Legend of the Great Sage

Chapter 1599 - Tipping Mountain

Chapter 1599: Tipping Mountain

Across the trichiliocosm and the six realms of saṃsāra, all of the cultivators saw the scarlet star that suddenly appeared and a chill ran down their spine instinctively. This ill omen was far too strong. Even those who did not know how to divine at all could sense it vaguely.

The daemon had emerged. Gods would die. The crisis was already imminent.

On the bleak demonic earth, the Thunder Lord General of the Nine Heavens’ colossal body had already become covered by green. From afar, he seemed like an ancient stone statue covered in moss.

Under the glow of the moon, a tiny flower bloomed quietly among the green bushes, producing a wisp of fragrance.

At that instant, thousands of lovely flowers bloomed, wilted, and fruited together.

Thousands of Li Qingshans emerged from the fruit. They looked up together, at the star that belonged to him.

It had only been so long and the youth who wanted to become a star finally made his wish come true.

Thousands of indescribable emotions surged through his chest. Had all of his effort paid off? Had all of his sacrifices been compensated?

This probably was not some story about self-improvement. If this entire story was told to that young cowherd of the past, perhaps he would not take this path at all, choosing to become a local despot of the World of the Nine Provinces instead of this.

Or perhaps he would lose some hesitation and conflict, becoming even more resolute.

Who knew?

Li Qingshan smiled brightly. Since he had chosen this path, then he would take on the fate that came with it. What was the point of deliberating over these advantages and disadvantages?

At this moment, a colossal shadow loomed down, obscuring the moon in the sky.

Demon God Qiongqi turned into his original form, a winged, vicious demonic beast shaped like a tiger. His eyes shone with red light as he stared at Li Qingshan maliciously.

“I must say, your performance has left me surprised or even shocked. Even I am a little hesitant over whether I should let this crisis of the world occur. Don’t forget about our gamble. You’re in your weakest state right now. I won’t be showing any mercy.”

Demon God Qiongqi licked his canines. “If I butcher your right now, will I become the great hero who saved the myriad worlds? Hehehehe!”

“Of course. I haven’t forgotten.” All of the Li Qingshans shook their heads with a smile. “I just sent a true god on his way and another has leapt out. This path sure is a difficult one! Even after basically becoming a god, I can’t relax.”

Demon God Qiongqi was right. He was indeed in his weakest state right now. He had successfully undergone the seventh heavenly tribulation, but he was also heavily injured. Under the threat of the Heavenly Dragon of Dao, he was basically at the gates of death. He needed a very long time to recuperate.

Without comprehension, there would be no power, but just possessing comprehension without power was not enough either. Now, all of his consciousness and seeds had bloomed and fruited, standing right there. If they were all destroyed, he would still die.

“How dare you, Qiongqi! I’ll never spare you!” Demon God Taotie’s furious roar shook up the air, ringing over from the distant Taotie’s dominion. He had already made up his mind about entering battle with Li Qingshan.

Soon afterwards, a few other Demon Gods spoke up, either persuading gently or threatening sternly in an attempt to stop Demon God Qiongqi.

Li Qingshan’s performance seemed to earn him some recognition. Perhaps the Demon Gods were tired of sinking endless in the Demon domain as well, eager to change everything, even if they had to die in the process.

“Tsk, is this the charm of the Demon Godking? Look at them, kid. They’re already all too eager to be your dog, except I’m not particularly interested in being anyone’s dog, unlike them.”

Demon God Qiongqi completely ignored them, refusing their persuasions and immune to their threats. He pressed closer as his murderousness grew heavier. His cold killing intent locked onto all of the Li Qingshans present.

With his twisted personality, constantly on the hunt for novelty, he always wanted to throw everything into chaos, just so he could see what would happen.

The twelve Demon Gods divided the Demon domain and controlled different laws, so they were completely incapable of threatening one another. That was also the precondition to why they could sit together and discuss major affairs.

In other words, no one could rush over immediately to save Li Qingshan. He was still a lone army in battle, with an exhausted commander at the lead.

“I’m very glad that they’re still warriors and they still desire war, that they haven’t fallen completely. As for you, you’ll serve as a fine dog in the future.” Li Qingshan casually unleashed some mockery on him.

“Die!” Demon God Qiongqi suddenly lunged over. His wings immediately blotted out the sky as killing intent locked onto all of the Li Qingshans. Thousands of sharp tendrils darted out from his body.

Li Qingshan fished out a tablet and raised it up towards the sky. It was the Mountain-moving tablet.

Immediately, the winds surged and the clouds flowed.

The Mountain-moving Great Sage’s figure appeared in the clouds, letting out a furious lion’s roar. It immediately stunned Demon God Qiongqi, causing him to stiffen up mid-air.

Not only did it contain the divine might of the Mountain-moving Great Sage, but it also contained the fury of the Demon domain’s will, which was Li Qingshan’s fury. He completely overwhelmed Demon God Qiongqi in terms of laws.

Of course, that still was not enough. He still required actual, tangible power!

Li Qingshan suddenly swung the Mountain-moving tablet, pointing it towards Qingqi mountain and producing a command.

“Come, mountain!”

Qingqi mountain tipped violently, falling heavily on Demon God Qiongqi.

The ground shook and dust rushed into the air with a series of thunderclaps. Upon listening closely, it was actually the sound of shattering bones.

Qingqi mountain was obviously no regular mountain. It was Demon God Qiongqi’s lair, which he had constantly pulled higher with his divine powers. In order to prevent the mountain from collapsing under its own weight, he constantly refined it and poured molten metal into all of the cracks. It was almost a mountain of metal by now.

The mountain was exceptionally grand and imposing, even taller than the three mountains that the Mountain-moving Great Sage had given to him. It was obviously much heavier as well, a hundred times more at the very least, weighing several billion tonnes.

With that, basically the entirety of Demon God Qiongqi’s body had been crushed to pulp. Most of his body shattered, while his organs were a mess. He sank deeply into the ground. All of his divine powers had been suppressed.

“As they say, dropping a rock on your own foot.” Li Qingshan smiled. “You refined the mountain, so of course, you have to carry it.”

Originally, even when he possessed the Mountain-moving tablet, he would have been able to push over Qingqi mountain at most. He would have never been able to control it so freely, to crush the boss of this place with it.

However, after devouring the Black Sun Demon Heart and undergoing the seventh heavenly tribulation, reaching the realm of Forging Soul back into the Void, he had already become the ruler of the Demon domain both in name and in reality. He was a tyrant of the land that could overwhelm everything. He possessed the greatest authority over all the mountains and rivers—down to every single blade of grass—in the Demon domain. Even the dwellings of Demon Gods were under his control.

As such, he possessed the laws and did not have to worry about power.

“Qiongqi, I’ve already overturned Qingqi mountain. You’ve lost!”

In the space there, the blood-red Nether River flowed and meandered, serving as the ultimate judge over this gamble.

However, Demon God Qiongqi’s furious roar rang out from beneath the mountain. “No, I still haven’t lost! How can a shitty river restrain me!?”

Li Qingshan furrowed his brows. The flowing Nether River in space suddenly halted and gradually faded away, like it had never existed before.

The Blood Oath of the Nether River was hence resolved.

Li Qingshan immediately realised that Qiongqi must have used some kind of trick when they swore the oath back then, allowing him to escape the punishment of defeat.

Just like how Ox-headed A’pang educated Le Tian, gambles were meaningless if their strengths were on completely different levels. The strong was always capable of getting around the rules. Chaotic and wicked Demon Gods never had any sincerity to speak of in the first place.

If he had come under the mindset that he would win as long as he overturned Qingqi mountain, he definitely would have been slapped across the face in the end. However, that was also because he was not strong enough and was unable to come up with any other ideas.

However, it was completely different now. A mere Nether River had never been able to guarantee the loyalty of a god, so it was fine even if the oath was released.

Demon God Qiongqi roared fiercely, still refusing to yield. Malice filled the air. He suddenly struggled and the mountain shook, almost thrown aside by him. He actually managed to get his head out, staring straight at Li Qingshan.

Colossal boulders rolled down onto his head with a rumble. Compared to the size of his head, they were as small as grains of sand.

“When I break free, that’ll be when you die. I’d like to see if you’re still capable of anything else!”

As he said that, he extended an arm, pressing against the ground heavily. He even propped up the entire Qingqi mountain on his back.

Qingqi mountain had merged with his divine powers after all. Even if it had been used against him, he still possessed some control over it.

Li Qingshan smiled and took out another item that glistened with gold. He had ripped that off from the entrance to the Great Thunderclap temple. It was the notice with the mantra ‘Oṃ maṇi padme hūṃ’ on it.

He rose up in the air and arrived before Qingqi mountain. With a smack, he slammed it against the mountain.


The Qingqi mountain that had been hoisted up after so much difficulty seemed to become countless times heavier all of a sudden, smashing back into the ground. Below it, Demon God Qiongqi’s eyes bulged and with a grunt, blood sprayed from his mouth, flowing like a river.

He was immediately brought close to the brink of death, unable to offer up any resistance anymore. All of his divine powers had been suppressed. The notice basically possessed unlimited power. Even his mind was overtaken by fright, unable to develop any thoughts of resistance.

“What is that!?” Demon God Qiongqi swivelled his head desperately in an attempt to see the top of the mountain.

“A personal notice from the buddha: Got plenty of ways for this.” Li Qingshan answered, but he just found this sight to be slightly familiar.

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