Legend of Swordsman

Chapter 52

Chapter 52: Stealing Benefits from Others

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“Get out of here!”

Seeing those four people rushing towards her, Yin Min angrily howled and raised the red long spear up high, hacking towards them with amazing power.

The heavy spear shadow immediately swept towards those four people.


Those four people changed their faces while resisting Yin Min’s spear. Then, the four people were knocked back over 10 meters by Yin Min before they regained their footing.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Jian Wushuang and Ling Tianhao immediately appeared beside Yin Min.

“Do you want to kill people on your own side?” Jian Wushuang said in a cold voice.

“That Interspatial Ring should have belonged to us but you guys snatched it.” Those four people all had grim expressions as a burly man, the leader of them, growled, “If you guys are wise, then hand over the Interspatial Ring or we’ll…”

“Otherwise?” Yin Min sneered and said, “More than 30 people received the task, but only 10 Interspatial Rings exist. That means most of the people can’t complete the task. This is a competition between us and the Interspatial Ring is in my hand. If you want to grab it just come try. But who will get the ring hasn’t been decided yet.”

Those four burly men felt unpleasant.

They had just fought with Yin Min and realized that Yin Min’s strength was stronger than any of them. Even killing two of them on her own was a piece of cake. Besides her, there were Jian Wushuang and Ling Tianhao. They would probably suffer if they fought with them.

“Hum, let’s go.” The burly man snorted and then those four people reluctantly left.

Jian Wushuang and other two couldn’t help laughing when they saw the group leaving.

“It’s lucky for them to leave, otherwise it’s possible one or two of them would be killed by me and Swordsman, not to mention sister Yin. Fighting against three on her own is no problem at all,” Ling Tianhao said with a smile.

“Fighting against three on my own?” Yin Min shook her head and said, “You think too highly of me. Those who dare to receive a Golden-dragon Guard task are stronger than we imagine. Fighting two is possible, but three is not realistic.”

“All right. Don’t talk about it anymore. We have been fighting for a long time, now we finally have an Interspatial Ring. Give this one to me and if we obtain more Interspatial Ring, they will belong to you two. How’s it?” Yin Min turned to Jian Wushuang and Ling Tianhao.

“No problem,” Jian Wushuang said and nodded.

“Of course I agree,” replied Ling Tianhao with a smile.

It was obvious that Yin Min was the biggest contributor to the battle. She was also the oldest among them, so giving the first ring to her was only proper.

“Ok, let’s go on. It hasn’t been long since the slaughter started, so we have many opportunities to find more Interspatial Rings,” Yin Min said.

“Yes.” Both Jian Wushuang and Ling Tianhao agreed and nodded.

The slaughter in the Tianhuan Sect continued, becoming even crazier as time passed.

Jian Wushuang and other two had already been in the Tianhuan Sect for an hour.


Jian Wushuang and other two suddenly looked up from the corridor and saw a fierce battle ahead of them.

There were two sides in the battle. One one side, disciples of the Tianhuan Sect, and on the other side, their acquaintances that also came for the Golden-dragon Palace task.

“It’s those four,” Jian Wushuang said. Those people fighting against the Tianhuan Sect disciples were the stout man and his three companions that they had just met. The first Interspatial Ring Yin Min got was from them.

“They are in a bad situation,” Jian Wushuang said in a low voice.

They could clearly see that those four people were in a bad situation because over 20 Tianhuan Sect disciples were fighting against them. Among them were five disciples at Exceptional Spiritual Sea Realm.

“These four guys are really unlucky. It’s unbelievable they were attacked by so many Tianhuan Sect disciples,” Yin Min said and sneered.

“Look! Sister Yin and Swordsman, that man’s right hand…” Ling Tianhao suddenly exclaimed.

Jian Wushuang and Yin Min looked in the direction Ling Tianhao pointed. They saw a Tianhuan Sect disciple at Exceptional Spiritual Sea Realm wearing a lilac ring on his right index finger.

“An Interspatial Ring,” Yin Min felt surprised and said, “Haha, the second Interspatial Ring has appeared. Let’s do it. First, we’ll join hands with those four men to kill the Tianhuan Sect disciples, then we grab the Interspatial Ring.”

“Yes.” Both Jian Wushuang and Ling Tianhao agreed and nodded.

The three of them immediately rushed into the battle.

“Three more bastards!”

“Kill them!”

The Tianhuan Sect disciples were crazy with blood-lust, immediately attacking Jian Wushuang and the other two as soon as they saw them.

The pressure on the other four who had been under siege this whole time was suddenly reduced by a large amount.

“It’s them.” The stout man changed his face after seeing Jian Wushuang and quickly said, “Run. We should get away while the Tianhuan Sect disciples are fighting with them.”

“What?” The other three men froze.

“Why should we leave? If we join hands with them, it is completely possible to kill all these Tianhuan Sect disciples and grab the Interspatial Ring,” a purple-dressed woman asked.

“Hum! Our alliance surely can kill all of the Tianhuan Sect disciples. But after that? Can we get the Interspatial Ring? Don’t forget that Yin Min just defeated us on her own. There is also Swordsman and that Ling Tianhao who has reached the Exceptional Spiritual Sea Realm. We are no match for them at all if we fight against them,” the stout man said with a chilly expression.

“Instead of joining hands with them and then letting them take the Interspatial Ring, it would be better leave now and observe them secretly. After they finish the life-and-death struggle against the Tianhuan Sect disciples we can show up and obtain the ring without any effort.”

“Good idea!”

“Both sides will suffer great losses in such a fierce battle. Whoever wins the battle will be weakened, and then we can easily defeat either side at that time.”

“I agree too.”

The other three soon agreed with the stout man.

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