Leveling Up And Becoming Undefeatable

Chapter 15: Undercurrents

Chapter 15: Undercurrents

Cursing out an Elder, messing with the Patriarch, all of what happened on the martial training grounds was quickly spread out to the entire Jade Mountain City.

Whether it be on main streets, small alleyways or restaurants, they were all discussing about this.

South side of the city, the Zhu family.

“This Luo Tian seems like he won’t be alive for much longer.”

“Old Three, it’s good that Zhu Mei backed out of the marriage early enough or else we’ll be dragged down as well.”

“The once arrogant genius had now become a crazy person; this was all the internal conflicts of the Luo family. The current Luo family is similar to the current Luo Tian; it won’t be long before they too will disappear from the Jade Mountain City…”

“Patriarch, do we need to prepare anything for this?”

“No need, there’s no need for us to interfere with this situation. Old Three, have Zhu Mei firmly grasp onto Luo Yue. I need to use this connection to control the whole Luo family in the future. Once we gain all the territories of the Luo family, the Jade Mountain City will become our Zhu family’s. Hahaha…”

“Interesting, very interesting. Old Four, secretly keep an eye out on those two Zhou and Song families. If there are any signs of trouble or movement, immediately let me know.”

In another area.

Western side of the city, the Zhou family.

“Death is truly imminent for Luo Tian. He actually dares to participate in the hunting contest, isn’t that equivalent to digging his own grave?”

“Once Luo Tian dies, Luo Jianshan will certainly use this chance to officially become the Patriarch. But will the other Elders of the Luo family also use this chance to rise up?”

“The Luo family has been very peaceful these few years because of Luo Tian’s existence. We can say he has a very unique existence. But after this incident, Luo Jianshan will definitely get rid of him. Once Luo Tian dies, this will break the balance of the Luo family and internal conflicts will bound to rise.”

“Patriarch, what if Luo Tian doesn’t die?”

“Doesn’t die?”

“Patriarch, I think Luo Tian has to die because this will create a chance for our Zhou family…”

Zhou Tai narrowed his eyes and mumbled, “That kid Luo Tian has to die, it looks like this time I’ll have to stir up the muddy waters of the Luo family.”

On the surface of the Jade Mountain City, the four major families look like they live in harmony and don’t mess with each other. But they have been secretly fighting for decades and no one has come out on top.

Each of the four major families had always wanted dominance to occupy the Jade Mountain City.

The power of the Luo family has gradually lessened these several years, giving the other three major families a glimmer of hope.

As long as they can grab the Luo family’s territories and bring it into their fold, then dominating Jade Mountain City will be a matter of time!

North side of the city, the Song family.

Song Yannan was frowning as he was lost in thought.

A while later…

Song Yannan raised his head and asked again: “You really personally saw Luo Tian breakthrough Luo Xiaoshan’s profound energy palm?

“This disciple personally saw it.” A youth wearing the clothing of the Luo family disciples answered in a serious manner.

On the surface he was a disciple of the Luo family while he was actually a member of the Song family.

Each of the families would have these types of undercover 007 slipped into each other’s rank.

The eyebrows of Song Yannan wrinkled up before he asked: “How many levels do you think Luo Tian’s strength has been recovered by?”

The youth was thinking for a while before saying: “This disciple doesn’t know, but the feeling Luo Tian gives me is that he’s very strong. The aura from his body could instantly double, and the fist skills he displayed is something I’ve never seen before. The set of fist skills should be at Grade 1 or above.”

“His aura suddenly increased?”

“A martial skill that’s at least at the Grade 1 level?”

Song Yannan’s eyebrows wrinkled a bit more before he waved his hand, “You can go back for now. Housekeeper Liu, go to the accounts room and give him 100 silvers as a reward.”

The youth’s eyebrows rose and immediately cupped his fists, “Thank you Patriarch.”

After the youth left, Song Yannan’s expression became normal again and lightly asked: “What do you all think?”

There were five other people in the main hall; they were the Song family’s five Elders.

“Big brother, hasn’t that Luo family kid’s dantian been crippled? How could he suddenly resist Luo Xiaoshan’s profound energy attack? Could that kid have been pretending all these years?”

“It doesn’t look like it. I have secretly monitored him and noticed the kid would endure all insults, ridicules, and beatings. He’s still a kid after all so if he could really cultivate, there’s no way he would endure all those wrongs against him.”

“Patriarch, no matter what, Luo Tian is participating in the hunting contest and Luo Jianshan will definitely not allow him to continue living. Once Luo Tian dies, the balance in the Luo family will be broken. Luo Jianshan wants to smoothly become the Patriarch but most likely some other Elders will have different opinions and infighting might even happen. This can be considered an opportunity for the other major families, so Luo Tian’s death could break up the balance between Jade Mountain City’s four major families.

“Those two Zhu and Zhou families have been looking forward to such a day. Big brother, we also have to make our own preparations.”

Song Yannan wasn’t really paying attention to the continued discussions in the main hall; his mind was focused on wondering what kind of power did Luo Tian use to resist Luo Xiaoshan’s profound energy attack.

Even if he recovered his strength, Luo Tian was still at the Profound Pupil realm.

No matter how strong one was at the Profound Pupil realm, there’s no way they can resist Luo Xiaoshan’s attack.

Luo Tian most definitely had a miraculous encounter!


Even a 3 year old child would know the consequences of cursing out an Elder, so how could Luo Tian not know? Was he not afraid of death?

Song Yannan secretly felt the current Luo Tian was no longer like he was in the past, something was definitely up.


The eyes of Song Yannan changed; he then made the most difficult yet quickest decision of his life. “Old Five, secretly enter the Luo family’s hunting grounds and protect Luo Tian in the shadows. When necessary, you can reveal your identity to him.”

Afterwards, Song Yannan took out a porcelain vial and said: “There are 10 Spirit Tranquility pills here that you can use as a precaution.”

“Patriarch, you…?”

“Why are you protecting that kid Luo Tian’s life? Once he dies, the Luo family goes into chaos and that’s beneficial for our Song family. As for those two Zhou and Zhu families, their current strength is not our opponent so why should we be afraid of them?”

Everyone present couldn’t understand Song Yannan’s move.

Song Yannan lightly smiled, “You all believe Luo Tian will die, but what if he doesn’t die? He endured what regular people couldn’t, he endured suffering that regular people couldn’t. The current Luo Tian is no longer the previous one. Just keep watching, this kid will give you all a big shock.”

The five became dumbfounded.


The Luo family, inside the Sword Pavilion.

The Sword Pavilion was a place where the Luo family would come to train their sword skills.

Ever since Li Xue’er agreed to accompany Luo Lin in training the sword, this place had become their private training grounds.

Li Xue’er withdrew her sword and surprise appeared on her face, “Luo Tian wants to participate in the hunting contest?”

Luo Lin’s lips curved and revealed a cold smile before ridiculing: “Yeah, with his tiny bit of strength and he wants to participate in the hunting contest? He’s biting off more than he can chew. I’ll show him if he ever encounters me… Little sister Xue’er, are you really not accompanying me for the hunting contest? If you participated, I will give you the first place.”

Li Xue’er frowned and a trace of disgust showed in her eyes. She was worried about Luo Tian’s situation so she said: “Is it suitable for an outsider like me to participate?”

Luo Lin’s eyes brightened up and immediately replied: “Suitable, definitely no problem. Whoever dares to say something about it and I’ll tear his lips off.”

Li Xue’er lightly said: “That’s fine then, I’ll participate.”

Luo Lin grinned with excitement. Just thinking about the Ghostly Mountain Range that was void of humans with demonic beasts rampaging everywhere, he could be the hero that saves the beauty and gain her heart. He could even on a certain night, force himself onto… thinking to this point, Luo Lin swallowed back his saliva.

Around this time…

Someone entered the Sword Pavilion.

Luo Ming, he was Luo Jianshan’s bodyguard who was also Luo Lin’s master.

Luo Ming came in and said: “Young master, the old master wants you to immediately return.”

Usually Luo Ming would never personally come and fetch him, so Luo Lin didn’t dare to delay. “I will immediately head back.”

He then turned around with a smile, “Little sister Xue’er, I will go back for now. Just let me handle the matter of you participating in the hunting contest. Tomorrow we will enter the Ghostly Mountain Range and I will do my best to protect you.”

After saying that, the two quickly left.

Only Li Xue’er was left in the Sword Pavilion with a touch of sadness on her face. She looked out of the window at the sunset and clenched his sword and mumbled to herself: “Big brother Luo Tian, Xue’er will not let anyone bully you…”

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