleted.”



Her body was like a kite with its strings cut as she fell onto Luo Tian!

Luo Tian was planning on stopping to let that sister fly past him further but their heads smashed together as the weight of the white clothed sister pressed him down. The speed was too fast and he didn’t have time to react.


Just as he finished saying this, the white clothed sister’s whole body came crashing on top of him.

These two people had legs touching each other, hands touching each other, and lips touching each other…

It was as if they were trying to overlap one and another!

With a “smooch,” the two lips kissed each other. The worst part was that unknown if it was the inertia or some other reason, the white clothed sister’s tongue slipped into Luo Tian’s mouth.

It was a bit slender, a bit slippery, a bit wet, and a bit sweet and fragrant.

In that instance…

Luo Tian’s body started trembling as if he was being electrocuted. This feeling was too wonderful, too awesome.

As an otaku, let’s not even mention kissing, Luo Tian hadn’t even held a girl’s hand before.

And on this sudden occasion, it was a french kiss. Luo Tian’s heart almost couldn’t handle it, it was too f*cking awesome!

One thing that is worth mentioning is that this white clothed sister was just too beautiful. She was fresher looking than those so called international supermodels in his previous life. Not only was she thousands of times prettier than those usual goddesses of the otaku’s, this type of girl was someone Luo Tian wouldn’t even dare to dream of. Yet somehow she was now on top of him, a matter that was too sudden for him to comprehend.


The white clothed sister cried out as she opened her eyes. Her cheeks became red and she quickly got up to move all the way to the outside of the grassy field. Her eyes were staring at Luo Tian who was still relishing in his fortune with a silly smile on his face. She then pouted and said: “Why didn’t you run away?”

Luo Tian swallowed his saliva and mumbled: “I wanted to run away but wherever I went, you would fly there. I stopped and you slammed into me, so where do you expect me to run to?”


“Oh… then sorry.” The white clothed sister lowered her head in apology, but then her expression immediately changed again to one of anger and dominance: “Nothing happened just then, nothing happened, absolutely nothing happened.”

Right after saying that fiercely…

The white clothed sister’s cheeks started turning red again, recalling what had just happened made it even redder. That feeling was very special, very unique, very…

A feeling that cannot be described.

Luo Tian unconsciously said out loud: “You mean the matter where you kissed me?”

The white clothed sister stomped her right foot and angrily said: “You scoundrel, I didn’t kiss you, humph!”

She was still so cute looking with her angry face.

Luo Tian lightly smiled and was about to say something when his expression changed. He then yelled out: “Quickly go away, hurry!”

The white clothed sister angrily pouted and stared at Luo Tian. With her hands planted on her hips, she then yelled at Luo Tian: “You tell me to go away and I’ll go away? This isn’t your house so I’m not leaving, humph!”

Luo Tian shrugged his shoulders and said: “Up to you. It was you that stepped on the ant nest and not me.”

That previous stomp by the white clothed sister just happened to be on top of an ant nest. After being stepped on like that, fiery red ants started pouring out of the nest and went straight for the white clothed sister’s legs.

The white clothed sister looked down and her face paled. She then started jumping up and down while screaming “agghhh…”

The body of these fiery red ants was rather large and there was a red light shimmering on their bodies as if they were poisonous. Luo Tian was afraid the white clothed sister was going to be bitten so he carried her in his arms and jumped away a few times. Seeing that there were dozens of ants still crawling on her clothes, he immediately cried out: “Take off your clothes, quickly take them off!”

The anxious face of the white clothed sister turned red.

It was currently Summer so apart from her underwear, she only wore a dress over it. If she was to take it off…

The white clothed sister couldn’t make up her mind.

Luo Tian noticed an ant was trying to go under the white clothed sister’s dress so he started cursing in his heart: “You damn pervert, this daddy hasn’t gotten the chance to peek yet and you’re already going for it? Screw you!”

Luo Tian didn’t bother anymore and started forcefully pulling at the white clothed girl’s clothes while urgently saying: “Quickly take it off; the ant has crawled inside your clothes!”

Hearing Luo Tian’s words, the white clothed sister’s heart started racing and another round of jumping. At the same time, her clothes were being quickly taken off by Luo Tian.

Only the body-binder was left on the upper half of her body while her two white mounds that were growing quite healthily shook with her jumping.

Her flawless skin was like white jade that exuded endless temptation. Luo Tian had gone completely bonkers from staring at it.

“What are you looking at you stinky rogue?”

The white clothed sister used both hands to block her chest. Her face blushed red as she angrily pouted at Luo Tian.

Luo Tian was swallowing his own saliva like crazy and looked off to the side. At the same time, he was smacking her clothes in attempts to get rid of the ants.


“Congratulations to Player Luo Tian for killing the Fiery Ant. You have gained 1 experience point, 0 profound points…”


“This ant is giving me experience?”

Luo Tian was inwardly shocked. He glanced at the dozen or so ants on the clothing and threw it on the ground before stomping all over it.

The alert tones of the System kept continuously going off.


“Congratulations to Player…”


The white clothed sister stared in a daze. She was watching Luo Tian jumping like crazy while looking at her poor clothes on the ground. “That…. that… that’s my clothing. You… you… I… you bastard!”

The white clothed sister thought Luo Tian was deliberately ruining her clothing so that she couldn’t put it back on. That way this bastard could look at her all he wanted.

After a round of furious stomping, the ants on the clothing had all been killed and the clothing had become tatters. Luo Tian grinned and said: “To think I’d get experience from them, and there’s still a nest over there. It looks like I can look forward to leveling up soon, haha…”

While he was smiling, he suddenly felt a chill. A pair of eyes that looked like they were going to eat him was staring at him.

The white clothed sister…

That’s not right; she should now be called the body-binder sister.

The body-binder sister fiercely glared at Luo Tian and angrily said: “You need to give me a clothing… you have to pay me back a shirt… how do you expect me to leave like this?”

Luo Tian was too excited previously and didn’t think of this matter. Looking at the half naked sister with just a body-binder on, he apologetically said: “I was too rash and forgot for a moment, I’m really sorry for that.”

Immediately after…

Luo Tian quickly took off his shirt and smiled apologetically, “If you don’t mind, you can wear my shirt and leave.”

Luo Tian only had one piece of clothing on the top so once he took that off; he had a bare upper body.

His body was very thin and was filled with small and long scars.

These scars were mostly given to him by fellow clansmen. Luo Tian looked down at himself and was shocked himself. It was natural for a flame to ignite in his heart as he clenched his fists.

The girl’s eyes were filled with shock. She was originally quite angry but upon seeing all the scars on Luo Tian’s body, she unconsciously shuddered from the pain. “The scars on your body…”

Luo Tian lightly smiled and replied: “I’m fine; these are something of the past. From today onwards, no one will ever leave another scar on me ever again.”

The girl looked at Luo Tian as he stopped talking.

She never imagined it was possible for a person to have so many scars. What sort of past did he have?

Out of the blue…

The girl started feeling very curious towards Luo Tian.

The girl hesitated briefly before covering herself with Luo Tian’s clothing and wrapping it tightly around her body.

It was around this time…

A killing intent came crashing over.

Luo Tian’s eyes tensed up.

He watched as a handsome young man flew over in rage. The sword in his hands turned illusory in his hands as he thundered out: “You damn trash, you dare to bully my little sister Xue Er?! You’re courting death!”


¹ – There’s no TL error, the author is trying to be funny. T/N: In Asian countries, people like to call strangers sister, brother, aunty, uncle as a greeting.

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