Legend of Swordsman

Chapter 84

Chapter 84: Innumerable Huge Mountains

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Enormous forests and numerous Spirit Beasts were spread throughout the Innumerable Huge Mountains. And apparently, these Spiritual Beasts were much stronger than those in the Dark Forest,

Likewise, the Innumerable Huge Mountains are much more dangerous than the Dark Forest.

A sudden loud thump disturbed the tranquility of the forest.


Following that, a human could be heard laughing before he said, “Haha, just a Spiritual Beast in the Initial Gold Core Realm. You were doomed the second you met me!”

“Tai Shan, don’t waste your time, let’s keep going.” A black-robed man, the leader, said in a low voice.

“I’m coming,” said Tai Shan, a strong man with a big mustache, laughing while holding a Spirit Beast Core in his hand.

Every Spirit Beast in the Gold Core Realm has Beast Core that is very valuable.

It had been two days since the eight of them had entered the Innumerable Huge Mountains, so they knew very little about each other. But, they at least knew each other’s names. The two men leading them were strongest, having reached the Profound Gold Core Realm. The black-robed man was known as Ba Yan. As for the other, he was called Tai Shan. He was a burly man with a big mustache, who liked to argue with Jian Wushuang.

The eight continued to move forward, deeper into the Innumerable Huge Mountains. But a short while later, they suddenly halted on a treetop.

“What is it?”

They stood on the treetop and looked down.

There were many dead bodies laying parallel to each other, spread out on the ground.

“Let’s check the area,” said Ba Yan. Following his words, everyone went down to the ground, carefully checking the bodies.

Jian Wushuang also approached one of the dead bodies.

“This is… A sword scar?” Seeing the deadly scar on the neck of the dead body, Jian Wushuang became alert.

Apparently, the scar was not caused by a Spirit Beast, but a sword.

Thus, Jian Wushuang looked around and noticed that they all died the same way. Nothing but a sword scar was found on each one of them.

“they were killed in one move, without a chance to fight back. Whoever did this was much stronger than them,” Jin Wushuang said with a dark expression.

“These people… ” Yin Min also looked, while feeling overwhelmed.

“They were killed by a human hand, and probably all by the same one.” Jian Wushuang said.

“Human?” Ye Mei changed her look all of a sudden.

“They have not been dead for long, which means that the killers might still be in the area.”

Jian Wushuang checked the bloodstains on the dead bodies once again. It was obvious that they were killed just minutes ago because the bloodstains were not dry yet. Besides that, there were so many Spirit Beasts in Innumerable Huge Mountains. If they had been dead for long, their bodies should have been eaten by those Spirit Beasts already. In which case they would no longer be completely intact.

“All of you need to be careful. Spirit Beasts are not the most dangerous threat here. Other humans can be even more dangerous,” Ba Yan said with a serious look.

Everyone nodded. They all knew that human beings are more dangerous than Spirit Beasts since this was not the first time that they had accepted a mission from the Golden Dragon Guard.

“Captain Ba Yan, you are being too paranoid. Look at the people who were killed. Only four of them reached the Initial Gold Core Realm, while the rest were merely in the Spiritual Sea Realm. Now look at our group. We are much stronger than them, aren’t we? They won’t have the guts to mess with us,” said Tai Shan, in a disapproving tone.

“Just be careful, anyway. ” Ba Yan said, “Let’s keep going.”

Thus, the eight continued their journey. Finally, half a day later, they arrived at the destination.

In front of them was a thick mountain forest.

“Alright, now I can tell you what the specific mission is.” Ba Yan looked at the seven people and said seriously, “In the forest in front of us, there are two Blue-eyed Beasts with Golden Horns. I accidentally saw them while passing through here previously.”

“The Blue-eyed Beast with Golden Horns has a coarse appearance. Both its skin and bones are excellent materials for making weapons, not to mention the golden horns. On top of that, its Core is also quite valuable. Its whole body is a treasure. That’s why I set up the mission at the Golden Dragon Palace. All you need to do is help me kill the two Beasts.”

Everyone became alert.

“A Blue-eyed Beast with Golden Horns?”

“How many gold horns do they have?”

Someone quickly asked.

For Blue-eyed Beasts with Golden Horns, the more horns they have, the more powerful they are!

“One has three golden horns and the other has two, so they are absolutely within our ability. As for the requirement for completing the mission, that would be obtaining a golden horn. However, there are only 5 golden horns altogether.

After hearing that, all seven of them had a strange look on their faces.

The Blue-eyed Beast with three Golden Horns is the most powerful among Spirit Beasts in the Profound Gold Core Realm. Normal warriors in the Profound Gold Core Realm cannot match up to it at all. By comparison, the one with two horns is less powerful, but it could still fight on even terms with a human in the Profound Gold Core Realm.

With their current group, it would be easy to deal with the two Blue-eyed Beasts with Golden Horns. There was only one problem. Seven people accepted the mission, but there were not enough horns for everyone to complete the mission.

Seven people wanted to obtain the five golden horns, which meant two of them were doomed to fail this mission. As for who would finish and who fail, Ba Yan didn’t say a word because everyone understood it would depend on how capable they were.

“Although the Two Clawed missions are not as cruel as the One-Clawed missions, it is still full of danger. Seven people and five golden horn. Eventually, there will be a deadly struggle to decide who succeeds.” Jian Wushuang thought secretly.

“They are in the same forest, but the forest is big, and they don’t always stay together. However, once one of them is in danger, the other will immediately come. So we have to split up.” Ba Yan began to make the arrangements.

“Everyone, listen up. Tai Shan, Wang Chong, Lin Yu, and I will deal with the three-horned beast. The rest of you… ” Ba Yan looked at the other four and said, “You four are not as powerful, but you can still deal with the two-horned beast. After you finish, you are free to decide who gets the horns. What do you say?”

“Ok, not a problem,” Tai Shan said and smiled.

“I agree.” Wang Chong and Lin Yu also nodded.

Tai Shan. Wang Chong and Lin Yu agreed without any hesitation, because they knew they can finish the mission by killing the Blue-eyed Beast with Three Golden Horns and get three golden horns, and distribute them evenly.

But the rest four of them didn’t look well except Jian Wushuang, because they knew that only two golden horns would be gained after killing the Blue-eyed Beast with Golden Horns, which means that two of them are doomed to fail this mission.

They are reluctant to do this, but they have to. After all, they are not powerful enough in terms of their Cultivation of Spiritual Power.

“Since you all agreed, it’s settled then, here we go.” Ba Ya said, and the eight soon divided into two groups, moving toward the forest.

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