Leveling Up And Becoming Undefeatable

Chapter 1: Transmigration

Chapter 1: Transmigration

Tianxuan Continent, warriors were respected and martial skills reigned supreme.

In this world, strength and martial skills were just as important.

The exact same leveled cultivators with different martial skills could determine the outcome of a battle.

It was because of this that a good martial skill may make a family, or even determine the fate of a large Sect.


Jade Mountain City, the Luo family’s horse stable.

Pah, pooh, what sort of smell is this and why does it stink so much?”

A pale faced boy woke up trembling on top of some hay of the stable as he muttered complaints.

Luo Tian opened his eyes and what greeted him were several horses ass. On top of his thigh was horse manure that stunk like no tomorrow. His eyes wide in surprise while his body froze in astonishment, “horse shit?!”

“What the hell?! What’s going on here?”

Luo Tian’s mind blanked. His mouth was agape; his eyes wide, and didn’t recover his senses for a long time.

“What’s going on?”


“I was just merely downloading a batch of several hundreds of pirated online novels, so do I really need to be punished like this?”

The surrounding was really too unfamiliar to Luo Tian.

He looked at the clothes he was wearing, then at his pair of hands, and then at the long hair that reached his waist. All of this was not part of his original body, so this clearly proved that he had transmigrated!

On planet Earth, Luo Tian was a very ordinary otaku.

He was as ordinary as ordinary could get. Each day he would just do what otaku’s did – video games, anime, novels, and friendly humping interactions with inflatable dolls…


Luo Tian was playing a video game while downloading novels at the same time.

Hearing the “ding dong” sound, a smile broke out on Luo Tian’s face. He then muttered to himself: “I’ve finally finished downloading; now I can read for a good several days.”

He then opened up his personal e-book file and looked around.

Inside were all the hottest online novels: something Stellar Transformation, something Ethereal Trip, something Zhu Xian, something Battle Through The Heavens, something The Plum in the Golden Vase…

There were several hundreds of novels and each of them was a classic.

Luo Tian had a particular soft spot for them. Even after finished reading them, he would not delete it. In his own words, on certain boring and lonely nights, he could re-read them again for fun.

After the new novels had been downloaded, Luo Tian went ahead and unplugged the data cable.

The moment his hands touched the data cable…

The computer screen would constantly switch back and forth between a page of a novel and a video game interface; the computer screen almost flashed itself to death.

The computer screen was flashing while the CPU was also making noises like crazy.

Immediately afterwards…

Like a vegetable knife cutting into an electrical cord, sparks of flame and electricity flew everywhere.

Smoke was coming out of the CPU and the monitor. Even worse was that smoke was coming out of Luo Tian’s head as well. The moment the CPU and the monitor completely fried, Luo Tian’s eyes rolled into the back of his head and he collapsed onto the computer desk unconscious.

He had no clue on whatever happened afterwards.

By the time he woke up, he was in an unfamiliar world.

Luo Tian was now completely depressed.

He was so depressed that it was similar to a person on a deserted island that didn’t know how to survive to the next day. “Although it’s painful for this brother I, to be an otaku; and my pair of hands are a bit tired at the end of the night; but bringing me to this ghostly place is similar to taking my life, right?”

“What sort of f*cking predicament is this?” Luo Tian angrily cursed.

Even in his dream, he never thought he would transmigrate.

He enjoyed reading online novels, especially stories where the main character was so overpowered and could step on others and beat the crap out of everyone. He also enjoyed it when the main characters shared their ups and downs, and ‘til death did they part with their fellow brothers. He also liked it when the main characters went on countless adventures and would always meet matchless beauties… but those were merely what he enjoyed.

These were all imaginary and would never happen in real life.

Transmigration is just a genre of some particular novels, and it was impossible for it to happen.

If one could volunteer for transmigration, he would be the first because that’s the only way he could change his current life.

Now that he really transmigrated, he couldn’t bring himself to be happy about it.

There’s no other reason except for…

The owner of this body’s life experience, background, family, and the fact that his dantian had been crippled so he couldn’t cultivate.

On the surface, his life looked pretty awesome: The only son of the previous Patriarch of the family, but the key point was “previous!”

His father died in a battle while his mother was so disheartened that she got sick and died after.

Once his parents died, his life fell from heaven to hell. Originally the Luo family’s young master had become the Luo family’s stable hand; his status was even lower than a servant.

The worse part of it all was that his dantian had been crippled and he couldn’t cultivate.

He originally was filled with talent and had endless potential, and was considered the number one in the younger generation of the Jade Mountain City. But three years ago he was wounded by a mysterious person, and somehow mistakenly taken the Dispersing Spirit Pill. This caused his dantian to be crippled which led him to become the trash that couldn’t cultivate.

In a world where the strong are respected, not being able to cultivate was equivalent to a death sentence. He could never turn over a new leaf in his entire lifetime.

The moment he became trash was the moment he was bullied every single day. Those in the same clan would beat and ridicule him constantly while the disciples from other clans would insult and laugh behind his back on the main streets.

Back then, those disciples would not even dare to look at him directly would now step on top of him in public, perhaps to show off in front of a girl they liked.

The Luo family never bothered to care how he was treated. They even repeatedly warned him not to go outside and disgrace himself since he was making the Luo family lose their face.

Why would the upper-level Luo members even care about him? They were anxiously hoping that Luo Tian would die as soon as possible. One should know that Luo Tian was still technically the young master of the Luo family; therefore once he is of age, he’s supposed to inherit the identity as the Patriarch of the Luo family.

When Luo Zhen (his father) was alive, this was something he established in front of the ancestral hall. It’s something that cannot be changed no matter who wants to. Whoever wishes to change it will be considered as insulting the ancestors and would be committing a serious crime.

It was because of this reason that his tragic days had never stopped.

He would suffer beatings each day without reason at all. Luo Tian had tolerated it all, just like a cockroach struggling to survive.

Until yesterday…

Luo Yue brought a girl to select a horse.

This girl was called Zhu Mei. She was the daughter of the Zhu family’s Third Elder, a family that was one of the Jade Mountain City’s four major families. She was once Luo Tian’s fiancée, but…

That day Luo Tian was crippled, the Zhu family brought people to the house to break off the engagement. It was as if everything was already planned out.

Strangely, breaking off the engagement went rather smoothly. The current Luo family’s Patriarch Luo Jianshan didn’t even think about it and agreed on the spot.

Luo Tian didn’t know anything about this. He only found out about this one month later when the Luo family publicly announced the engagement between Luo Yue and Zhu Mei.

That day, he could only bitterly smile.

Luo Yue and Zhu Mei were selecting horses to enjoy themselves in the countryside.

Originally for this kind of thing, calling a servant over to saddle the horses would do it. But in order for Luo Yue to show off his superiority, he deliberately brought the Zhu Mei who was dressed especially beautifully that day to show off. And Zhu Mei surprisingly matched Luo Yue’s intention. These two started showing a variety of intimate actions in front of Luo Tian, and even verbally insulted Luo Tian by various means.

Luo Tian turned a blind eye and pretended he didn’t see a thing.

But it was because of this that Luo Yue flew into a rage. He was saying that Luo Tian didn’t even know how to saddle horses.


Luo Yue became physical, and knocked Luo Tian down with a single punch.

How could someone like Luo Tian whose cultivation had dispersed be the opponent of the Profound Pupil 5th Rank Luo Yue? Luo Tian was knocked unconscious with one punch but Luo Yue still hadn’t vented enough.

He condensed all his Profound Pupil’s 5th Rank power which viciously exploded by kicking Luo Tian’s chest a few times. He made sure Luo Tian wouldn’t be able to get up before he finally left. It was around this time that Zhu Mei was clapping her hands and yelling out “good kick!” She kept praising how good her brother Luo Yue was, how mighty looking brother Luo Yue looked, beat him to death, beat that trash to death etc. In-between saying these words, she would go up and kick Luo Tian a few times herself.

It was due to this tragic scene that the Luo family’s young master passed away.

The otaku Luo Tian then arrived.

“His tragic life is over, and now it’s my turn to experience it.” Luo Tian looked at the stables with downcast eyes. His gaze was filled with powerlessness as he asked himself: “What to do? What should I do from now on? Oh heavens, can you give me a bit of benefit? How can an otaku like me survive in this dog eat dog world?”

Luo Tian was thinking for half the day, but still couldn’t find any get rich shortcuts. He was just an ordinary otaku; he was completely ignorant when it came to business ideas or money making opportunities.

He was only good at online video games.

In his past life, he leveled up quite quickly and would sell the online items for money. When it came to killing monsters, leveling up, doing quests, and farming, he was considered a genius. Even some professional players considered him a rival.


This world didn’t even know what a computer was, not to mention online games.

“Oh, you’re awake?”

All of a sudden…

A surprised voice was heard from outside the stables.

His was the horse stable’s Steward, called Ma Tong. His face was so surprised when he saw Luo Tian wake up, and muttered: “He’s still alive after being beat that badly, the life of this trash is truly quite tough!”

He was present when Luo Tian was beaten. He watched as Luo Yue struck out killing blows yet he never expected Luo Tian to stubbornly survive.

After recovering from his shock, Ma Tong coldly smiled and went inside the stables and kicked Luo Tian’s thigh. He then suddenly yelled out: “If you’re awake, stop pretending to be dead in front of this daddy. You’re awake and still f*cking lying there and not working, do you believe this daddy here will beat you to death for real you damn trash.”

After being yelled at by these series of words, Luo Tian’s face was sprayed with spit.

Back then, a little horse stable Steward like Ma Tong didn’t even have the qualifications to meet him. Presently, Luo Tian was physically struck upon seeing Ma Tong, and now he was even threatened with being beaten to death. This made Luo Tian fully realize that his current status in the Luo family was really at the lowest of the lows.

Luo Tian’s eyes narrowed as anger soared in his heart but in a flash, he calmed himself down. He then squeezed out a smile and a laughed, “I’m up, and will start working immediately.”

A wise man does not fight when the odds are against him.

Ma Tong’s cultivation was at the Profound Pupil’s 3rd Rank, it was more than enough to deal with someone like him.

Although he wouldn’t dare to kill Luo Tian, he would not be merciful while punching and kicking a few times. He was already seriously injured right now so Luo Tian wasn’t sure if he could handle being beaten anymore.

But he has clearly remembered this and one day, he will pay him back for it.

Luo Tian had difficulty standing up as he stumbled out of the stable.

Ma Tong once again kicked Luo Tian’s butt and haughtily cried out: “You dog thing, why are you so slow? You wanna die or something?”

Luo Tian clenched his jaws and tightened his fists a few times, but still didn’t dare to say a word.

Ma Tong coldly laughed and then said in contempt: “You damn trash, you are such a f*cking shame to humans. I really don’t know why you bother staying alive.”

“There really is no use in staying alive here.” Luo Tian bitterly smiled and said to himself.

There was a “splat” sound.

Luo Tian had stepped on a fat dung beetle and killed it. Luo Tian was about to continue forward when a strange sound was heard in his mind.


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