Legend of Swordsman

Chapter 3624 - In the North Sea Palace  

Chapter 3624: In the North Sea Palace

“This is the North Sea Palace? It’s so grand.”

Jian Wushuang stood in the void of the universe and looked at the three triangular-shaped world stars in front of him. The three world stars were connected with each other in a magic formation. Although they were three huge world stars, they looked like a whole.

“After all, he is one of the Rulers of this territory, so of course he is generous,” Daoist Xuan God said, “follow me.”

Daoist Xuan God brought Jian Wushuang to one of the Earth Stars very quickly. However, because of the existence of the magic formation, they could not enter the Earth Star directly.

“I have already sent a message to the people of the North Sea Palace. Someone will come to pick us up soon. My young friend, when we enter the North Sea Palace and meet the Master Yunchen, you must do as I told you on the way. We must cooperate with each other so that we can trick the Master Sky Roc,” Daoist Xuan God warned.

“Yes.” Jian Wushuang nodded.

It did not take long for a figure to walk out from the sector star.

It was a middle-aged man in a white robe with a gentle face. Jian Wushuang recognized him the moment he saw him.

“Master Yunchen, one of the seven experts of the pinnacle of the six realm in the North Sea Palace. He is also the personal disciple of the Master Sky Roc.” Jian Wushuang narrowed his eyes.

There were not many ultimate experts of the six realms in this territory, but the North Sea Palace had a total of seven. This showed how powerful the North Sea Palace was.

As for Master Yunchen, although Jian Wushuang had never met him, he had read his information.

“Master Xuan God, you are here again.” Master Yunchen bowed slightly to Daoist Xuan God after he arrived. When he raised his head, he looked at Jian Wushuang, and his expression immediately turned cold.

“You are…Blood Sword Master?” Master Yunchen’s voice became low.

Master Yunchen knew that Jian Wushuang had caused such a huge commotion in Devil Smoke Valley and was now recognized as the strongest Principles Master in this territory, he had also seen the mirror image of Jian Wushuang fighting with the five experts of the pinnacle of the six realm. He remembered Jian Wushuang’s appearance, so he recognized him at a glance.

Compared to the mirror image, Master Yunchen’s heart was slightly moved when he saw Jian Wushuang in person.

Although Jian Wushuang had restrained his divine power and he could not sense any aura, just standing there made him feel an extremely dangerous aura. This aura…he had never sensed it from other Principles Masters.

“It’s said that Blood Sword Master is the strongest Principles Master in this territory. I had some doubts before, but now it seems that he is indeed the strongest,” Master Yunchen muttered to himself.

After all, he was also an expert at the pinnacle of the six realm. Among the many experts at the pinnacle of the six realm in this territory, he was also extremely powerful.

However, Jian Wushuang gave him a sense of danger just by standing there and not making a move. Jian Wushuang must be much stronger than him.

“Hello, Master Yunchen.” Jian Wushuang greeted Master Yunchen with a smile.

“I didn’t expect you, Blood Sword Master, to come to the North Sea Palace in person. I’m surprised.” Master Yunchen gave Jian Wushuang a deep look and then waved his hand. “Follow me.”

Master Yunchen immediately led the way.

With the guidance of Master Yunchen, the magic formation of the North Sea Palace did not make things difficult for Jian Wushuang and Daoist Xuan God. They soon entered the North Sea Palace.

When they arrived at the North Sea Palace, many experts of the North Sea Palace immediately noticed the presence of Jian Wushuang and Daoist Xuan God.

“Look, among the two people following Master Yunchen, is the person carrying the divine sword the Blood Sword Master?”

“Yes, it’s him. I’ve seen the battle between him and the five Blood Spirit Kings. It’s exactly the same!”

“It really is the Blood Sword Master. He actually came to our North Sea Palace?”

“The person beside the Blood Sword Master seems to be a Ruler. Could it be the one from Star Palace?”

“It’s him. Not long ago, the Palace Master of Star Palace also came to our North Sea Palace. Last time, he came alone, but this time, he actually brought the Blood Sword Master with him. What are they trying to do?”

The entire North Sea Palace began to discuss.

Because the North Sea Palace had three Earth Stars, Jian Wushuang and Daoist Xuan God only appeared on one of them. However, the experts of the North Sea Palace did not see them on the other two Earth Stars, the two Earth Stars were still very calm.

On one of the Earth Stars stood a huge Golden Tower.

This Golden Tower had a total of thirty-three floors and was extremely majestic. This tower was extremely famous in the North Sea Palace and was one of the most important cultivation resources in the North Sea Palace. There was only one use for this Golden Tower…and that was to temper the strength of one’s soul.

It was precisely because of this that experts from the North Sea Palace would often wander around the Golden Tower, making their souls stronger and more resilient.

At that moment, on the thirtieth floor of the Golden Tower, there was a beautiful woman wearing a purplish-red robe. Her eyes were strangely red, which meant that the Red Eye Master was sitting there cross-legged, she allowed the surrounding waves of soul power to madly charge at her. She forced her eyes to clench their teeth and forcefully endure the soul power.

What she was good at was the soul, and the soul attack from the Golden Tower was a form of cultivation for her. It could make her soul stronger faster.

At this moment…

“Red Eye, Red Eye!”

A communication token in her interspatial ring started to vibrate crazily.

Red Eye Master opened her eyes and took out her communication token. She replied, “Shi Yan, what’s wrong?”

“Are you still training your soul power?” On the other end of the token, Shi Yan Master’s voice sounded urgent.

“Yes.” Red Eye Master was puzzled.

She and Shi Yan Master had quite a good relationship. Previously, the two of them had been adventuring in the depths of Devil Smoke Valley together, and they had even worked together to snatch treasures from various experts. However, it had not been long before the two of them had returned to the North Sea Palace, all these years, she had been training her soul power. As for Shi Yan Master, she had also stopped adventuring and remained in the North Sea Palace.

“Stop training. Quick, come to this Earth Star of mine and become the Ruler of this place,” Shi Yan Master said hurriedly.

“What’s going on?” Red Eye Master was even more puzzled.

“It’s Blood Sword Master,” Shi Yan Master said suddenly.

Upon hearing this name, Red Eye Master was instantly stunned, and her gaze instantly turned cold.

Blood Sword Master…this name had always been engraved in her heart force. She had never forgotten it.

Back in Devil Smoke Valley, she had nearly died at the hands of this Blood Sword Master!

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