Leveling Up And Becoming Undefeatable

Chapter 17: Another Kiss

Chapter 17: Another Kiss

Ghostly Mountain Range – it took up a vast amount of land with demonic beasts roaming about. In the Tianxuan Continent, it’s known as one of the ten most ominous locations.

Demonic beasts were the same as humans; they can cultivate and make breakthroughs.

There was only one way for them to cultivate – hunting. They would then devour the blood essence of their prey.

They would extract profound energy from the blood essence, and then meld it into their own body. This will strengthen their power and their physical body.

In order to survive, there would be endless fighting between demonic beasts. This caused their skins to be as hard as steel, making them extremely difficult for humans to deal with.


Over a hundred Luo family disciples arrived at the hunting grounds.

This particular area of the hunting grounds had been prepared three days prior. In order to ensure the safety of their disciples, the Luo family had started driving out some demonic beasts in this particular 100km area half a month ago. This was also to ensure that there wouldn’t be some super strong demonic beast suddenly appearing during the contest.

The disciples participating were all at the Profound Pupil realm, so any 2nd ranked demonic beasts will be like wolves while their disciples would be similar to sheep. There’s no way the Luo family disciples can handle them.


The grounds of the hunting contest had been cleared out, but no one can guarantee that nothing would go wrong.

“Okay, you guy guys can now enter the grounds.”

“Remember, you can choose to forfeit anytime during these three days of the contest. After killing a single demonic beast, you may also choose to leave the contest grounds since it will automatically qualify you to become a core disciple.”

“One very important thing you must all remember is that three days later, you must come out here or else your results will be invalidated. Do you all understand?”

All the Luo family disciples were rubbing their hands together with an eager expression before shouting out in unison: “Understood!”

“Go forth!”

The Luo family’s housekeeper waved his right hand and over a hundred Luo family disciples rushed into the Ghostly Mountain Range like wild beasts.

Luo Tian was standing at the entrance while looking at the dark and gloomy forest. He narrowed his eyes before saying to himself: “Let the game begin.”

He brought Feng Lei along as their stepped onto the Ghostly Mountain Range…



“You lost sight of her? You guys grow up eating shit or something? You have so many people yet lost sight of a single girl? I really don’t know why we are supporting all you pieces of trash!” Luo Lin’s face looked annoyed as he berated them.

There were a lot of people entering the mountains at the same time and Li Xue’er’s figure disappeared from behind him. This completely pissed Luo Lin off!

“Where’s that trash Luo Tian?” Asked Luo Lin.

“He went in a southeastern direction.”

Luo Lin turned to the southeast and mumbled with a grim expression: “Dog bastard, I’ll let you live an extra day.”

Immediately after…

Luo Lin’s gaze changed and lightly said: “You two continue to keep an eye on Luo Tian while the rest of you find Li Xue’er for me.”

“We obey your command!”

Everyone yelled out before quickly separating.

In another area.

Luo Tian led Feng Lei in a southeastern direction at fast speeds. Even though they had met several 1st ranked demonic beasts, he had no intention of killing them.

Half an hour later…

It was dark and gloomy in the surrounding area and there were no signs of any other Luo family disciples.

Feng Lei dropped onto a boulder while panting before asking in confusion: “Young master, why did we run so far away?”

Luo Tian glanced cautiously around, “We offended an Elder and messed with Luo Jianshan, do you think they wouldn’t do something to us? They will definitely mess with me during the hunting contest and might even use this opportunity to get rid of me once and for all. We have to find a safe place.”

Luo Tian had already thought of this issue early on.


The hunting grounds were filled with demonic beasts. As long as he could make breakthroughs all the way to the Profound Pupil 8th rank, who would be his opponent here?

This was an opportunity for him.

A very good opportunity.

Feng Lei’s eyes widened and roared out: “I want to see who dares to! Just watch me play him to death!”

As Feng Lei said that, the layers of fat on his stomach were jiggling. Luo Tian smiled, “You should first play the fat on your body to death first.”

Feng Lei laughed in a silly manner and was just about to say something…

Luo Tian eyes were alerted and made a gesture for silence, “Someone’s here.”

He hiddenly cursed to himself: “Motherf*cker, this daddy has already run so far yet you still followed. Do you really want to force this daddy out of the contest grounds?”



A white figure was flying through the trees of the forest. The white dress was fluttering behind and the long hair along with the body was swaying back and forth. The scene was so beautiful that it looked like a movie in his previous life where a Fox Fairy made its appearance.

Feng Lei looked in surprise as he pointed at the white figure and mumbled: “Look young master, it’s a fairy.”

Luo Tian was secretly surprised and immediately thought of the white clothed sister he met at the back mountains.

The white clothed girl heard their voice and looked down. Upon seeing Luo Tian, she lightly smiled and was just about to say something….

Luo Tian immediately yelled out: “Hey sister, watch out.”

Because she was flying too fast and couldn’t hear clearly, Li Xue’er lowered her head and asked: “What did you say?”

Luo Tian pointed at something in front of Li Xue’er and quickly said: “In front of you, the front, look in front!”

“The front?”

“What’s in the front?”

Li Xue’er muttered before raising her head to look up and noticed a towering tree less than 2 meters in front of her. She panicked and the flow of her profound energy was disrupted. Without the support of profound energy, she was like a wingless bird and started falling down.

“What the hell?!”


Luo Tian had a surprised expression on his face and immediately recalled the scene at the back mountains. After pursing his lips, he then said to himself: “Do I really need to catch her? She should be fine falling from such a height right?”

He didn’t want to be called a stinking rogue again.

Therefore, he decided to stand still and have a good look at what’s called free fall.


“I’m falling, I’m falling…”

“Save me, save me big brother Luo Tian, quickly save me…”

Li Xue’er cried out and also recalled the scene in the back mountains. Her cheeks started turning pink as she reprimanded herself: “I always embarrass myself each time I meet big brother Luo Tian, this damn flying profound skill always stops working when I panic.”

“Big brother Luo Tian?”

“Is she calling me?”

“The greeting seems a bit familiar in my memories.”

Upon seeing Li Xue’er about to crash down, Luo Tian’s heart tightened and didn’t bother to think any further. He stepped forth like an arrow and gently caught Li Xue’er.


“Why is it so soft and filled with elasticity? What did I grab onto?”

As he was saying this, Luo Tian’s hands squeezed a bit and felt it was very comfortable. His palms also felt a well supportive pointy feel to it.

“Could it be…?”

Luo Tian took a closer look and realized one of his hand was holding onto Li Xue’er’s chest. His eyes widened and a “gulp” was heard in his throat.

In just an instant…

An evil fire from his body rushed into his head before rushing back down and almost flowing out of his nose.


Luo Tian endured with his life on the line.

He had been an otaku for many years, one that didn’t even know what women smelled like. He had now suddenly clawed onto an extremely beautiful sister that could suffocate any guy, and it was even her chest! This soft and bouncy feel that even had a little point on his palms…

This feeling made him want to scream out in joy as if he had died and gone to heaven.

Li Xue’er’s pink cheeks turned completely red as if juice could soon be squeezed out of it. That expression of hers made people want to stop yet cannot. She angrily glared at Luo Tian and pouted: “Stinky rogue, big brother Luo Tian is a stinky rogue!”

As she was saying this, Li Xue’er struggled intensely.

Luo Tian finally recovered after suppressing his evil desires. Since Li Xue’er was struggling so much, he quickly let go. Upon letting go, he felt like he had lost something in his life and couldn’t help stretch forth his hand a bit.

Because Luo Tian suddenly let go, Li Xue’er’s center of gravity was off causing her to cry out. She then came crashing down facing Luo Tian.

Luo Tian didn’t even have time to reach when his mouth was firmly planted on small pouty lips. A tongue was then slipped in… it was soft and slippery and tasted sweet. Add the fact that two soft mounds were pressing against his chest, that feeling…

Wow, this was too amazing!

Off to the side, Feng Lei was staring at the two with a dumbfounded expression. He then praised deep from his heart, “Young master, you are too awesome!”

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