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Chapter 772 - Your Life Belongs to Me

Chapter 772: Your Life Belongs to Me

Zhou Wen had no intention of interrupting Jing Daoxian as he continued listening.

“Back then, I was heavily injured and most of my Companion Beasts had died. I was also affected by the Lost Immortal Sutra’s powers. If this continued, I might have really been driven mad by the Lost Immortal Sutra. I happened to encounter you back then and you left me in a bad mood. Therefore, I used a method to transfer the Lost Immortal Sutra to you. It could eliminate you and reduce my burden. It was killing two birds with one stone.”

With that said, Jing Daoxian stared at Zhou Wen and asked, “I never expected you to master the Lost Immortal Sutra. There have been many owners of the Lost Immortal Sutra, and although they aren’t all peerless elites, they are all outstanding people with their own amazing traits. However, you managed to master the Lost Immortal Sutra despite so many people not being able to. I really want to know how you are better than them and how you are better than me.”

If an ordinary seventeen-year-old student heard Jing Daoxian’s words, they would definitely be delighted.

Even a devil like Jing Daoxian admitted that he was inferior to him. How glorious was that?

Unfortunately, Zhou Wen didn’t think so. He had witnessed Lord Alcohol’s death and knew that the reason Xia Jiuhuang was so crazy was because of Jing Daoxian.

Zhou Wen suspected that Jing Daoxian had given him the Lost Immortal Sutra for the same reason.

“I don’t think there’s anything special about the Lost Immortal Sutra. I mastered it from simply cultivating it,” Zhou Wen answered ambiguously.

This answer clearly wasn’t enough to satisfy Jing Daoxian. He wasn’t in a rush as he said slowly, “Why don’t we make a deal? Answer one question and I’ll answer one. What do you think?”

“I have no questions for you,” Zhou Wen said.

“Don’t you want to know why the world has become like this? What kind of place is another dimension? How’s your teacher, Wang Mingyuan? Where did the Lost Immortal Sutra come from?” Jing Daoxian offered a few questions that Zhou Wen wanted to know.

“I’ll naturally know the answer to these questions after defeating you.” Zhou Wen suddenly thought of something.

Regardless of whether the Lost Immortal Sutra had been deliberately given to him by Jing Daoxian, he could at least confirm one thing—Jing Daoxian wanted to know the process or results of his cultivation.

Just like Lord Alcohol and Xia Jiuhuang, Jing Daoxian might have treated him as an experimental subject.

Since he was an experimental subject, regardless of whether the experiment succeeded or failed, Jing Daoxian probably wouldn’t want him dead before the experiment ended.

Since Jing Daoxian didn’t wish for him to die, why should he have so many qualms? Zhou Wen also wanted to know how much strength the legendary devil still had.

Jing Daoxian seemed to see through Zhou Wen’s thoughts as he said indifferently, “Do you think you can be presumptuous in front of me just because I don’t want to kill you?”

“That’s what I think.” Zhou Wen didn’t hide his thoughts.

“Haha, you are right. I really don’t wish to kill you now because you have shown me some interesting possibilities. Compared to killing you, I’m more willing to see the answer.” Unexpectedly, Jing Daoxian had admitted that he wouldn’t kill Zhou Wen.

However, Jing Daoxian changed the topic and said coldly, “Although I won’t kill you, I can lock you up and slowly study you. It’s best you consider carefully before taking action.”

“I’ve thought it through. Before that, I’ll slice you up,” Zhou Wen said as he drew his saber and slashed.

Transcendent Flying Immortal was unbelievably fast, but this wasn’t Zhou Wen’s trump card. At the same time he attacked, the Great Might Vajra Bull and Behemoth appeared beside him. One used the Soul Suppression Bell, while the other used Absolute Strength.

And this was still Zhou Wen’s form of restrainment. The true trump card was in his pupils. The Torch Dragon’s eye mirror lit up as it prepared to activate the Bright Torch Vision World.

“We will meet again. Remember, your life belongs to me.” Jing Daoxian looked at Zhou Wen with a strange look in his eyes as his figure suddenly burrowed underground. Even the things on the ground burrowed underground with him and instantly vanished.

Earth Escape! Zhou Wen frowned slightly as his saber beam slashed the ground, leaving a deep ravine. However, he didn’t see any signs of Jing Daoxian.

Pushing Truth Listener to its limits, he found no sign of Jing Daoxian.

“Young Master Wen, perhaps I can track him. During the day, I’ve already scattered some water mixed with a special scent on the ground. The water has evaporated, but the scent remains in the ground. Jing Daoxian has already been stained with this scent. I can try and see if I can track him,” An Sheng said.

“Then quickly give it a try.” Zhou Wen was overjoyed.

He suspected that Jing Daoxian’s injuries hadn’t fully healed. Perhaps now was a chance.

An Sheng summoned a strange little beast. It looked like a rat, but it was much fatter than a rat. It was as fat as a ball and had no eyes. However, there were many fleshy antennae on its nose.

“Ordinary creatures can’t smell the scent. Only Companion Beasts with an extremely developed sense of smell can detect it.” As An Sheng spoke, he got the Companion Beast to leave the Earth temple and search the nearby area, hoping to find the scent Jing Daoxian had left behind.

However, after searching the entire town and its vicinity, he failed to find anything. It was unknown if Jing Daoxian’s Earth Escape was too powerful, allowing him to escape more than fifty kilometers away, or if he hadn’t touched the lingering scent in the ground.

“As expected of the number one devil in the Federation. It’s no wonder he can still be carefree despite being pursued by the Federation for so long. I’ve made so many preparations ahead of time, but none of them worked. Young Master Wen, you have to be especially careful now that you are targeted by such a person,” An Sheng said with a heavy expression.

Zhou Wen nodded. “I’ll be careful.”

Not daring to stay in the town any longer, Zhou Wen and An Sheng headed straight for Luoyang. They didn’t stop at all.

However, after that incident, Jing Daoxian didn’t appear again. The journey went very smoothly.

After returning to Luoyang, An Sheng’s tense nerves relaxed a little. “Young Master Wen, it’s best you don’t return to school. I’ll arrange a residence for you. It can block any entry via Earth Escape.”

Zhou Wen shook his head and said, “It’s impossible for me to hide forever. Besides, Jing Daoxian might not be able to touch me.”

After rejecting An Sheng’s kind intentions, Zhou Wen returned to school. The antelope and chick returned to the building they were used to living in, appearing very comfortable.

With the antelope and chick watching over him, it wouldn’t be easy for Jing Daoxian to secretly take action.

There were no traces of Jing Daoxian three days after his return to campus. Instead, Li Mobai came looking for him again, hoping that Zhou Wen could make a trip to the South District with him to attempt contracting a Guardian.

“Are you sure that the Guardian is still there?” Zhou Wen asked Li Mobai.

This was because he had always suspected that the Guardian Li Mobai mentioned was Xia Liuchuan’s black jade Guardian.

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