Legend of Swordsman

Chapter 50

Chapter 50: Slaughter

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The large group of trainees who had accepted the mission immediately split up after entering the Tianhuan Sect. Some teamed up while others began rampaging alone.

The disciples of the Tianhuan Sect also rose up in resistance.

Jian Wushuang and his companions had just arrived in one of the yards in the Tianhuan Sect when they saw tens of shadows charging at them, all of them in the Spiritual Sea Realm.

“You two, follow me closely!” Yin Min ordered coldly. Gripping her scarlet long spear, she immediately dashed forward.

Jian Wushuang nodded at Ling Tianhao and followed Yin Min, his expression a little cold.


The sight of these three instantly triggered the killing intent of the Tianhuan Sect disciples.

“Kill them!”

Tens of shadows rushed toward them.


A blurry spear shadow charged towards them, like a viper sticking out its tongue at its prey. For a moment, the lighting-fast spear seemed to create an environment in which snowflakes were gently falling. It gave the spear a poignant feeling.

Slash, slash, slash, slash, slash!

The spear pierced five necks at once, leaving five corpses collapsed on the ground.

“This skill…”

Jian Wushuang couldn’t help being surprised when he saw this.

These disciples of the Tianhuan Sect were only in the Initial and Profound Spiritual Sea Realm. So it was not hard for Yin Min, in the Exceptional Spiritual Sea Realm, to kill them. But it was so much more difficult to kill five with one strike.

What Yin Min demonstrated earlier caused his eyes to light up.


The death of their fellow disciples didn’t slow down the remaining ones. They rushed forward and launched a series of attacks towards Jian Wushuang and his companions.

Jian Wushuang swung the Triple-kill Sword in his hand at two disciples. With two clean slashes, he easily ended the lives of the two, who were only in the Initial Spiritual Sea Realm.

Holding his dark dagger, Ling Tianhao quietly stabbed the disciples charging at him. He was incredibly fast in killing two of them. The rest were all killed by Yin Min.

It took mere moments for the tens of Tianhuan Sect disciples to meet their death.

“They’re too weak.” Jian Wushuang could not help sighing when he saw all the dead bodies on the ground.

The Tianhuan Sect was considered a second-rate sect in the Tiannan Province, yet it was far more powerful than Sword Marquis Mansion. But after the deaths of their fourteen Gold Core Realm experts, the ending was basically written in stone.

The remaining disciples were all in the Spiritual Sea Realm, with the majority in the Initial and Profound level. Rarely were any of them at the Exceptional level. Unfortunately for them, those who accepted this mission were all at the Exceptional level. They also possessed their own personal techniques.

After all, anyone who accepted this mission despite knowing its extreme danger would certainly come prepared.

Ling Tianhao, for example, might be one of the weakest among the participants who accepted the mission. But if you put him among the Tianhuan Sect disciples who were it the Exceptional Spiritual Sea Realm, few could defeat him.

“None of the people I killed has an Interspatial Ring. What about you guys?” Yin Min asked, looking over at them.

“None here.” Jian Wushuang shook his head.

“Me, neither.” Ling Tianhao shrugged.

This didn’t come as a big surprise to them. After all, there were only a total of 10 rings. For how precious and rare they were, they ought to be at least worn by disciples in the Exceptional Spiritual Sea Realm. And none of those that they killed were at that level.

“Let’s go,” Yin Min said. The three of them then walked toward the depths of the Tianhuan Sect.

They did not even glance at the corpses on the ground.

Though they felt sympathy for the Tianhuan Sect disciples, they would never show any mercy in a fight. After all, they were on different sides. If they showed mercy, then the corpses lying on the ground would be theirs.

Inside an underground secret room in the Tianhuan Sect.

There were eight people wearing robes standing inside the room, wearing copper masks that only showed their eyes. A person wearing a black robe and a silver mask sat on a stone chair.


The door to the secret room opened and a purple-haired old man came running in, panicking. He shouted anxiously, “Please, my lords. I beg you, help save our Tianhuan Sect…”

The one wearing a silver mask looked up, revealing his pair of cold eyes as he looked at the purple-haired old man. He said indifferently, “What’s going on outside?”

“They’re here! Men from Golden Dragon Palace are here! There are many warriors in the Exceptional Spiritual Sea Realm. Not only that, our leader and many of our elders are already dead. We don’t have a single expert in the Gold Core Realm that is still alive. We simply can’t hold up against those warriors, so please help us…”

The old man didn’t even finish his sentence before he collapsed on the ground with a bloodstain on his neck. Beside him, a man wearing a copper mask was slowly sheathing his sword.

“My Lord, what should we do next?” a copper-masked servant asked.

“Three years ago, the Tianhuan Sect leaked some information, scheming against a Golden Dragon Ambassador. It was supposed to be a secret, but it was still discovered by the Golden Dragon Palace. Their intelligence work is truly amazing.” The man with the silver mask continued coldly, “Since it has been discovered, the Tianhuan Sect is bound to be exterminated. As for us, naturally it’s best if we can avoid exposing ourselves.”

“Those who were sent here now are only in the Exceptional Spiritual Sea Realm. If I estimate correctly, they’re part of a One-Clawed Golden Dragon Guard mission. Those rookies may not even discover this place if we stay here. And if they really do end up finding us, the Golden Dragon Ambassador would already be gone by then.”

“Without the Golden Dragon Ambassador hindering us, it’s impossible for those rookies to stand in our way.”

They were all afraid of the Golden Dragon Ambassador, who was in the Yin-Yang Void Realm. The man with the silver mask was not an exception. When the Golden Dragon Ambassador was fighting with others, he did not discover them because the robed men were good at hiding their auras and were hidden in this secret room.

In his opinion, the high and mighty Golden Dragon Ambassador would no be so bored as to stay back and watch the rookies wrap up the mission after he finished killing all the Gold Core Realm experts.

“But what a pity that the extermination of the Tianhuan Sect means we’ve lost a chess piece!” The man wearing the silver mask shook his head and sighed.

The black robe and that facial mask… They were obvious symbols of Blood Feather Tower, the strongest Assassination Association of the Tianzong Dynasty.

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