Letting Loose After Marrying A Tycoon

Chapter 488 - Han Jun: I Live in Director Xu’s Heart

Chapter 488: Han Jun: I Live in Director Xu’s Heart

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After Han Jun finished reading a document, she would write her own comments on the document along with new ideas. Then, she would print it out for Han Zhan to see. At almost 12am, Han Jun finished her work and wanted to send the document to Han Zhan.

Guessing that her mother might have already fallen asleep, Han Jun sent Han Zhan a message.

Han Jun: [Father, are you guys asleep? I’ve already handled the documents.]

Han Zhan was probably scrolling through his cell phone when he received a message from Han Jun. [She’s asleep. Bring the document over.]

Han Jun: [Okay.]

Han Jun put on her jacket, put on her sneakers, and went upstairs to meet Han Zhan.

The door to Han Zhan’s room was open. Han Jun carried that pile of documents in and saw Han Zhan sitting under the lamp in the living room reading. She put down the documents and tilted her body to look at the bedroom inside.

Seeing that Song Ci was already asleep with a facial mask on her face, she asked Han Zhan, “Why is Mother sleeping so early?”

“She wants to have her beauty sleep. It’s not like you don’t know.” Han Zhan went to the pantry to get some snacks for Han Jun. “Eat something and go back to your room to sleep.”


Han Jun was a big sport and wasn’t afraid of gaining weight after eating. She ate a bowl of wanton noodles and felt that the taste was very familiar. She asked Han Zhan, “Father, you wrapped it yourself?”

“Mmm, your mother was hungry earlier and wanted supper.”

Han Jun was eating wanton noodles, but she felt like she was eating dog food with her mouth wide open. After eating, Han Jun returned to her own room.

After Han Jun left, Han Zhan opened the document beside him and read it seriously.

After reading Han Jun’s comments on these documents, Han Zhan was shocked to realize that this girl was looking further and further into the future. Her new suggestions were all perfect. At this rate, Han Jun would be able to completely take over his management of the company in less than two years.

Han Zhan was overjoyed at the thought that he would retire very soon.

It was good to retire. After retirement, he could accompany Song Ci to travel around the world. After the trip ended, he could come back and find a new career. It was a different thrill to start over.

Thinking of this, Han Zhan felt that life was filled with fighting spirit.

Xu Qian had just arrived at the hospital and had yet to go for a ward round when someone arrived at the operating theater and told him to quickly go to the emergency operating theater to cooperate with the director of the Orthopedics Department to treat a seriously injured patient.

A car accident happened on the Imperial Capital’s Changping Road tonight. A car collided with a cement car and the car rolled down the slope of the road to the cliff. A middle-aged man in his fifties was thrown out of the car because he didn’t wear his seatbelt and his body hit a big rock.

The uncle’s left femur was fractured and he was diagnosed with a serious heart disease. He was in critical condition.

The Orthopedics Department sent someone to call Xu Qian over to prevent the patient from having cardiac arrest during the surgery. They needed Xu Qian to save the situation.

Xu Qian was the legend of the Cardiovascular Surgery Department at the affiliated hospital of Imperial Capital University. He was the anchor of the operating theater. With him around, everyone felt more relaxed.

Xu Qian walked into the emergency room and took out his cell phone, keys, and other things for the assistant nurse in the operating theater. The assistant took the things and placed them in a transparent sealed bag.

Xu Qian raised his hands. The assistant nurse hurriedly put on sterile scrubs for him and a disposable glove and surgical cap.

After making all the preparations, Xu Qian walked towards the operating table.

The operating theater was not big. There were four people squeezed inside. There was Chief Physician Zhu Jianxin from the Orthopedics Department, an assistant doctor, and two assistant nurses.

Xu Qian noticed an unfamiliar uncle standing beside Director Zhu. That uncle sized up the patient on the bed anxiously.

Xu Qian recognized at a glance that this uncle was a soul. His main body was lying on the bed and in a critical condition.

Xu Qian knew that others could not see the uncle. He also pretended not to see him. He walked up to the director of the Orthopedics Department and asked about the patient’s condition.

Department Director Zhu was performing surgery for the patient. The patient was lying sideways with his left hip cut open, revealing broken bones.

Everyone was used to seeing all sorts of life and death situations. When they saw this bloody scene, Xu Qian and the rest didn’t feel any discomfort. Instead, that uncle’s soul was trembling in fear from the scene of his own white bones surgery.

Xu Qian stared at the trembling uncle and couldn’t help feeling amused.

The treatment process was very long. Director Zhu said to Xu Qian, “Director Xu, tell a joke.” The operating theater was actually not as serious as in television dramas. Most of the time, it was filled with laughter.

The laughter was relaxing.

Xu Qian was not a person who knew how to tell jokes. He said, “I know how to tell ghost stories. Director Zhu, do you want to listen?”

The patient’s bones were slightly broken and there was no way to recover them. Department Director Zhu could only remove the broken bones from the patient’s body and stop the bleeding. He would implant a prosthesis into the patient after he survived the danger.

Director Zhu was slightly tired. Thinking that ghost stories could also refresh him, he said, “Alright, tell me.”

Xu Qian stared at the empty space on the left side of Director Zhu and suddenly said, “This uncle’s soul is standing beside Director Zhu and talking to you. He’s reminding you to be gentle. He’s about to die of shock.”

Director Zhu was speechless.

He silently glanced to his left and didn’t see anyone. Director Zhu suddenly felt a chill by his side. He chuckled dryly and said, “Director Xu really knows how to joke.”

Xu Qian said honestly, “I don’t know how to tell jokes.”

“I can tell.”

Instead, after that uncle heard Xu Qian’s joke, he silently walked from the left side of Director Zhu to Xu Qian’s right. The uncle asked Xu Qian, “Doctor, can you see me?”

Xu Qian stared at the operating theater as if he didn’t hear the uncle’s words. He didn’t react at all.

The uncle thought that Xu Qian couldn’t see him and couldn’t help feeling sad. He stood beside Xu Qian and cried. “I’m not afraid of death. I’m just afraid of pain. I’m even more afraid of dying from pain!”

Xu Qian remained silent.

The uncle wiped his eyes and sighed. “My daughter is getting married next month. I still want to live to attend her wedding. Sigh, the boyfriend she found isn’t good. That guy looks steady and reliable, but I noticed several times that he was staring at ladies by the road.”

“I’m afraid that after we get married, that guy will bully my daughter. My wife left early and my daughter lost her mother from the age of 12. If I leave and my daughter is bullied, who will seek justice for her!”

“Sigh, doctor, please save me. Let me accompany my daughter for a few more years…”

Xu Qian listened to the patient’s chatter patiently.

This was why he liked to be a doctor. As a Heavenly Teacher, all he met were malicious ghosts and evil spirits. He had exorcised many ghosts, but he wanted to save living souls more.

Every time an operation succeeded and saved a life, Xu Qian felt extremely satisfied.

The surgery lasted until 12.30pm at night. Fortunately, the patient was very clean and there was no cardiac arrest during the surgery.

Cheers erupted in the operating theater. Everyone was celebrating the fact that another life had been saved from the gates of hell.

The uncle knew that he was safe. His soul knelt on the ground and kowtowed to Department Director Zhu.

Department Director Zhu didn’t know that the patient was thanking him. He took off his gloves, pressed his eyes, and sighed. “I’m old. I’m very tired after sitting down for an operation. Little Shu, I’ll leave the rest to you guys. I’ll go and eat something first. I’m about to faint from hunger.”

Department Director Zhu did not eat dinner. After this surgery, he had to eat something to replenish his strength.

The uncle kowtowed twice to Department Director Zhu’s departing figure. Then, he looked up, stared at his own body on the bed, and started to worry.

He didn’t know how to return to his body.

The uncle crawled onto the bed and changed all sorts of strange poses but still couldn’t get into his body. He was so anxious that his face was red. He even tried to kiss his own lips and breathe into his body.

Xu Qian saw it and felt that it was blinding.

He twirled his hand around the leg of his white coat and patted the patient’s shoulder gently. The uncle’s soul instantly returned to his body.

Xu Qian stared at the uncle and sighed softly. “I wish you a speedy recovery and be a hero for your daughter for a few more years.”

At this moment, Xu Qian’s cell phone rang.

However, his cell phone was turned to silent mode and Xu Qian didn’t hear it.

The assistant standing beside noticed that Xu Qian’s cell phone screen lit up. She glanced at it and realized that Director Xu’s cell phone screen was different from before.

In the past, the screen saver on Director Xu’s cell phone was a landscape photo. It was either a forest or a grassland, but this time, it was a photo of a man and a woman. The man was Dr. Xu, and the woman was an unfamiliar girl.

After recognizing that it was a photo of a couple, the assistant couldn’t conceal the surprise in his eyes. “D-director Xu.” The assistant pointed at the cell phone and reminded Xu Qian, “Your cell phone is lit.”

Xu Qian nodded, took his cell phone and keys, and went out. After he went out, that assistant exclaimed, “Director Xu seems to be in a relationship!”

Director Xu is in a relationship! 

This news was like a tornado that quickly spread throughout the entire hospital. From the dean to the security guards, everyone knew that the young and handsome doctor from the Cardiovascular Surgery Department was in a relationship!

At 7.40am in the morning, Xu Qian left the office and went to check on each ward. The patient in the ICU was recovering well. Xu Qian told the nurse that she could send the patient back to the general ward.

After doing everything, Xu Qian returned to the office. From afar, she saw a female doctor in a white coat standing in front of her office.

The female doctor was petite but had a good figure. Her loose white coat could not hide the alluring curves of her body.

Hearing footsteps, the doctor turned around.

Seeing that Xu Qian had returned, the female doctor instinctively curled her index finger and tucked her stray hair behind her ear. She greeted him in a very delicate voice, “Director Xu, you just came back from your ward round?”

Xu Qian saw the other party’s face and searched for this person’s identity in her mind. “Doctor Zhong.”

Doctor Zhong, Zhong Baoyi, was the daughter of the director, Zhong Shouren. She was also a pediatrician. Zhong Baoyi was privately called a princess by the hospital’s employees.

Xu Qian didn’t know that this princess had been in love with him for a long time.

Hearing that Xu Qian didn’t have a girlfriend or an ambiguous partner, Zhong Baoyi had always thought that she was the most likely person to win Xu Qian’s favor. Unexpectedly, Xu Qian had a girlfriend overnight!

Zhong Baoyi suspected that the news was fake, so she came to the hospital early to probe Xu Qian.

Xu Qian stayed up late and his brows were filled with fatigue. He instinctively pressed his temples and asked coldly, “Why are you here, Doctor Zhong?”

Zhong Baoyi took off his mask to reveal her oval face. Her lightly made-up face looked fair and rosy. Not only that, Zhong Baoyi had also applied nail polish. Although she had only applied a layer of light pink nail polish, it made her hands look much thinner.

Xu Qian noticed Zhong Baoyi’s nails and couldn’t help taking another look.

Zhong Baoyi saw that Xu Qian was looking at her hand and thought that he was mesmerized by it. She purposely exposed her hands and asked shyly, “Doctor Xu, what happened to my hand?”

She lowered her head and pretended to size up her hand. She pretended to be puzzled and said in confusion, “My hand has just been washed. It’s not dirty, right?”

Xu Qian frowned slightly and told Zhong Baoyi, “Doctor Zhong, you are a pediatrician and do the work of dealing with children. Children’s skin is delicate and it is very easy to cut babies with long fingernails.”

Zhong Baoyi was speechless.

Zhong Baoyi blushed and hid her hands behind her waist in a panic.

Xu Qian didn’t let her off. His tone became even sharper and heartless. “Doctor Zhong, you are different from other doctors. You are the director’s daughter. You should set an example.”

Zhong Baoyi was about to cry. “I know. I will be careful in the future.” Zhong Baoyi looked up and gazed at Xu Qian with tears in her eyes. She suddenly asked, “Is it true?”

This topic jumped a little too quickly. Xu Qian couldn’t follow Zhong Baoyi’s thoughts for a moment. He revealed a rare puzzled look.

Xu Qian frowned and asked, “What do you mean, Doctor Zhong?”

Zhong Baoyi forced a smile that was uglier than crying. “I saw in the hospital’s colleague group that someone was spreading rumors that Doctor Xu is in a relationship and you even used your photo with your girlfriend as a cell phone screen. Is this true?”

After Zhong Baoyi asked, she also felt that her thoughts were too obvious. She added, “I feel that if even a pediatric doctor like me heard about it, this matter must have already spread. If it’s true, it’s a good thing. If it’s false, everyone spreading this will also affect Department Director Xu’s reputation.”

Zhong Baoyi was not related to Xu Qian. She was a pediatrician who came to the Cardiovascular Surgery Department to ask about such things. If Xu Qian still couldn’t tell what was on her mind, he was stupid.

Xu Qian’s expression froze as he answered Zhong Baoyi sternly, “Firstly, you’re not right.”

Zhong Baoyi was about to reveal a happy expression when he heard Xu Qian say, “It’s not a rumor that I have a girlfriend. It’s the truth.”

Zhong Baoyi’s smile froze.

Her head was buzzing. After a long while, she heard herself ask, “W-When did this happen? Why haven’t I heard of it before?”

Although he felt that Doctor Zhong was being too nosy, who was she to him?

His parents didn’t even care about this.

But Xu Qian still explained patiently. “We’ve known each other since we were young. We’ve been engaged since we were young and will get married in three years.”

With that, Xu Qian looked at Zhong Baoyi strangely and asked in confusion, “Moreover, this is my private matter. There’s no need to tell outsiders.”

As an outsider, Zhong Baoyi had crossed the line to ask him such a question.

Zhong Baoyi bit her lips and realized that she had been too rude.

Xu Qian was the most outstanding man Zhong Baoyi had met in her life. He was handsome and was already the associate director of the Cardiovascular Surgery Department at the age of 23. It was impossible for Zhong Baoyi to meet another man who was more outstanding than Xu Qian.

Zhong Baoyi couldn’t bear to miss Xu Qian just like that.

Her eyes were glistening with tears and her upper teeth were almost biting her lower lip. Which man wouldn’t pity her pitiful look?

But Xu Qian was just a person who didn’t know how to be gentle. He revealed an impatient expression and said, “Doctor Zhong, if there’s nothing else, I’ll get off work.”

Zhong Baoyi mustered up his courage and said, “Director Xu, I like you very much.”

Hearing this, Xu Qian’s expression turned cold. He looked at Zhong Baoyi with very unfriendly eyes.

The hostility in his eyes became more and more obvious, to the extent of disgust. “Doctor Zhong, I think I’ve made myself clear. I have a girlfriend. Doctor Zhong, you clearly know that I have a girlfriend, but you still insist on confessing to me. In my opinion, your actions are called stealing someone’s man.”

“Doctor Zhong, you are still young. You can clearly find a good partner to date openly and openly. Don’t do stupid things like being someone’s mistress.”

Xu Qian’s vicious tongue was unforgiving. With just a few words, he had humiliated Doctor Zhong until her face turned pale. She stood unsteadily in the corridor.

Xu Qian opened the office door and entered, regardless of how sad Doctor Zhong would be.

The assistant stood behind the desk. The soundproofing of the hospital door was not good either. The assistant clearly heard Xu Qian and Zhong Baoyi’s conversation outside.

Xu Qian suddenly opened the door and walked in. The little assistant was so scared that she didn’t even dare to look up. She was so embarrassed that she wanted to dig at the floor with her toes.

Xu Qian glanced at his assistant and didn’t say anything. He returned to his own office.

A moment later, Xu Qian walked out of the office in his coat and briefcase. Passing by his assistant’s desk, Xu Qian suddenly stopped in his tracks and said to her, “That’s right, I’m no longer single.”

The assistant was slightly stunned.

Why did Director Xu say that?

After hesitating for a moment, the assistant said tentatively under Xu Qian’s expectant gaze, “Then… congratulations on successfully getting rid of your single status, Director Xu. May you be in love with your girlfriend and get married soon?”

For the first time, Xu Qian felt that the talkative assistant spoke real words.

“Mmm, thank you for your blessings.” Director Xu opened the door and left. The assistant vaguely saw that the corners of Director Xu’s lips were curled up.

Han Jun and the rest took the 10pm flight back to Wangdong City. When Xu Qian got off work, it was already 8.30pm and there was no time to send them off.

Han Jun knew that Xu Qian was busy with work and didn’t mind. Sitting on the plane, Han Miao asked Han Jun, “Aren’t you disappointed that your Young Master Xu didn’t send you off?”

Han Jun said, “I live in his heart. There’s no need to send me off.”

Han Miao opened her mouth wide in shock. “Wow, Han Junjun, you actually know how to say sweet nothings.”

Han Zheng sat in front of his two elder sisters. Hearing Han Jun’s sweet words, he turned around and said to Han Jun bitterly, “I disappeared for three days and you found yourself a boyfriend. Second elder sister, you let me down like this. You betrayed the organization!”

Han Jun snorted and asked them, “What organization? A single organization?”

Han Zheng’s chest felt like it had been shot by an arrow. “Second Sister, you’ve changed. You’re no longer my cold and peerless second sister.”

Han Jun said, “Mmm, after all, I have a boyfriend.”

Han Miao and Han Zheng, who didn’t have a boyfriend or a girlfriend, looked at each other silently. They both felt that Han Jun was floating. Han Miao muttered, “Don’t panic. Long-distance relationships will have times when you are in pain.”

Han Jun took out a black diamond card and said, “Don’t panic. I have money. If I miss him, I can fly to the capital to visit him anytime.”

Han Miao gritted her teeth.

So what if you are rich! 

The three-day holiday of New Year’s Day passed in the blink of an eye. Returning to school, Han Jun was once again that ordinary school god with big glasses and straight black hair.

There was a flag-raising ceremony on Monday and all students had to wear uniforms distributed by the school to attend. When Han Miao walked into the classroom in a pure white loose school uniform, Li Ao’s gaze landed on her calf.

Seeing that Han Miao’s walking posture was very normal and that her injuries were most likely healed, Li Ao was relieved.

On New Year’s Day, Han Miao went to the Imperial Capital Music Hall to perform. When she returned to school, Han Miao was slightly floating. As soon as she sat down, she took out a bunch of snacks from her bag and distributed them to Baby Tian and her deskmates around her. She also accepted her companions’ compliments.

Baby Tian said, “Miaozi, I saw your performance with Teacher Shen on the Internet. It was so exciting. You are so awesome.”

Han Miao crossed her legs and rocked back and forth under the table with the tips of her toes. She was very happy to be praised. She pretended to shake her hand modestly and said, “Hi, you’re flattering me. I’ve just started and still have a lot of room for improvement.”

Baby Tian saw through Han Miao’s true intentions at a glance. She scolded jokingly, “What are you pretending for? You might be very smug inside.”

Han Miao glanced at Baby Tian faintly. “It’s the basic etiquette of a bootlicker to not expose someone.”

Baby Tian popped a candy into her mouth and shut her mouth.

After three days of leave, the students in class had not reset their minds. They were also slightly distracted in class as their minds wandered.

Han Miao hid a physical novel in her textbook and peeked at it. From the teacher’s point of view, she looked like she was reading seriously.

Han Miao was an emotional person. When she saw the touching plot in the novel, tears immediately slid down her face. Li Ao, who had been observing Han Miao, was slightly stunned to see that she was actually crying.

What did she see that made her so upset? 

Afraid that the teacher would notice, Han Miao hurriedly wiped her tears with a tissue and continued reading the novel.

Li Ao was amazed.

After the second period ended, everyone gathered at the field under the urging of school music to prepare for the flag-raising ceremony. Han Miao stood up and called for Baby Tian. “Baby Tian, wait for me!”

Baby Tian held Han Miao’s hand. The two of them dared to walk to the door of the classroom when they were stopped by Li Ao.

Baby Tian saw that Li Ao was staring fixedly at Han Miao and realized that she was an eyesore. She silently swallowed and said to Han Miao, “Miaoyi, I’ll go down first!”

Baby Tian released Han Miao’s arm and ran away.

The corridor was filled with people. Han Miao pulled Li Ao into the classroom, afraid that he would be bumped into. Everyone in the classroom had left, leaving only the two of them.

Han Miao stared at Li Ao suspiciously and asked him, “Neil, why are you looking for me?”

Li Ao pointed at Han Miao’s leg. Han Miao understood what he meant and hurriedly said, “It doesn’t hurt anymore. Don’t worry.”

Li Ao nodded. He took out his cell phone, quickly typed a message, and showed it to Han Miao.

[There are many people now and it’s dangerous to go downstairs. I’ll accompany you to the field when there are fewer people.]

After reading the message, Han Miao looked at Li Ao with a faint smile and asked him, “Are you worried about me?”

Unexpectedly, Li Ao actually nodded.

Han Miao clicked her tongue and said, “Li Ao, you’ve changed recently. You weren’t like this in the past.” The Li Ao before was clearly a dark young man. Why did it seem like he had changed after a few days?

Li Ao typed another message and asked: [Is that better, or was it better in the past?]

Han Miao said, “Of course it’s good like this. I like kind, smiling boys. I don’t like your gloomy look in the past.”

Girls at this age more or less liked the bad boys in school, but Han Miao was an exception. She liked kind, smiling, obedient children.

Hearing Han Miao’s words, Li Ao nodded seriously.

Han Miao looked towards the stairwell and saw that there were fewer and fewer students. She said to Li Ao, “There’s no one else. We can leave.”

Li Ao nodded and followed Han Miao downstairs.

The field was packed with people, densely packed like ants. The flag bearer carried the flag on the platform beside the platform and was ready to rise.

Han Miao and Li Ao walked to the back of the class.

One class stood in a row. The girls were in front, and the boys were behind. Han Miao stood at the back of the girls’ group, and Li Ao stood behind her.

Li Ao stared at Han Miao’s ponytail. The tip of the ponytail was close to his nose. He sniffed gently and smelled the fragrance of the sea.

It smelled good. 

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