Letting Loose After Marrying A Tycoon

Chapter 504 - Happy Coming-Of-Age Ceremony

Chapter 504: Happy Coming-Of-Age Ceremony

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Han Jun sat silently in front of the player and didn’t answer the ugly-faced man. After a moment, Han Jun replied coldly, “Got it, you can return.”

“Yes, Miss.”

Han Jun took the initiative to cut the call.

She turned around and looked calmly at the four adults standing behind her. Li Li and Su Beibei had already covered their faces and started crying softly. Han Zhan narrowed his eyes at the surveillance camera with a complicated expression.

Tears shimmered in Song Ci’s eyes. She stared at the two ignorant teenagers in the surveillance camera. She didn’t know what they were thinking. After a moment, she looked at Han Jun with a complicated gaze.

Han Jun instinctively sat up straight and looked at Song Ci nervously.

Would my mother blame me for being too ruthless?

Song Ci originally felt that Han Jun’s move was too dangerous. If they were careless, Han Miao and Li Ao might be injured.

But when she saw that Han Jun was so nervous that even her breathing became slow, she realized that Han Jun was not as calm and confident about this as she appeared. Actually, she was also worried about Han Miao and Li Ao’s situation. Her heart softened again.

Song Ci walked over and stroked Han Jun’s head. She said, “Next time, you can’t put your family in such a dangerous situation. Do you understand, Junjun?”

Han Jun nodded seriously.

She hesitated for a moment before reaching out to hug Song Ci’s waist. She buried her face in Song Ci’s arms and murmured in confusion, “Mother, will Miaomiao still care about me?”

Song Ci’s heart ached. She stroked Han Jun’s little head and said, “You two are biological sisters whose blood is thicker than water. She will understand your good intentions.”


On the endless sea, the drifting ship received their master’s orders and started to return to shore.

After Han Jun hung up, the ugly-faced man lowered his hand that was holding his cell phone and looked up at Han Miao and Li Ao.

In order to pursue the most realistic effect, the security guard’s kick earlier, as well as the rotten-faced man’s kick on Han Miao’s back, were all done with full force. At this moment, the bodyguard had already carefully helped the two of them up and was calling the doctor over to examine them.

The ugly-faced man said to Han Miao, “Sorry, I used too much strength just now.”

Han Miao looked at the ugly-faced man with a dark expression.

Han Miao and Li Ao had seen the scene of the ugly-faced man calling just now. When Han Miao heard the rotten-faced man call the person on the other end of the phone “Miss”, she vaguely guessed the truth.

Han Miao endured the pain in her back and turned to look at the five smiling young men and women behind her. She asked suspiciously, “Are you actors?”

The ugly-faced man explained for those people. “They are the most outstanding batch of students at the Central Drama Academy.”

Hearing this answer, Han Miao’s eyelids twitched. Her guess was confirmed. She stared at the ugly-faced man expressionlessly and carefully sized up that face many times before saying, “Your face is also fake.”

The ugly-faced man nodded.

Then, under Han Miao and Li Ao’s gazes, the man’s fingers searched around his collarbone for a while and really uncovered a face prop.

Under the props, the man looked upright. Although he was not very handsome, he was still a man with righteous features.

Han Miao stared at the man’s appearance and vaguely felt that he was somewhat familiar. She searched through her memories and finally remembered his identity. Her eyes widened as she pointed at the man’s face and exclaimed, “You are Uncle Long’s adopted son, Long Yang?”

Long Yang, an orphan that Long Yu had adopted a few years ago, was Han Jun’s personal guard. He only appeared when Han Jun was in the most danger. Han Miao wasn’t familiar with Long Yang. Since she was young, she had only seen Long Yang once two years ago, so she didn’t suspect anything after hearing his voice.

Long Yang nodded and stared at Han Miao’s back apologetically. “Miss, does your back still hurt?”

The moment he mentioned his back, Han Miao felt that her back hurt so much that she couldn’t stand it anymore.

Han Miao didn’t answer Long Yang’s question. Instead, she pointed out expressionlessly. “This is a show. You are the main lead, and they are all important supporting roles. The director is Han Jun, right?”

Long Yang hesitated for a moment before answering, “Miss did it for his own good.” Long Yang stared at the pale Li Ao. The bodyguard’s kick had injured Li Ao, and he was leaning against the wall, his face pale and his eyes red.

He didn’t know if he was crying or angry.

Seeing Long Yang look at him, Li Ao lifted his head and looked straight at Long Yang’s face for a while, before saying hoarsely, “Thank you, thank you.” He thanked the person who hurt and deceived him because he felt that compared to the pain of this kick, being able to speak again was more important.

He didn’t expect Li Ao to thank him. Long Yang was momentarily stunned before saying, “Sorry for hurting you.”

Li Ao shook his head again.

Han Miao glared at Li Ao and shouted at him. “Why are you thanking him! They deceived us together and even kicked you so badly! Neil, you’re not allowed to thank them!” Seeing Li Ao thank Long Yang and the rest, Han Miao’s heart ached for Li Ao.

Li Ao’s ribs might have been broken by the bodyguard’s kick, but he actually thanked him! 

Big fool! 

Her heart ached and she was angry.

How could Han Miao not be angry?

Even if Han Jun was trying to force Li Ao to speak, there was no need to put on such a scary act! These people’s acting skills were too realistic. Han Miao couldn’t tell that they were acting just now.

She really thought that those rude people had already been thrown into the sea to feed the sharks, and she really thought that she and Li Ao would die here. Now that things had changed, everything was just a show. Li Ao would also speak, but Han Miao couldn’t be happy.

She blamed Han Jun for being too ruthless.

On the way back, Han Miao didn’t say a word.

After reaching the shore, Han Miao walked out of the cabin and onto the deck. She saw Han Jun, Song Ci, Li Li, and the rest standing by the shore.

Seeing the two children return, Su Beibei rushed up at the first moment and hugged them from both sides. “Neil, Miaomiao, it’s been hard on you!” Su Beibei hugged them tightly and stroked their arms repeatedly with her palms, trying to comfort their hearts that had been threatened.

Han Miao leaned stiffly in Su Beibei’s arms and didn’t dare to say a word. Luckily, Song Ci walked over and pulled Han Miao out of Su Beibei’s arms.

Song Ci circled behind Han Miao and lifted her T-shirt. Her eyes reddened at the sight of the bluish footprints on her back. “Miaomiao, is it very painful?”

Han Miao didn’t want Song Ci to worry, so she said, “It’s alright. It’s just aching a little. I’ll be fine after a few days of rest.” With that, she looked at Han Jun and Han Zhan standing by the shore. She asked Song Ci, “You all know about Han Jun’s plan, right?”

Song Ci nodded guiltily. “Yes, Junjun suggested the plan. After some discussion, the adults finally agreed to her suggestion.”

Knowing that Han Miao was blaming Han Jun in her heart and taking her anger out on everyone, Song Ci didn’t expect Han Miao to forgive them easily, nor would she use kinship to moralize and kidnap Han Miao.

Song Ci just stroked Han Miao’s head lovingly and told her, “This plan is very bold and dangerous. It’s our fault for putting you and Li Ao in danger. You can blame us or hate us, but Miaomiao, Mother hopes that you don’t really hate your sister. Her motive is always for Li Ao’s good.”

“I won’t allow you to put in a good word for her!” Han Miao wiped her tears and walked ashore in small steps. She walked up to Han Jun and said in a sarcastic manner, “It was a very correct decision for Father to choose you as his successor because you possess all the qualities of a top business expert. Ruthless, decisive, smart, and cold-blooded!”

Being mocked by Han Miao, Han Jun pursed her lips and listened quietly. She didn’t react, but her tense posture revealed her uneasiness and sadness.

Hearing Han Miao’s words, Han Zhan frowned in discomfort.

He was thinking about how to resolve the knot in the hearts of these two sisters when he heard Han Miao say, “Han Junjun, I won’t be successful in this life. I won’t earn as much as I spend. When you make big money in the future, you have to support me forever.”

She touched her back and said, “Your sister’s back is very painful. You have to pay for my mental damage and medical fees. How about this? When you take over the company in the future, you have to give me 50 million yuan of pocket money every year. Otherwise, I will never bother with you again.”

Hearing this, Han Jun’s clenched fists suddenly relaxed. She heaved a sigh of relief and said to Han Miao, “I’ll give you 100 million.”

Han Miao muttered awkwardly, “That’s more like it. I’ll forgive you this time. Who asked me to be a kind, generous, and beautiful elder sister?” She and Han Jun were twins and related by blood. Han Jun did all this for Li Ao. Han Miao couldn’t really ignore Han Jun forever.

Han Miao had found a way out for both of them by suggesting 50 million yuan a year.

Han Zhan silently watched this scene and felt slightly gratified. He was also happy to see the two sisters reconcile. Han Zhan spread his arms towards Han Miao and asked her, “Then, Miaomiao, how much pocket money do I have to give you every year before you are willing to give me a loving hug?”

Han Miao smiled through her tears.

She said, “You are my father. You have to support me forever.” With that, Han Miao threw herself into Han Zhan’s arms and hugged him tightly. She cried and shouted, “Father, I almost thought I would never see you again. Boohoo…”

“Silly girl!”

Li Ao could speak now.

This was a joyous occasion. Li Li was overjoyed. He and Su Beibei jointly established a foundation that cared for deaf and mute people. On Li Ao’s 18th birthday, they held a banquet to entertain many family and friends. They announced to the world that Li Ao could speak.

Li Ao was slightly embarrassed. He didn’t think that he could speak anymore and that it was something worth holding a banquet to celebrate. But his parents were both very happy. He could only cooperate with their decision and wear the most handsome shirt and suit to attend the banquet like a noble little prince. He also called all the uncles, aunts, and uncles present.

Every time he shouted, he would receive a thick red packet.

Bei Zhan, Han Zhan, and the rest of their families attended this banquet, so Han Miao was naturally there. After Li Ao finished receiving the red packet, Han Miao sent Li Ao a message and asked him to look for her in the room upstairs.

Li Ao received the news and quietly left the banquet venue to go upstairs.

Han Miao was waiting for him in the room. The moment Li Ao arrived, Han Miao grabbed his arm and pulled him into the room. Han Miao closed the door and reached out to Li Ao. “Quickly give me your bag. Let me see how many red packets you received today.”

Li Ao obediently handed the bag in his hand to Han Miao and said, “Take it and count it. It’s all for you.” After several days, Li Ao’s voice was less hoarse and gradually became clearer.

It was a very pleasant voice.

“Really? No regrets?”

Li Ao nodded. “Yes, all for you.”

Han Miao happily hugged her bag and jumped onto the bed.

Autumn came. Han Miao was wearing a satin gown with a big pink bow today. Her black hair was tied up behind her head and a lazy fringe hung down her forehead. The back of the gown was designed to be U-shaped. She turned and walked towards the bed, revealing a fair back.

Li Ao stared at the girl’s fair skin greedily. Only when Han Miao sat down sideways did he look away like a thief feeling guilty. Li Ao walked to the refrigerator and took out a bottle of mineral water.

Li Ao drank some water and walked to the bed. He saw that Han Miao had already taken off her shoes and was sitting cross-legged on the big white bed counting money. There was a stack of RMB stacked in front of her left foot, every 5,000 RMB.

She was very proficient in counting money. Li Ao only saw the money swimming between her fingers and heard her chanting, “32, 33, 34…”

Han Miao counted the money happily. It was not until a kiss landed gently on her shoulder that her counting stopped.

Li Ao buried his head in her neck and kissed her. His soft black hair rubbed against her chin and ears, slightly itchy. Han Miao didn’t dare to move. She sat stiffly, covered in goosebumps.

Li Ao hugged Han Miao’s waist and tightened his arms. He was so strong that it seemed like he wanted to bury her in his arms.

Han Miao finally stammered and asked Li Ao, “W-what are you doing?”

Li Ao couldn’t control his emotions.

After five to six seconds, Li Ao reluctantly left her shoulder. Li Ao placed his chin on Han Miao’s shoulder and leaned against it. He said softly in Han Miao’s ear, “Today is my 18th birthday.”

Han Miao’s head twitched. “So you intend to officially become a man today?”

Li Ao had long wanted to become a man, but he couldn’t mess around now. He shook his head, rubbed his chin on Han Miao’s shoulder, and said coquettishly, “It’s your fault for being too good-looking. I couldn’t resist.”

Han Miao loved it when others praised her for being beautiful. She pushed Li Ao’s face away with a palm and revealed a generous look. “I am beautiful. It’s understandable that you can’t control yourself.”

Hearing this, Li Ao smiled.

Little fool, so easy to fool. 

Because of this kiss, Han Miao was not interested in counting money anymore.

Han Miao took out a small gift box from her bag and handed it to Li Ao. She said, “This is my pocket money that I saved for a period of time. I used my birthday present from when I was young to buy it for you. Neil, happy coming of age.”

Han Miao’s 10-year New Year’s money was not a small sum.

Li Ao opened the gift box in shock and realized that it was a gold watch with two dials and a pocket watch with a blue starry sky inside. It was obviously a top-notch collection.

This was the most expensive birthday present Li Ao had ever received.

For a moment, his palm felt heavy. He hesitated over whether he should accept this gift.

“This is too expensive.” Li Ao asked Han Miao, “How much did you buy it for?”

Han Miao said, “20 million.”

Li Ao hesitated for a long time before accepting the watch. “Thank you. I like it very much and will bring it every day.” With that, Li Ao suddenly opened his wallet and handed his savings card to Han Miao.

Han Miao blinked, not knowing what he was doing. “Are you returning my money?” Han Miao’s expression turned slightly ugly.

Li Ao shook his head and explained. “I am an adult today and have the right to deal with all my assets. I will hand over all my assets to you for safekeeping.” After a pause, he added, “As my fiancée, you have the right.”

The identity of a fiancée smashed onto the top of Han Miao’s head. She was dizzy and momentarily forgot to throw that card away. She asked in shock, “When did I become your fiancée?”

A smile appeared in Li Ao’s gloomy eyes. “Now.”

He held the pocket watch tightly with his left hand and grabbed Han Miao’s left hand with his right. He pulled her out of the room, into the lift, and into the banquet hall.

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