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Chapter 913 - Mirror Eyes' Advancement Method

Chapter 913: Mirror Eyes’ Advancement Method

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Zhou Wen frowned as he sized up Bida. This was because Bida’s aura had become extremely strange. Furthermore, this was the first time he had seen a human use a Guardian as a shield. He had screwed over the Guardian.

“Wang Mingyuan is right. You are indeed very powerful,” Bida said to Zhou Wen from midair.

Upon hearing Wang Mingyuan’s name, Zhou Wen’s pupils constricted slightly as he stared at Bida and asked, “Who are you?”

“Bida, the man who is about to become Yaksha King, remember this name.” As Bida spoke, the wings on his back flapped and a spatial rift opened in the void. He flapped his wings and retreated into the spatial rift.

Zhou Wen watched the spatial rift disappear, but it was too late to chase after him.

That fellow… He’s like Teacher… but he also seems a little different… Countless thoughts flashed through Zhou Wen’s mind. Although Bida had only displayed his true strength for a moment, he could sense the dual auras of a human and a dimensional creature. He was very similar to Wang Mingyuan and Yin Talisman King.

Zhou Wen also knew that there were humans like Wang Mingyuan who had charged into different dimensions. He was very suspicious that Bida was one of the humans who had rushed into one.

Zhou Wen wanted to ask Bida what had happened to Wang Mingyuan, but unfortunately, Bida had already escaped through the spatial rift. It was impossible for him to catch up to him.

He returned to the Lu family with the Blue Sky Crystal Beast’s crystal and used it as evidence in exchange for the Lu family’s promise. Zhou Wen then asked Old Master Lu about Bida.

However, Old Master Lu told him that there was no freelance hunter named Bida in Sea Gazing City, and none of the people he invited were called Bida.

“But I did see him.” Zhou Wen drew Bida’s appearance for Old Master Lu to see.

Old Master Lu looked at it for a while before saying, “This is a freelance hunter from another city. I saw that he knew a lot about the habits of the break-out creature, so I invited him to stay. But his name is not Bida. He said his name is Ah Ye.”

Zhou Wen didn’t have any hopes of finding out anything else. After settling the matter here, he left Sea Gazing City.

Uesugi Nao did not participate in the hunting operation this time. As she was exposed ahead of time, the overseas federation gave up on the plan and allowed her to go elsewhere as Xu Ai, so as to prevent the An family from suspecting the relationship between Xu Ai and Uesugi Nao.

Zhou Wen originally wanted to return to Luoyang, but before he left Sea Gazing City, another Guardian appeared on the rankings. The Guardian named Starry Night challenged the second-ranked Companion Beast.

Zhou Wen watched the battle and saw Starry Night standing in the void. The stars in the sky rained down like a meteor shower. After a bombardment lasting more than ten minutes, it nearly killed the Companion Beast. Finally, the latter had no choice but to forfeit and admit defeat.

More and more Guardians have appeared. I wonder how many there are? Zhou Wen thought to himself.

After taking second place, Starry Night didn’t continue the challenge. It seemed like it didn’t intend to fight the first Great Skyfiend.

Zhou Wen left Sea Gazing City and played with the Blue Sky Crystal Beast’s Essence Energy Skill Crystal on the way.

Blue Sky Crystal Beast: Mythical stage. Requires 41 Constitution, 21 Spatial Attribute, Spatial Essence Energy Art.

It’s 41 Constitution again. From the looks of it, I have to think of a way to raise Mirror Eyes to the Perfect Body as soon as possible so that my Constitution can reach 41. This way, I can absorb several Mythical techniques. Zhou Wen was somewhat helpless. Up to now, he still hadn’t found a way to advance Mirror Eyes.

However, although he wasn’t able to obtain a Blue Sky Crystal Beast Companion Egg during his trip to Gazing Sea City, he had obtained an egg. If he could hatch a baby Blue Sky Crystal Beast, he might be able to use it in place of a Companion Beast.

Now, Zhou Wen’s problem was that even if the baby Blue Sky Crystal Beast was born, he wouldn’t tame it since he didn’t know how to make it obedient.

I wonder if I can raise it like a Gu? Zhou Wen thought.

As Zhou Wen rode the Mighty Vajra Bull, he used his phone to grind the game dungeons.

This time, Zhou Wen chose Deer Terrace Pavilion. He couldn’t kill the Nine-Tailed Fox inside, but it was different for the other Mythical creatures. Perhaps he could farm something good.

After farming all the dimensional creatures that he could, Zhou Wen went to challenge the Nine-Tailed Fox when there was nothing left.

At any rate, he had to refresh the instance dungeon, so he took the opportunity to test the Nine-Tailed Fox’s strength.

Just like last time, after killing the fox body, the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox did not die. Instead, it entered its Terror transformation form and became a beautiful demon consort.

Seeing the demon consort attack, Zhou Wen’s heart stirred as he attempted to use Mirror Eyes to glance at her. To his surprise, his glance made the demon consort’s face turn into that of a fox.

Perhaps it was because Mirror Eyes was still relatively weak, only her face had turned into that of a fox, and the rest of her body remained human.

Moreover, the face that had turned into that of a fox quickly recovered its devastatingly beautiful human features.

To Zhou Wen’s disbelief, Mirror Eyes grew.

Before Zhou Wen could get excited, he saw the screen turn black. The game was over. He had been too pleasantly surprised to notice how demon consort had killed the blood-colored avatar.

Mirror Eyes actually has the ability to see through things. From the looks of it, I have to use Mirror Eyes to see through the disguise of dimensional creatures that use transformation techniques to advance. I wonder if destroying a human’s transformation technique can allow Mirror Eyes to advance? Zhou Wen was somewhat excited after finding the method to advance Mirror Eyes.

As long as his Constitution reached 41 points, he could absorb several Mythical Skill Crystals, and his strength would definitely improve greatly.

The most important thing was that he could absorb the Skill Crystal of the Blue Sky Crystal Beast. Perhaps that was a skill that could allow him to teleport indefinitely.

Where can I find dimensional creatures that can transform? Visiting the demon consort each time is too difficult. I’ll die every time I take a look. The advancement speed is just too slow. Zhou Wen couldn’t think of any dimensional creatures that were good at transforming, so he could only search for information online.

He never expected that there were actually quite a number of dimensional creatures that were good at transforming. Among them, the most common Fox Immortal in East District seemed to have a transformation skill.

How could I have forgotten about this? Aren’t there many lesser demons impersonating immortals on Deer Terrace Pavilion? Zhou Wen smacked his head and cursed himself for being foolish.

This couldn’t be blamed on Zhou Wen. This was because fake immortals like fox demons had always looked like immortals. He momentarily forgot about them.

He eagerly entered Deer Terrace Pavilion and used Mirror Eyes to look at the fake fairies and immortals. When Zhou Wen looked at an Epic fake fairy, she revealed her true form and turned into a fox. Zhou Wen immediately felt that the Mirror Eyes had grown.

Seeing that this move was indeed effective, Zhou Wen immediately looked around. Any lesser demon that was seen by Mirror Eyes was immediately reduced to its original form.

Although this would expend large amounts of Essence Energy, Zhou Wen could switch back to the Slaughterer Life Soul, giving him unlimited Essence Energy at any time. Then, he could switch back and activate Mirror Eyes.

As he swept his gaze and killed along the way, Mirror Eyes grew rapidly. It was only a matter of time before it broke through to the Evolved Body or even the Perfect Body.

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