Legend of Swordsman

Chapter 65

Chapter 65: Four Matchless Heroes

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“Dragon Palace is known as a Holy Place for cultivation, and it’s worthy of the name!” Palace Master White continued.

“The Four Temples of Earth, Fire, Water, and Wind, the Secret Land of Heaven and Earth, and the Secret Pavilion are the Three Treasures of Dragon Palace. They are of great help to the disciples of Dragon Palace. As for the benefits of the three treasures, you will gradually understand them in the future.”

“In addition, there are also two places for practicing. The Dragon Gate and Heavenly Palace .”

“The Dragon Gate, which you have just tried, is the best place to test the progress of the Dragon Palace disciples. It can accurately gauge the disciples’ perception to the Essence Realm of Heaven and Earth.”

“As for the Heavenly Palace, that is used to test overall strength.”

“Usually, no one will go to the Heavenly Palace. Only disciples who have enough strength to leave Dragon Palace will go to the Heavenly Palace.”

Palace Master White simply explained a few basic conditions of Dragon Palace again. Not long after that, she arrived at the manor with Jian Wushuang and Yang Zaixuan.

“Each disciple of Dragon Palace will have a single house. Your rooms are also in this manor,” Palace Master White informed them.

Jian Wushuang and Yang Zaixuan quickly noticed that the manor contained four independent houses, even though the area was not big.

“Fatty Wang.” Palace Master White’s voice echoed throughout the area.

“Oh, I’m coming,” A rough voice echoed back. After which, a big fat man in a blouse hurried out of one room and a timid figure hurried out of another room.

Jian Wushuang looked at the two incoming people.

That big fat man was not tall, but he was extremely large, weighing nearly three hundred jins. That big face, larger than an ordinary person, was covered with a smile. But the smile seemed very quirky no matter what angle you looked from.

As for the other person, she was a tall and thin girl with long blue hair. A young girl who appeared to be only 14 or 15 years old. She followed the big fat man, looking down in a very shy manner. It seemed like she was afraid to make eye contact with Jian Wushuang and Yang Zaixuan.

Palace Master White glanced at the big fat man and told him, “From now on, they will live in the manor with you. You can take them and familiarize them with environment of Dragon Palace.”

“No problem.” The big fat man nodded and promised.

“These are your disciple tokens, which contain your points. In Dragon Palace, points are very important. Many of the resources in Dragon Palace can only be redeemed using points,” said Palace Master White.

Jian Wushuang and Yang Zaixuan took the tokens and examined the numbers.

“2,000 points?” Jian Wushuang felt excited, then he looked at Yang Zaixuan’s token. He had a full 6,000 points.

“I only have 2,000 points, but he has 6,000 points, three times mine. Is it possible that the points depend on how many levels you pass through in the Dragon Gate?”Jian Wushuang secretly pondered.

In his opinion, that was the only possibility given the situation.

“Alright little guys, make sure to work hard! Many years from now, I hope to see another two excellent disciples emerge from my Dragon Palace,” said Palace Master White, who smiled and then immediately departed.

After Palace Master White walked away, the big fat man immediately looked over and introduced himself, “My name is Wang Yuan, and the girl next to me is Su Rou.”

“Swordsman,” Jian Wushuang said.

“Yang Zaixua,” Yang Zaixuan also introduced himself.

“Swordsman, Yang Zaixuan, your arrival made the manor considerably full. Come, for the first meeting, the four of us need to have a quick drink,” replied Wang Yuan with a smile. Then, he turned up his hand and a wine pot appeared. After the stopper was opened, the aroma of the wine soon spreaded out.

Smelling the aroma, Jian Wushuang smiled. While on the other side, Yang Zaixuan’s indifferent expression also slightly relaxed a bit.

After which, the four of them drank in front of the stone table in this manor.

After drinking a few glasses of wine in succession, the atmosphere is was no longer so boring.

At this time, Wang Yuan said: “Swordsman, Yang Zaixuan, we will not live in the manor together for more than several years. It’s too polite to call each other by name. What if we call each other as brothers and sisters according to age? I’m the oldest, so I’m the elder brother.”

“Yang Zaixuan, your age is only a little younger than mine, so you are the second brother.”

“Swordsman, you, the third brother.”

“As for Su Rou, she’s our fourth sister.”

“All right?” Wang Yuan smiled and looked around.

“OK.” Jian Wushuang nodded his head.

After all, they will live in the same manor in the future, the relationship among them should be better.

And after drinking, the three of them all left a good impression on him.

Wang Yuan, he was a generous and careless person without any scheming. This kind of person is the most worthwhile to make friends with, except his talkativeness.

Yang Zaixuan, as indifferent as he is, did not put on airs. It’s said that he is the one who broke into the eighth level of the Dragon Palace when he arrived. With such talent, he was still willing to sit down with them to have a few drinks. His eyes did not have the slightest bit of arrogance. For the point, making friends with him was very worthwhile.

As for the last one, the little girl Su Rou, she’s so timid and shy that she didn’t dare to say one word while they were drinking. Jian Wushuang felt a little strange in the beginning, but later he heard from Fatty Wang that when Su Rou was a little girl, she had been sold to a mansion as a servant-girl. To be a servant-girl since childhood, it’s normal for her to be so timid.

However, this timid little girl had a great reputation in Dragon Palace.

As mentioned before, among the disciples of Dragon Palace, only Bai Cheng had passed through the eighth floor. There were 16 disciples that had passed through the 7th level and Su Rou was one of them.

And most importantly, this year, Su Rou was only 14 years old!

The 14-year-old Su Rou broke through the Seventh Level of the Dragon Gate. What does that mean?

So, after Jian Wushuang and Yang Zaixuan learned of her achievement, they were both astonished.

Similarly, Su Rou is also worth making friends with.

Therefore, after hearing the proposal of Wang Yuan, Jian Wushuang immediately agreed.

Yang Zaixuan, as always, was indifferent, giving neither refusal nor opposition.

As for the timid girl Su Rou, she nodded her head shyly.

“Haha, since there is no objection, let us make this decision final. From now on, the four of us are siblings. We shall share happiness and hardship together!” said Wang Yuan, then he smiled and lifted the cup for a toast.

Without any hesitation, Jian Wushuang and Su Rou immediately raised their glasses. As for Yang Zaixuan, he pondered for a while, then raised the glass too.


With the toasting finished, the famous Tianzong Dynasty and the Four Matchless Heroes of the heaven and the earth were born!

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