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Chapter 1423 - Only Chance

Chapter 1423: Only Chance

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With Zhou Wen using The Disqualified and with the augmentation of Great Brahma and Truth Listener, it was difficult for the Calamity-grade bullet trajectories to escape his notice.

At the instant the seventh sure-kill bullet shot out, Zhou Wen unsheathed the Immortal Culling Sword in his hand.

Immortal Slaying slashed at the tip of the sure-kill bullet with unparalleled sword aura.

Sparks flew as the Immortal Culling Sword cleaved through the sure-kill bullet. The two halves of the bullet flew past Zhou Wen’s body and slammed into the wall before sinking in. It failed to return.

What a powerful attack! Xiao, who was watching the Cube, narrowed his eyes when he saw this scene.

“It’s because that sword is powerful. I heard from Lord Holy God that that sword once killed countless Calamity creatures in the Mythical era. Even the invincible powerhouses at the Apocalypse level are very afraid of it. Thankfully, Human Sovereign only has one. If it’s as Lord Holy God said, with all four swords in his hand, I’m afraid no one on Earth can match him,” a Saint watching the battle said.

“It’s useless no matter how strong that sword is. No matter how strong he is, he can only obtain five stars even if he reaches the Golden Palace now. The Cube’s first place is already Xiao’s,” another Saint said.

“That’s not necessarily true.” Xiao looked at the scene and whispered in a voice that only he could hear.

This was the first time they had seen the sure-kill bullet being severed. It excited many humans.

“Human Sovereign is indeed invincible. So what if it’s at the Calamity grade? So what if it’s a sure-kill bullet? Isn’t it still split in one strike?”

“Your Excellency Human Sovereign, I want to have children with you.”

“Uncle, stop fooling around!” The young man beside him flushed red as he pulled the man with the beard—the one clamoring to have children with Human Sovereign—out of the crowd.


The Immortal Culling Sword had already been sheathed. Zhou Wen continued walking forward—he wasn’t walking very quickly because he needed to determine the gunner’s general location before using Li Mobai’s Ghost God Eyes to ensure the highest success rate.

There was only one chance, so Zhou Wen couldn’t fail.

Just as everyone thought, even if Zhou Wen were to reach the Golden Palace, he would at most be rated five stars. If he couldn’t kill the Calamity gunner, it would be impossible for him to obtain a six-star rating.

Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang!

Zhou Wen constantly sent the Calamity-grade gunner’s bullets flying as he searched for his location.

Zhou Wen had already tried many times in-game, but every time he felt that his judgment was right, the Calamity-grade gunner would be gone when he instant transmit over to where he should be. He couldn’t sense the location of the Calamity-grade gunner at all.

However, from the direction of the bullet, the Calamity-grade gunner was definitely there.

Zhou Wen had also attempted to attack the spot he had determined regardless of whether he could see it or not, but it was useless. His attack didn’t touch anything and it only slammed into the wall.

“What a pity. If such a human powerhouse can advance to the Calamity grade, people like Xiao and Tsukuyomi might not be able to compete with him,” said Worm Dugu with a sigh.

“I still don’t know if he’s pure human. If he advances to the Calamity grade, it might not be a good thing for humanity.” Dugu Ge’s expression was ambivalent.

Now, the various factions knew very well that if Human Sovereign was really pure human, it would undoubtedly be a potent stimulant for the Federation and humanity. It was very likely to make humans regain the confidence and pride they had long lost.

However, if Human Sovereign wasn’t pure human, it was very likely that the last bit of humanity’s beliefs would be crushed.

In the entire Federation, there were quite a number of human powerhouses, but there really weren’t many pure humans. Only Zhou Wen could enter the rankings, but Zhou Wen virtually relied on Companion Beasts. Furthermore, there was the suspicion that he resorted to trickery. It made people feel that he wasn’t very strong.

Only Human Sovereign could fight all sorts of powerful creatures head-on. Not only was he not at a disadvantage, but he even had the advantage.

It could be said that in the hearts of many people, Human Sovereign was their final bottom line and dignity as humans.

If Human Sovereign was no longer pure human, that bottom line would be breached. When that happened, more and more people would choose to contract with Guardians.

Those who could have taken their own paths might have chosen to become contractors because of this.

Zhou Wen had already determined the location of the Calamity gunner, but he knew very well that even if he instant transmited over, it would be impossible for him to find him.

With a slight movement of his fingers, two crystalline eyeballs appeared in his palm. Zhou Wen held the pair of Ghost God Eyes tightly and made them collide.

“Quickly end it. The rating will only be lower if he wastes any more time. No matter how many times he uses the same move, no matter how many bullets he splits, it won’t improve his rating. It will only lower it. If Human Sovereign has this intention, I’m afraid he’s wrong…” Professor Gu continued analyzing, but he suddenly saw a strange change in the Cube’s screen.

Human Sovereign’s entire head was within a helmet, preventing anyone from seeing his appearance, much less his facial features.

However, at that moment, one could see Human Sovereign’s eyes glowing resplendently. The light from his eyes penetrated the steel-like face armor like two searchlights emitting a red glow. Just a glance at it made one’s heart turn cold as though they had been targeted by the devil.

Zhou Wen’s eyes stared at the spot he had determined. The wall in front of him suddenly seemed to turn transparent. His gaze passed through several walls and he realized that there was no sign of the Calamity gunner.

However, in the metal wall at the back, there was a humanoid creature. The creature’s body was identical to the metal wall. He had perfectly fused with the metal wall and was standing inside. Furthermore, he could move freely inside the wall.

The extremely hard metal was like water for him.

Zhou Wen could clearly see that the creature on the wall was holding a gun inside the wall and aiming it at him.

So that’s how it is… So this fellow can move freely in the metal and even use the metal to escape. It’s no wonder I couldn’t find his location… Zhou Wen knew that he had to kill him in one strike.

He could now see that fellow with the help of the Ghost God Eyes, but the power of the Ghost God Eyes couldn’t last long. If he missed, he wouldn’t have a second chance if the Calamity gunner escaped with the help of the Metal Escape technique.

For a potent force like the seventh sure-kill shot, it definitely needs some channeling time. At the moment before the bullet is shot, all his strength will probably be focused on the sniper gun. When that happens, it will definitely be difficult for him to use Metal Escape at the same time. This is the only chance. Zhou Wen was already prepared, but he didn’t know if his plan would succeed.

Everyone watched as Human Sovereign’s eyes lit up. In the next instant, his figure suddenly vanished.

Even the Cube’s camera paused for a moment, unable to immediately keep up with his movement. When Human Sovereign’s figure appeared on the screen again, people saw him standing in front of a metal wall.. He held the hilt of the Immortal Culling Sword in his hand, and its blade had already completely sunk into the metal wall.


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