Leveling Up And Becoming Undefeatable

Chapter 27: Myriad Thunder Roar

Chapter 27: Myriad Thunder Roar

With mouths agape, everyone present stared in a dumbfounded manner.

How could this have happened?

The Furious Thunder Bull clearly was about to smash into Luo Tian and he was going to die the next second. But the Furious Thunder Bull suddenly stopped and started playing around Luo Tian’s side. It was like a little puppy trying to please its owner… what the hell was going on?

Was this an illusion? Or did the Furious Thunder Bull lose its mind?

They cannot see the name above the Furious Thunder Bull or else everything would be clear to them.

Furious Thunder Bull (Luo Tian)!

That’s the name that appears above the Furious Thunder Bull which meant it was Luo Tian’s minion!

It was a super war pet that did whatever Luo Tian wanted it to do.

This was exactly the power behind Magic Charm, capable of recruiting demonic beasts as their own war pets!

Luo Tian made a thought and the Furious Thunder Bull stood up exploding forth its vicious aura of a demonic beast. Mixed with the vicious aura was its killing intent that was matchless in this area!

Luo Tian swept his glance past the crowd in disdain as he said in a dominating tone: “Those that don’t want to die should scram now!”

This was considered charity.

The charity that Luo Tian was giving the Luo family.

He didn’t want to completely wipe them out!


Once Luo Tian said that, all the Luo family disciples revealed looks of disdain in their eyes.

There were many of them that actually stepped forward slowly and said in ridicule: “Luo Tian, your death is imminent yet you’re still blabbing crap instead of looking at the present situation. If I were you, I’d just stab myself and finish it off quickly.”

“What am I going to do if he commits suicide? Young master Luo Lin said that either punches or cuts would be rewarded with demonic beasts. Even if he dies, he should die by our hands.”

“That’s right, committing suicide is too easy of a way to let him off.”

“Even if he commits suicide, this daddy will still stab him a few times. Don’t think you can get out of this so easily by killing yourself!”

Luo Tian’s lips curved as he figured this would be the outcome. He then lightly smiled and said: “You bunch of idiots that don’t know the meaning of death. Since you guys want to die, then I can only fulfill your wishes.”

Standing off at a distance, Luo Lin smiled arrogantly and yelled out: “Make the move!”

“Big brother Luo Tian, hurry up and run!”

“Run young master!”

“Shut up you cheap slut!” Luo Lin cursed as he once again yanked on Li Xue’er’s hair.

Feng Lei managed to raise his head to yell out before four to five people once again stepped on him forcing him back into the mud. With his head covered in mud, the hideous looking lines at the back of his head started flaring up again.

Luo Tian’s eyes tightened. Upon seeing Li Xue’er and Feng Lei’s conditions, the fire in his heart couldn’t help but rise up again causing him unable to endure anymore.

Song Yanqun had no clue why the Furious Thunder Bull had become like this but with so many Luo family disciples around including Luo Ming and Zhou Hengran, these two at the Profound Master realm; he wasn’t their opponent so the only choice left was to run away.

Song Yanqun glanced at Luo Tian and didn’t say anything.

Luo Tian had a sneer on his face when he said: “Elder Song, you should first withdraw because it’s now the time for my performance.”

As Luo Tian’s voice faded…

Luo Tian stepped out and the Furious Thunder Bull followed by stepping out as well, causing a loud “boom” that shook the heavens.

“Die, you damn trash!”

Two Luo family disciples forcefully leapt out and shot forward.

A faint smile appeared on Luo Tian’s lips, “Kill them!”

With that command in his mind, the Furious Thunder Bull glared at the two. Without allowing them to near Luo Tian, it waved one of its front legs through the air.

“Whoosh~ whoosh~”

Two gusts of powerful wind blasted forth.

“Poof, poof!”

The two Luo family disciples was sliced in half by that powerful wind and the familiar System alert sounded off in Luo Tian’s mind.

Everyone stared in a dumbfounded manner.

The Furious Thunder Bull was listening to Luo Tian’s commands?

What sort of martial skill was this?

At this moment, the crowd became chaotic and trace of fear was reflected in their eyes. No matter how strong they were, there’s no way they were the opponent of the Furious Thunder Bull.

Luo Lin’s expression secretly changed before yelling out: “Don’t attack the Furious Thunder Bull and concentrate on Luo Tian. He is only a single person and once he dies, the Furious Thunder Bull will no longer be controlled.”

It was like he was able to see through the Furious Thunder Bull’s condition.


What Luo Lin said was correct. Once Luo Tian dies, the Furious Thunder Bull will also die. It wasn’t that Luo Lin saw through everything but this was just his guess.

If he wasn’t able to stabilize the current situation, everyone will definitely erupt into chaos and by then, Luo Lin will no longer have his cannon fodder to deal with Luo Tian!

Once Luo Lin’s voice faded, there were some in the crowd that started fanning the flames.

“What young master Luo Lin says is correct. We should all concentrate on attacking that trash Luo Tian. Once he dies, the Furious Thunder Bull will also be finished.”

“As long as a single punch lands on Luo Tian, one can become a core disciple so what are you guys waiting for?”

“Kill him!”

For a short time, these people rushed forth without fearing death again when they thought of the prospect of becoming a core disciple.

Luo Tian’s eyes darkened as he roared out: “Since you guys want to die, then just go to hell for me!”

“Furious Thunder Bull, kill them for me!”

“Moo… moo… moo…”

The Furious Thunder Bull roared into the air before his nostrils sprayed out stuff that looked like flames. It reared back on his hind legs before slamming down like a mountain. A huge pressure rippled out to the surrounding dozens of meters like a cage. Those disciples at the Profound Pupil 3rd rank had their psyche shattered and started bleeding from all their orifices!

Even with this, everyone continued rushing forth with a grim expression like they wanted to eat Luo Tian alive.

Luo Tian lightly smiled, “A suicide squad huh?”

Seeing dozens of people rushing towards him, Luo Tian hunched his shoulders and showed a frightened expression, “I’m so scared!”

“Luo Tian, you’ll die no matter what today.” Luo Lin said in an arrogant manner.


“Please let me go Elder Luo Lin, I’m truly very scared. I’m about to f*cking die of fright.” Luo Tian stood their motionless while the Furious Thunder Bull continued showing its aggressive manner. Luo Tian continued restraining it with his thoughts, and upon seeing the dozens of people nearing him, his lips coldly smiled: “It’s about time now!”


“Do you guys see how scared that trash Luo Tian is?”

“Little sister Xue’er, can you see that big brother Luo Tian of yours? He is basically complete trash.” Luo Lin laughed arrogantly.

Tears swelled in Li Xue’er’s eyes before she once again yelled out: “Big brother Luo Tian, hurry and run!”

Her voice cracked and anyone will feel heartache from seeing this scene.

Luo Lin was in high spirits as he face was filled with pride. He then pointed at Luo Tian and cursed: “It’s possible to spare your life… Kneel down and kowtow loudly three times and call me grandpa three times, maybe then this daddy might actually spare you. Hahaha….”

Luo Ming was glaring at Luo Tian before whispering, “Young master, it’s best to be careful.”

Luo Tian gave him a bad feeling but he couldn’t pinpoint why. It was especially those careless looking eyes that made him look calm without any fear at all.

“Hahaha… that piece of trash will definitely be killed by me.”

“Here I come as well!”

“Go to hell!”

The crowd rose up to attack. All the Luo family disciples had a tinge of red on their face and excitement in their eyes. They were all filled with anticipation in their hearts because once Luo Tian died, that meant they would all become core disciples of the Luo family!

At the same time…

Luo Lin yanked on Li Xue’er’s hair to raise her head and said with a grin: “Little sister Xue’er, let me show you how the trash Luo Tian dies. Hahaha…”

“No… no…” Li Xue’er forcefully shook her head as tears dripped down her worried face. She quickly turned around, “Luo Lin, didn’t you always desire to possess my body? Let big brother Luo Tian go and I will comply with your request…”

Just for Luo Tian, she was willing to give up everything including her own body.

She was too stupid.

So stupid that others might feel their heartache because of it.

Luo Lin started laughing into the air. Upon staring at Li Xue’er’s exquisite face, he then said: “Little sister Xue’er, no matter if he lives or dies, your body will still be mine. Tonight I will allow your body to know what it feels like to rise to the heavens, hahaha…”

Luo Tian’s eyes sank as a murderous aura exuded from them. After clenching his fists, he roared out: “Furious Thunder Bull!”


The Furious Thunder Bull roared into the air in reply as the formless pressure it exerted increased.

Luo Tian stamped his foot and leapt onto the back of the Furious Thunder Bull. He then roared out: “Myriad Thunder Roar, kill!!!”

The clouds started surging while the heavens and the earth started changing. The pressure of the surrounding atmosphere started becoming unbearable.

Within several breaths, a large cloud filled with thunder and lightning appeared above the skies of the hunting grounds. The flashes of lightning could be clearly seen amongst the multiple layers of clouds causing the scene to look like Armageddon was about to arrive.


A mist of lightning sprayed out of the Furious Thunder Bull’s nostril. Its front legs heavily stomped on the ground and the powerful lightning energy rushed towards the clouds. Right after that, the nine heavens started shaking and an unrivaled power burst out from it. Thousands upon thousands of beasts lay on their belly as they whimpered in fear.




A myriad of thunder and lightning struck out in unison. Those Luo family disciples struck were instantly vaporized into powder as only their blood were left scattering like a rainstorm.

Terrifying, extremely terrifying!

And inside Luo Tian’s mind, a continuous series of system alerts went off like 10,000 firecrackers being lit all at once.

“Ding, ding, ding…”

This feeling was simply too awesome!


With so many deaths and so much experience, Luo Tian didn’t even bother glancing at the results because he was pointing his right finger at Luo Lin off to the side. In a heavy tone: “You will be next!”

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