Legend of the Supreme Soldier

Chapter 606: Return of Legend II

Chapter 606: Return of Legend II

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“We are going to pick up someone this time.”

Her subordinates were intrigued – picking up someone? Who? With an army of such size? Wait!

A few of the subordinates seemed to have realized the only person who was capable to grab such attention from the leader, as excitement tinted their expressions.

“The first, third and fifth army would be joining us too.”

Four out of the six armies scattered across the surrounding space zone of Planet Yi Ju had been called up for the big mission this time. This was probably the largest operation in the entire history of the Collision army, the soldiers were astonished by the details, wondering what man of what galaxy could waver the armies so easily.

“Also…” Sang Ling, as if the news was not shocking enough, decided to give a few more juicy details, “I have just received updates, that, the Collision armies had departed, while there were also armies sent by the 12 other smaller tribes, following our lead.” The so-called smaller tribes were ethics who had close connection to the Sangs, the Jin Gui tribe for example.

“Oh…” The subordinates were quiet, as it was quite the overwhelming information for them.

“All departments get ready. Departing in 4 hours. Destination : Planet Xue Hui.” Sang Ling looked at her subordinates, “Dismiss.”

…(Meanwhile, at the laboratory on Planet Yi Ju)…

The Core Mathematics Laboratory was the most advanced mathematical laboratory on Planet Yi Ju, as well as the known facility in He Yue galaxy, led by certainly none other than the boy genius, Little Rock with his group of professional researches.

“Ahem…” Little Rock initiated, as he cleared his throat, “Everyone, put down your work in hand. We have a situation here. ” Both Little Rock and Zhu Ling were already happily married for two years by then. Although Little Rock remained as a shrinking violet, he had turned more vocal throughout these years.

“We need to take over all the cameras hovering between Planet Yi Ju and Planet Xue Hui. I also need a few men to keep an eye on any suspicious activity on the Virtual World. All these is to make sure the transmission is smooth.”

…(Meanwhile at Qiu Man)…

The great lady was negotiating with a major cooperation which was having different opinions in their upcoming deal. “No, I’m not giving in for this, and you know that.” Qiu Man’s tone was strong as her personality, as well as her gaze, till her secretary stormed into her office and whispered a few words into her ears.

Her expression changed, “What?” Gasped she, “Sorry, no more deal today. Some other time maybe.” And she left the office.

Planet Yi Ju had become the most developed planet in the entire He Yue galaxy by then. It was also the safest planet due to the powerful army led by the Sangs which annihilated the whole wave of red-tailed beasts nearby.

The planet was peaceful for months, till today, people were gasping out of astonishment as they spotted countless gigantic mech units zooming by the sky. It looked as if a prelude to a war.

“Wowie, what’s going on today?”

“Such army, Is there something happening?”

“I h-h-hope not.” The person, as if terrified by the wartime before, replied hesitantly, “B-b-but well! Even if there is something going on, our Collision army is unbeatable!” His statement went proudly.

“True that.”

“Well, check out the news, and we’ll know.”

Having that said, this day was bound to be the historical day in the galaxy.

The massive army movement had alerted the residences in the galaxy, that the Sangs had to pass out announcement promptly to clarify that the movement was merely an escort trip, not one that marched to a war.

But wait, they are going to Xue Hui?

Isn’t that the home of Xue Lai clan? When did the Sangs have something with Xue Lai clan?

On record the Sangs had once coldly declined all requests from the aristocrats and this totally contradicted their current movement.

So why? Who or what had caused the army to make such a drastic move?

This was the first time the Sangs left the Planet Yi Ju area, with an official document announcing the purpose of their trip.

The mysterious figure was sure great.

The tribes around fancied the authority the Sangs built up over these years and they had provided ample supplies for their journey. This was probably the only golden opportunity they could get to butter up this strong army to ally with them since the Sangs were the extremely low-profiled group among the others.

Different tribes contributed their own elites to join the fleet led by the Sangs and the fleet grew over time. The residents were anticipating the mystery to be revealed, regarding the master behind the entire scene. That was when a microchip was sent to the Ye family under the escort of the elite of Xue Lai clan, the very elite himself, Brahmara.

The microchip stirred up a storm at the Ye family who was already troubled by the hurricane of red-tailed beasts shower.

The Ye family immediately sent off a fleet to Planet Xue Hui, by where they met the representatives from the Xue Lai clan as they zoomed their way to Xi Feng tribe.

The development caught the attention of people again, as theories brewed, regarding this figure that had the ability to gather the forces around under his lead.

The aristocrats had joined each other, fighting against the red-tailed beasts.

The red-tailed beasts were terrifyingly formidable, that the aristocrats had to retreat on almost every occasion. If it was not the Sangs, the people would not have survived.

The Sangs were as if the silver lining in the sky, though victory remained far, far away from them.

The unity of the aristocrats, would that signify a real peace? A true victory?

Zuo Mi was a sailor who worked really hard at the ship, and somehow, as if fueled by something, there was not the slightest fatigue discernible on his face, as he walked in and out of the corridor constantly to get his tasks done.

Countless fleets arrived by to load themselves with the necessities, Zuo Mi was assigned to guide the ships to the port. The number of mechs and giant warships had kept him pumped somehow, “Wow, we actually still have so many allies around us!”

It was the confidence that fueled him, he realized, confidence towards the future of humanity.

The mass media was promoting the movement, of the growing army all traveling towards the same destination – Planet Xue Hui.

Zuo Mi was exhausted by the work as he fell asleep after his meal, only to be waken up by the noises, “The Xi Feng is here!” One of his colleagues shouted.

He got up and ran towards the window to witness the arrival of this great ally which signified the completion of the intergalactic alliance of aristocrats and it had certainly attracted participation of more forces around.

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