Legend of Swordsman

Chapter 90

Chapter 90: Dark Silver Guard

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“According to news received from Golden-dragon Palace, the Dark Silver Guard launched a mission this month with the target of assassinating a Golden-dragon Guard to obtain the Golden-dragon Ring. There was a Dark Silver Guard Team with 12 members which successfully entered the Innumerable Huge Mountains.”

“Mission Requirements: To kill at least five Dark Silver Guards and take their Purple Soft Swords with specific numbers that the Dark Silver Guards carry all the time as evidence.”

“Award: 1000 points for killing a Dark Silver Guard and 3000 points for killing a Dark Silver Guard leader!”

After reading the whole mission scroll, Jian Wushuang looked weird.

“Was the warrior in silver I killed a Dark Silver Guard?” Jian Wushuang looked at the Purple Soft Sword carved with a number 11. Obviously, it was the specific number of the Dark Silver Guard.

“The Dark Silver Guard set the Golden-dragon Guard as a target for their mission. When Dragon Palace got the news, I, a Disciple of Dragon Palace, was sent to stop the Dark Silver Guards. Well, what they plan and conspire are so complicated.” Jian Wushuang silently smiled but took it seriously in his heart.

The Stage One task was quite easy for him. However, Stage Two made him feel stressed.

It should be known that it was a Dark Silver Guard Team with 12 members in the Profound Gold Core Realm. All members were good at rapid and stealthy assassination. What’s more, they were elusive. It was not easy to set them as the targets.

“It’s good news that members of the team are dispersed in the Innumerable Huge Mountains. I only need to assassinate five Dark Silver Guards to fulfill the task, and this is possible.” Jian Wushuang thought.

By late noon of the next day, the Mountains were still in darkness.

“Leader Ba Yan, in front it is the periphery of the Innumerable Huge Mountains. We do not need to worry about being the targets of others after we arrive there.” Jian Wushuang said.

“Swordsman, are you sure that you want to adventure alone in the Innumerable Huge Mountains?” Ba Yan asked.

“Yes.” Jian Wushuang nodded. “Could you please extend the deadline of the task of Two-Claw Marked Golden Dragon Guard when you return to Golden Dragon Subsidiary Palace? Then when I return next time, I can complete it with the golden horn.”

“Haha. No problem. See you next time,” Ba Yan said.

“See you,” Jian Wushuang said with a smile.

“Swordsman…” Ye Mei looked at Jian Wushuang with mixed feelings and did not know what to say next.

The Innumerable Huge Mountains were immense.

There were old trees aged tens and even hundreds of years around. Overgrown weeds and thorns were everywhere.

The black-robed youth with a Long Sword walked alone in the jungle. He seemed to be relaxed and care free, but his Spiritual Power was at the ready constantly. He looked around with vigilance.

“It has been two days.” He slowly raised his head.

It had been two days after he left Ba Yan and had walked alone into the Innumerable Huge Mountains. He encountered many spirit beasts and even a few Human Warriors, but he had not encountered Dark Silver Guards again.

“Well, the Innumerable Huge Mountains are so immense. What’s more, there are just 12 Dark Silver Guard and one of them was killed by me. It is so difficult to find out the rest of the members. After all, they are spread out.” Jian Wushuang slightly nodded his head. Suddenly, he noticed a spirit beast crawling hundreds of meters away. Then, he came up with an idea.

“Since I’m unable to find them, let’s see if I can make them come to me instead.”

Next moment, there was an outburst of Spiritual Power from Jian Wushuang and it went flew directly at the spirit beast which was only at the Level of Initial Gold Core Realm.

A fierce battle broke out within a moment.

With Jian Wushuang’s strength, it would have been quite easy for him to kill the spirit beast at the level of Initial Gold Core Realm.

However, this battle lasted a long time.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The booming sound thundered and many trees around the battlefield fell over, some of which were even crushed. The ground was pitted with holes and sword scars, looking like a scene of great devastation.

Judging from the battlefield, it seemed like a close battle. They made a huge racket when slaughtering, which gave the impression to people far away that it was a ferocious battle.

Of course, all of this was caused by Jian Wushuang deliberately.

The reason was quite simple: to attract Dark Silver Guards through the sounds of fighting.

The reason why the Dark Silver Guards were here was to kill Golden-dragon Guards. So, they would be attracted where there were battles. If there was a Dark Silver Guard around Jian Wushuang, he would be attracted and immediately reveal himself.

Obviously, Jian Wushuang was not very lucky. He deliberately slaughtered with the spirit beast for a long time, but the Dark Silver Guards were not attracted. It happened to attract another two spirit beasts and one of them was at the Level of Profound Gold Core Realm.

“It seems that the Dark Silver Guards are not around. I’d better move to another place.” Jian Wushuang immediately left.

After an hour, he appeared in a place tens of meters away and slaughtered with a spirit beast at the Level of Initial Gold Core Realm again and still made a tremendous sound.

In the dense forest.


A figure like a Ghost rapidly passed the trees and then soon stopped at the top of a big tree.

The warrior in silver with a bony face was one of the members of the Dark Silver Guard Team.

“The task has been going on for half a month, but I have only got 16 Golden-dragon Rings…” The warrior in silver frowned. “It’s too few. I have to hurry up and try to gain 50 before the deadline.”

16 Golden-dragon Rings meant he had killed 16 Golden-dragon Guards.

Suddenly, boom… A deep booming sound was heard at a distance.

“What?” The warrior in silver changed color.

The booming sound suggested that there was a slaughter ahead.

“I hope that there will be Golden-dragon Guards.” There was a cold light flashing in his eyes, then he rapidly moved towards the source of the commotion.

After a moment, the warrior in silver arrived at the vicinity of the battlefield. He stood behind a tree to observe what was happening in the forest.

He noticed that a black-robed youth was slaughtering with a lion spirit beast using a longsword, and that the slaughter was intense.

At first, warrior in silver was astonished at this scene, “How can a Warrior at the Level of Spiritual Sea be able to slaughter with a spirit beast at the level of Initial Gold Core Realm?”

But later, he observed that there was a golden Ring of Heaven and Earth in the hand of the black-robed youth.

“Golden-dragon Ring?” The eyes of the warrior in silver were bright and there was a weird smile on his face. “It seems that I’m able to immediately get the 17th Golden-dragon Ring!”

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