Legend of Swordsman

Chapter 78

Chapter 78: Impudence!

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“I can not defeat him quickly even with my full strength. His defense is perfect and can even disperse force. Perhaps I could defeat him directly if my swordsmanship much faster than his.” Nangong Jie said to himself.

He needed a stronger and faster swordsmanship to defeat Jian Wsuhaung, but he has already used his full strength. How can he make it faster?

“There is only one way to defeat him, though it’s a bit disgraceful. However, even if it’s shameful… if I win, I will receive 12,000 points.” Nangong Jie’s face turned grim.

He had already made up his mind to defeat Jian Wushuang in the most unethical and dishonorable way.

That way is… through Spiritual Power consumption!

Spiritual Power is the source of power. The importance can be imagined.

During the battle, Spiritual Power was constantly consumed, but it has a limit!

Nangong Jie decided that he would compete against Jian Wushuang using the consumption of Spiritual Power.

After all, he was in the Primordial Gold Core Realm and had reached the Profound Gold Core Realm. However, Jian Wushuang was only in the Level of Spiritual Sea.

There were two sub-Realms between them, including a true Realm. Under normal circumstances, Nangong Jie should have much more spiritual power Jian Wushuang. Naturally, he should last longer during battle.

Once Jian Wushuang’s spiritual power runs out, he would win.

Phew! Phew! Phew! Phew!

The roar of swordsmanship continued. But, as the battle continued, the disciples of Dragon Palace began to understand Nangong Jie’s intention.

“How shameless Nangong Jie is.” Wang Yuan gnashed his teeth.

“He’s going too far!”

“As someone in the Profound Gold Core Realm, he should stop and end it in a draw if he can’t quickly defeat an opponent in the Spiritual Sea Realm. That way, he would suffer less embarrassment. But now, he actually wants to rely on his advantage in Spiritual Power to compete with Swordsman!”

“It’s a disgrace. Even if he wins, I would despise him.”

“It’s so humiliating. He even makes me, an expert of the Gold Core Realm, feel extreme shame.”

The disciples of Dragon Palace looked at Nangong Jie with disdain.

Even the two who came with Nangong Jie looked at each other for a moment with complex feelings. They also thought Nangong Jie is being ignoble. However, considering that they had loaned their points to him, if he won, they would also benefit. So they didn’t say anything.

“Hmph, idiots.”

During the battle, Nangong Jie glanced at the surrounding disciples of Dragon Palace, sneering in his heart, “It is disgraceful, so what! The winner takes all. I will even do despicable acts to win those 12,000 points.”

“Lose, lose.”

Nangong Jie watched Jian Wushuang, paying attention to his aura of spiritual power, but his complexion quickly changed.

“What’s the matter?”

“This is impossible!”

It was unbelievable.

Yes, he could not believe it.

“He, he has been fighting with me for so long, but his Spiritual Power is … it is not weakening at all?” Nangong Jie looked startled.

As someone in the Profound Gold Core Realm, he has already consumed more than half of his spiritual power while fighting for so long. But what about Jian Wushuang?

His aura was still grand, his swordsmanship was still sharp, and his spiritual power was still strong. There were no signs of him weakening.

“How is that possible!” Nangong Jie couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

However, when Jian Wushuang saw the rich expression on Nangong Jie’s face, the corner of his mouth lifted, turning into a cold smile.

“Spiritual power consumption?”

“You want to defeat me with only spiritual power consumption?”

Jian Wushuang really wanted to mock Nangong Jie at this moment.

He practices the Heavenly Creation Skill!

Although it seemed that he was in Spiritual Sea Realm, the Spiritual Sea Realm for the Heavenly Creation Skill is the Ultimate Spirit Sea!

What is the Ultimate Spirit Sea? It is a vast sea of spiritual power!

When he first broke through to the Ultimate Spirit Sea, he had ten times as much spiritual power as ordinary warriors in the Spiritual Sea Realm. However, he kept practicing these last three months. Not only that, he had eaten and absorbed the effects of 21 first-class Heavenly Spirit pills.

Now, he was at the second stage of the Ultimate Spirit Sea, Endless Spiritual Power. He had 100 times more than an ordinary warrior in Spiritual Sea Realm!

100 times more spiritual power!

And Nangong Jie, in the Profound Gold Core Realm, only had several times that of ordinary warriors in the Spiritual Sea Realm. How dare he compete against Jian Wushuang using consumption of spiritual power!

It was like a novice warrior in Sword Principle complimenting his swordsmanship is in front of a Master of swordsmanship.

It was stupid, just ridiculous.

“It’s impossible, impossible.” Nangong Jie’s face had become extremely pale.

He could suppress Jian Wushuang in a fight, but he couldn’t win. Adding to that, his consumption of spiritual power was far more than Jian Wushuang’s. Eventually, he would lose.

“Swordsman, stop. Can we end this in a tie?” Nangong Jie said quickly.

“A tie?” Hearing this, Jian Wushuang could not help cursing, “Nangong Jie, I knew you were shameless, but I did not expect you to be this shameless!”

“It is already ridiculous for you, an expert in the Profound Gold Core Realm, to fight with me, someone in the Spiritual Sea Realm. When you realized that you could not defeat me directly, you even tried to defeat me using the consumption of spiritual power.”

“But that did not work. Now you know that your consumption is faster than mine, and you actually have the guts to say that you want to end this in a tie.”

“Nangong Jie, be a man. I have never met someone who is as shameless as you!”

Jian Wushuang cursed him openly, with no mercy, while the surrounding disciples of Dragon Palace looked at Nangong Jie in disdain.

At first, he did not want to end with a tie. Now that he was going to lose, he wanted to stop with a tie.

He was treating everyone like they were fools.


Nangong Jie tensed up. Now, with more than 90 percent of his spiritual power gone, his lack of spiritual power led to a sharp reduction in the speed and power of his swordsmanship.

Jian Wushuang, who had been suppressed by him, struck back at this moment.

Om! Om! Om!

His sword shadows were displayed majestically using the Sword Essence of Earth. Jian Wushuang was obviously still at his peak and his sword continued to strike out. Nangong Jie had been completely defeated.

Finally, a cold sword shadow swept out directly across Nangong Jie’s arm, while Jian Wushuang used his foot to kick him. Nangong Jie flew back in an arc, like a parabola, eventually falling onto the ground.

“Nangong Jie lost!”

The whole Martial Arts Practice Field fell into silence.

And at this moment, Jian Wushuang walked to Nangong Jie slowly, under everyone’s gaze, looking down at him indifferently.

“You Lost!”

“12,000 points. Pay up!”

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