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Chapter 1087 - Can't Last Long Enough

Chapter 1087: Can’t Last Long Enough

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Zhou Wen suppressed the excitement in his heart and continued carving on the blank spot on the Wheel of Destiny. This time, he was carving the Sword Pill.

The Sword Pill was also engraved on the Wheel of Destiny bit by bit. As for the Ancient Sovereign symbol on the other side, it didn’t disappear. When the Sword Pill symbol was completed, the Sword Pill tore out of his fingers again, Zhou Wen nearly moaned in bliss.

Looking at the coexisting Sword Pill and Ancient Sovereign, Zhou Wen felt that Lady Luck hadn’t abandoned him.

Thank you, Holy Mother, Jade Emperor, God of Fortune… Just as Zhou Wen was feeling excited, the Ancient Sovereign shadow suddenly vanished. It turned out that the Ancient Sovereign symbol on the Wheel of Destiny was disappearing. It was no longer complete.

Only then did Zhou Wen gloomily realize that even if he didn’t fight, the marks on the Wheel of Destiny would quickly vanish.

The name ‘No Engravings’ sure is apt. I really can’t engrave anything on it. Zhou Wen was somewhat helpless. Although he gained the possibility of using multiple abilities at the same time, the Wheel of Destiny’s characteristics were too odd, making things a little troublesome.

Is there any way to permanently preserve the engravings? Zhou Wen felt that he should spend some time studying it in the future. Even if it only lasted a little longer, it would be a huge improvement for him.

Grim Demon fought the ancient sword and Ice Maiden fought the unknown creature on the mountaintop, but Zhou Wen was having fun drawing at the foot of the mountain.

After various tests, Zhou Wen confirmed that he could draw the eight Life Souls. Furthermore, as long as his insights were different, what he drew would be different every time.

The deeper Zhou Wen’s insights were, the stronger the Wheel of Destiny patterns he drew and the longer they could stay on. They would be stronger as well.

The only thing Zhou Wen couldn’t draw was the marks that the Lost Immortal Sutra should have. This was because he knew the least about it. The Lost Immortal Sutra didn’t need him to comprehend it or cultivate it. It would automatically circulate. As long as his stats reached a certain level, he could directly advance.

It was clearly the foundation of Zhou Wen’s Essence Energy Art, but the one he knew the least about.

If I can carve the Lost Immortal Sutra on the Wheel of Destiny one day, will those marks disappear again? A thought flashed through Zhou Wen’s mind.

There was no answer, but Zhou Wen had found a direction to make himself stronger. The deeper his understanding of Essence Energy Arts, the longer the marks left on the Wheel of Destiny would last. Perhaps one day, when he was strong enough, the marks would exist forever.

After figuring out the situation, Zhou Wen placed his attention on the battle on Paradise Mountain. The Demonic Sword and ancient sword were still engaged in battle, with no victor determined.

On the mountaintop, Ice Maiden seemed to be gradually falling into a disadvantage. Zhou Wen circulated the Wheel of Destiny and carved out the Heaven-Opening Scripture before flying to a spot closer to the mountaintop.

Soon, Zhou Wen saw the creature that was fighting Ice Maiden. It was also a ratman, but the ratman looked more like a human than the gray-robed and red-robed rats.

It was dressed in a white suit with golden-framed glasses on its face and a white top hat decorated with black lines on its head. It looked very strange.

What the hell is this? Zhou Wen was alarmed. This was the first time he had seen such a dimensional creature.

What was even stranger was that not only did the ratman possess powerful psyche skills, but its movement technique was also extremely strange. It was as fleeting as smoke. In its hand was a gun.

It was in the shape of a revolver. It looked a little like a Smith & Wesson 500, but it was bigger and had a thicker barrel. Most of the gun was silver-white metal in color, and a small portion had gray patterns. It had an indescribable beauty.

Ice Maiden could withstand the ratman’s psyche attacks, but the revolver caused her a lot of trouble.

She seemed to be afraid of the bullets in the gun and didn’t dare to be hit by them. She would dodge every time, putting her at a disadvantage. It looked like it was going to be very difficult for her to persist.

Zhou Wen couldn’t tell what kind of power was in the bullet. Although he could tell that it was at the Terror grade, the bullet was too fast. His vision couldn’t keep up.

“Ice Maiden, come back.” As Zhou Wen spoke, he summoned Banana Fairy. At the same time, he quickly retreated and left the Paradise Mountain area.

Firstly, the Heaven-Opening Scripture of the Highest Elder had already vanished from his Life Wheel. Secondly, Banana Fairy’s attacks didn’t differentiate between friend and foe. It would be a hindrance if he stayed there.

Ice Maiden knew how powerful Banana Fairy was. Even Grim Demon was left in a tragic state from her winds. She wouldn’t fare better.

The strange ratman didn’t know how powerful Banana Fairy was. When it saw a beautiful fairy floating over with a banana leaf, it raised the revolver and shot Banana Fairy three times.

Banana Fairy pouted and blew out a gust of Supreme Yin Wind.

Just like the bullets in The Matrix, the three bullets suddenly slowed down. Zhou Wen finally saw them clearly.

The bullet head looked like it was made of crystal, but its appearance was somewhat strange. It was like a miniature ghost, looking extremely sinister.

Not only did the three bullets slow down, but frost even formed on them. In the blink of an eye, they were thrown back in the wind.

The strange-looking ratman was also blown away. As there were no obstructions nearby, the ratman and bullets were sent flying. They flew into the distance with the yellow sand and quickly vanished.

I wonder if the ratman is dead? Zhou Wen watched as it was blown away. He didn’t even know where to pick up the dimensional crystal if there was one.

Even if it really was dead, the dimensional crystal might have already been taken away by other creatures by the time he rushed over.


The ancient sword that was fighting the Demonic Sword suddenly lost control and fell from the sky, landing on the ground. Furthermore, it was no longer in its Terror form.

Eh, this sword isn’t a dimensional creature? Zhou Wen immediately realized that there was something wrong with the ancient sword.

If the ancient sword was a dimensional creature, being able to fight the Demonic Sword for so long was a little shocking, but it was still acceptable.

However, if it was only a weapon that was controlled by the ratman, it would be abnormal for it to fight the Demonic Sword for so long. After all, the ratman didn’t seem to be that strong.

Zhou Wen walked closer and looked at the ancient sword that had fallen to the ground. He hadn’t looked at it carefully before, but now that he was carefully sizing it up, he realized that it was indeed somewhat odd.

It looked like it wasn’t made of gold, jade, iron, or steel. Furthermore, it didn’t seem to have a sharp edge. It looked like it was sheathed in a scabbard, but there was no opening to the scabbard. It looked like it was one.

The ancient sword remained motionless on the ground. He was certain that the ratman had been controlling it previously. Now, he didn’t know if the ratman was too far away from it or if it was already dead. In any case, the sword was no longer under its control.

Zhou Wen carefully sized up the ancient sword and saw that there were words engraved on the hilt. When he looked at it, his eyes widened as his pupils constricted like needles.

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