Legend of Swordsman

Chapter 88

Chapter 88: Human or Ghost?

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Inside the Innumerable Huge Mountains, six figures walked ahead slowly, looking around vigilantly.

“Tai Shan, what happened? You should tell us the details,” Ba Yan said.

“Wang Chong, Lin Yu, and I were recovering our Spiritual Power because it had been greatly consumed after battling the Blue-eyed Beast with Golden Horns. Suddenly, Wang Chong screamed miserably. When I turned to look at him, he had been killed,” Tai Shan said with a muffled voice.

“After the death of Wang Chong, Lin Yu and I became vigilant immediately. But, what was unexpected was that a few seconds later, Lin Yu was also killed in my presence. Even I couldn’t see how the assassin did it.”

Hearing that, everyone’s expression became very somber.

“Do you know his appearance and his Cultivation of Spiritual Power?” Ba Yan continued asking.

“No.” Tai Shan shook his head.

“You are a man in the Profound Gold Core Realm. How could you not know the man’s Cultivation of Spiritual Power?” Ye Mei could not help excoriating him.

“I said that I couldn’t see him. His speed was amazing. When I was able to perceive him, he had already fleeted off into the mountain forest,” Tai Shan exclaimed in a low voice.

“You…” Ye Mei wanted to say something.

“Okay. Please stop.” Ba Yan waved his hands, and then looked around, saying, “We don’t know whether the man is still around and targeting us or has left.”

“He could have left.” An indigo-robed man could not help saying.

The deaths of Wang Chong and Lin Yu could induce grief from other people. But, to the indigo-robed man and the purple-haired middle-aged man, their deaths could only induce delight. That was because the golden horns were left and the two of them could succeed in the mission of the Two-Clawed Golden Dragon Guard now that they had died.

“Haha. Thanks to the Powerhouse who killed Wang Chong and Lin Yu, I can obtain the golden horns and then succeed in the mission, ” the indigo-robed man laughed secretly.

Suddenly… a Ghost-like figure approached him, followed by a sword shadow that swept directly toward his neck.

Too fast! Too sudden!

The people around him perceived nothing, barring Jian Wushuang, who swerved his head at this moment.

In the next moment, the sword shadow directly cut the indigo-robed man’s neck.

“What?” The indigo-robed man’s life was dissipating as he goggled from the pain in his neck. The Ghost-like figure faded into the nearby forest.


The corpse of the indigo-robed man fell to the ground with a muffled sound.




No one around noticed what had happened until now and they were all startled.

“It’s him. It’s him!”

“He didn’t leave. He is still nearby,” Tai Shan roared, filled with terror.

The countenances of Ba Yan, Ye Mei, and the purple-haired middle-aged man became ghostly pale at that moment.

Before, they had not thought that it was terrifying, even though they had heard Tai Shan’s narrative about his prior experience. But now, they had witnessed it for themselves.

The indigo-robed man had been with them and was killed right under their noses. Nevertheless, they could not see any trace of the adversary.

They did not even know whether it was a human or a ghost who had killed the indigo-robed man.

Just then, a feeling of terror emerged from the bottom of everyone’s heart,

except for the fearless Jian Wushuang, who wore an odd expression.

Jian Wushuang had witnessed the scene, but Ba Yan and Tai Shan, who were in the Profound Gold Core Realm, did not see it. However, because of what he saw, he felt strange.

A warrior in silver who is in the Profound Gold Core Realm?

“His Cultivation of Spiritual Power is in the Profound Gold Core Realm and the strength that I sensed is not very strong. However, his speed is very fast and his movements are very flexible. Moreover, he has a good method of assassination,”Jian Wushuang thought secretly.

Regarding the assassination method, he had first thought of the killers from the Blood Feather Tower. However, the killers from the Blood Feather Tower dressed in masks and black robes, which was different from the warrior in silver.

“The actual strength of that man is probably not comparable to Ba Yan. However, his cloaked assassination terrifies Ba Yan and Tai Shan, who are in the Profound Gold Core Realm. It’s a wise method.” Jian Wushuang tilted his lips slightly.

Jian Wushuang was not afraid of the warrior in silver after learning something about him.

But the other people were still in fear.

“Who are you? What kind of hatred do you have for us? Why did you pick us?” Looking around unceasingly, Ba Yan spread his voice with a cold expression.

Behind a nearby tree, the warrior in silver’s cold smile bloomed upon hearing that.

“Who’s next?” The warrior in silver looked straight ahead.

At this moment, the eight-person group of Ba Yan had only five people left.

The five people were: Ba Yan and Tai Shan, who were in the Profound Gold Core Realm;

Ye Mei and the purple-haired middle-aged man, who were in the Initial Gold Core Realm;

and Jian Wushuang, who was in the Level of Spiritual Sea.

“The warriors who are in the Profound Gold Core Realm are a bit hard to kill. Therefore, I must kill those two people last.” The warrior in silver looked at Ba Yan and Tai Shan, shaking his head. And then he looked at Jian Wushuang.

That Spiritual Sea Realm Warrior. He is too weak to motivate me to kill him.

Okay. The two remaining warriors are in the Initial Gold Core Realm.

The warrior in silver stared at Ye Mei and the purple-haired middle-aged man and then made a decision.

“I’ll choose her.” The gaze from the warrior in silver was locked on Ye Mei. A few seconds later, he silently approached her.

In the center of the mountain forest, Ba Yan and the others had already become greatly frightened.

“Watch out! Pay attention to the surroundings,” Ba Yan said in a muffled voice.

The five living people all wore somber expressions, except for Jian Wushuang.


A supersonic noise resounded, followed by a silver figure suddenly bursting out of the nearby forest.

His movements and appearance were just like a Ghost’s. His speed was stupendous. In a flash, he was right in front of Ye Mei.

“Watch out!” Ba Yan first cried out, but it was too late to rescue her.

“Escape!” Tai Shan also roared.

“What?” Immediately, Ye Mei’s dark pupils shrank as her hair stood on end. An outburst of astonishing killing intent enveloped her when the Ghost-like figure appeared in front of her.

At that moment, Ye Mei was fraught with dense terror.

She was too frightened to resist it.

“Haha. Another one.” After seeing that, the warrior in silver grinned. His Purple Soft Sword lightly stabbed toward Ye Mei’s neck.



A cold sword light silently chopped toward him.

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