Legend of Swordsman

Chapter 80

Chapter 80: The Earthly Dragon List

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“Bai Cheng!”

“It’s Bai Cheng!”

Following Su Lie’s gaze, the crowd immediately saw a white-haired man dressed in a white garment on the edge of the Martial Arts Practice Field.

White hair like snow. He, Bai Cheng, was the top person of Dragon Palace.

As everyone was looking at Su Lie, no one noticed Bai Cheng’s arrival.

“Su Lie, I hope I didn’t upset you.” Bai Cheng squinted at Su Lie.

“You don’t provoke me, but just looking at you puts me in a bad mood. What can you do? If you feel bad, we can play a game and take a bet.” Su Lie sneered and gave a bold look.

Bai Cheng’s countenance was clouded and he shouted in a low voice. “You don’t get it. One day sooner or later, I’ll beat you down completely.”

“Haha, I’m waiting, but before this, you can think of ways to climb up the Earthly Dragon List.” Su Lie smiled and then left.

“Humpph.” Bai Cheng gave a cold grunt and then left.

This scene made many Disciples of Dragon Palace on the Martial Arts Practice Field look confused.

“It’s said that Bai Cheng is the strongest disciple in the Dragon Palace. But why do I perceive that Bai Cheng seemed to be afraid of Su Lie?”

“I don’t think so. I think that Bai Cheng doesn’t dare to battle with Su Lie.”

“What on earth happened?”

Those Disciples of Dragon Palace were confounded, as were Jian Wushuang and Yang Zaixuan.

Soon after, people on the Martial Arts Practice Field began to disperse.

In the Dragon Palace.

“Palace Master White.”

Appearing in front of Palace Master White, Su Lie said with great respect but not the previous superciliousness on the Martial Arts Practice Field, “I have given Swordsman and Yang Zaixuan some lessons based on your order.”

“OK. I have seen it. Good job,” Palace Master White nodded slightly and said, “Swordsman and Yang Zaixuan have high talent, especially Swordsman…”

“Three months ago, he merely was at the Fourth Level. But now, he is qualified to go through the Seventh Level. In the history of our Dragon Palace, only several people could match with him in terms of the speed of his advancement. I have great hopes for him.”

“However, we should give them some obstacles. After all, they are still rookies.”

Hearing this, Su Lie could not help pursing his lips.

It was known that he was similar to Jian Wushuang when he joined the Dragon Palace. He did not put other Disciples of Dragon Palace in his eyes. But Palace Master White also asked a powerhouse to let him face some obstacles.

He was badly defeated in that battle.

He became more humble after that.

In the manor, Jian Wushuang and another three people were drinking, sitting at a stone desk.

“Haha, I’m very happy looking at the defeated countenance of Nangong Jie.” Wang Yuan sneered. “Hum, he’s arrogant and shameless! He is only at the level of the Profound Gold Core Realm. But he still wanted to vanquish third brother by the consumption of the Spiritual Power. What a foolish man.”

Jian Wushuang smiled slightly and said, “Nangong Jie is not important seeing how he’s not a threat in the future. As for Su Lie, his strength still shocks me until now.”

“So do I.” Yang Zaixuan also nodded. “I thought that the people who could be qualified to be my rival in the whole Dragon Palace was only Bai Cheng. However, it’s not the case now.”

“Dragon Palace is not as simple as it appears,” Su Rou on the side said with low voice, “I have gone through the Seventh Level, so I know something. Though there are only 16 people that have passed through the Seventh Level, there are many others who have the strength to go through it. But they don’t do it, so nobody knows them.”

“I conservatively estimate that there are at least 30 people that have the strength to pass through the Seventh Level, or even the Eighth Level…”

“On the surface, there is only Bai Cheng and your second brother going through the Eighth Level. But in fact, there are at least five people who can complete it. Su Lie is one of those five. Su Lie has reached the level of Exceptional Gold Core Realm a long time ago. So Bai Cheng would be vanquished if they battle, although Bai Cheng’s comprehension of the Essence Realm of Heaven and Earth is higher than his.”

“So that’s what it is. It could be the reason that Bai Cheng seems not to dare to battle Su Lie.” Yang Zaixuan nodded secretly.

“We all look down on Dragon Palace.” Jian Wushuang shook his head and smiled. “By the way, what is the Earthly Dragon List Su Lie mentioned?”

“I know it,” Wang Yuan said this time.

“Earthly Dragon List, set by the Golden-dragon Palace, lists the 100 strongest powerhouses of all experts of the Gold Core Realm in the Tianzong Dynasty.”

“If someone can be listed on Earthly Dragon List, he would stand at the top of pyramid of all those of the Gold Core. All of them could vanquish those at the Primordial Gold Core. The higher rank, the greater the strength. It’s said that the experts ranked at the top 10 of Earthly Dragon List could match or even kill warriors at the level of the Yin-Yang Void Realm!”

Hearing this, Jian Wushuang was shocked.

Match, even kill the warriors of the Yin-Yang Void Realm?

It should be known that the gap between Spiritual Sea Realm and Gold Core was huge. And the gap between Gold Core and Yin-Yang Void Realm was even larger.

A warrior of Primordial Golden Pill Realm was like a Monster if he could match with a warrior of Yin-Yang Void Realm. It would be legendary if a warrior of Primordial Gold Core killed a warrior of Yin-Yang Void Realm.

“It’s true. Each powerhouse listed in the top 10 of the Earthly Dragon List has this ability,” Wang Yuan continued saying, “by the way, the Earth Dragon List seems to be at the Secret Pavilion. If you are curious about it, you can swap points for it and read it carefully.”

“Okay.” Jian Wushuang left toward the Secret Pavilion without any hesitation.

Hearing this, he was filled with ambition to rise on the Earthly Dragon List.

Soon after, Jian Wushuang was back. He swapped 100 points for an Earthly Dragon List in the Secret Pavilion.

Although it was called a list, it was a thick book.

Jian Wushuang opened the first page.

“Tianzong Dynasty is vast and is filled with talented heroes.”

“Over time, old people are replaced by new people. Lots of heroes die and are forgotten. Our Golden-dragon Palace compiles the Earthly Dragon List and the Heavenly Dragon List by recording the heroes in the Tianzong Dynasty.”

“Earth Dragon List record the 100 strongest of the Primordial Golden Pill Realm in our Tianzong Dynasty,”

Jian Wushuang was fascinated. “There is not only the Earth Dragon List but also the Heavenly Dragon List. The Earthly Dragon List records the experts of the Primordial Gold Core and the Heavenly Dragon List should record those of the Yin-Yang Void Realm.”

Jian Wushuang kept reading.

“The 100 Superiors of the Golden Pill Realm on the Earthly Dragon List all had outstanding battle results and their strength was recognized by many Sects.”

“If you want to be listed on the Earth Dragon List, you need great battle results.”

Reading the first page, Jian Wushuang continued reading the second page right now.

There were some introductions of the 100 powerhouses listed on the Earth Dragon List on the second page.

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