Legend of Swordsman

Chapter 2737 - Holy Treasure Purple Bell

Chapter 2737: Holy Treasure Purple Bell

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

All four Bronze-armored Corpse Puppets were extremely ferocious and completely obeyed Grand Ultimate God Hong Chen’s order as they directly turned into four lightning bolts before appearing in front of Saber Master.

The Saber Master smiled in disdain when he saw that. “What can a mere four Bronze-armored Corpse Puppets do to me?”

The Saber Master was extremely vigorous as he moved forward before taking his battle saber out of its sheath which by then a sea of purple flames had completely covered the four Bronze-armored Corpse Puppets.

All of them had previously come across Bronze-armored Corpse Puppets that only had the combat prowess of ordinary High-level Grand Ultimate Gods. Therefore, the Saber Master did not pay much attention to them even if there were four Bronze-armored Corpse Puppets. He waved the battle saber in his hands in a powerful manner the moment the sea of purple flames covered the Bronze-armored Corpse Puppets.


The horrendous saber-light tore through heaven and earth as it came cutting down with its terrifying power.

Even the purple flames sea was broken by the saber-light. However, he discovered all four Bronze-armored Corpse Puppets had merged into one before the saber-light managed to reach the four Bronze-armored Corpse Puppets. The combined puppet punched forward and directly broke the saber-light into pieces.

“What?” The Saber Master was puzzled.

“Haha… Saber Master, do you really think I only got those four Bronze-armored Corpse Puppets from this secret realm? In truth, not only did I obtain these four Bronze-armored Corpse Puppets, but I’ve also got a simple corpse puppet formation. This formation allows for those four Bronze-armored Corpse Puppets to combine and display combat prowess comparable or stronger than Silver-armored Corpse Puppets!” Grand Ultimate God Hong Chen laughed out loud and said.

The Saber Master’s facial expression slightly darkened as he initially did not pay much attention to these four Bronze-armored Corpse Puppets moments ago.

However, the four Bronze-armored Corpse Puppets combination had brought him some pressure.


“Let’s attack together and kill him!” Hong Chen, Long Xianzi, and Devilish Wind King were filled with the intent to kill.

Naturally, Jian Wushuang also took action and manipulated his Transmigration Sword Formation to carry out attacks. However, he held back some of his power in every attack and had been hiding his true strength the whole time even until that moment—the power he had shown was only of an ordinary High-level Grand Ultimate God’s.

Not only the Saber Master, but Hong Chen and the others had also not suspected anything out of the ordinary when they witnessed that.

The pressure placed on the Saber Master increased as the combination of those four Bronze-armored Corpse Puppets through the use of a formation joined the battle. Hong Chen and Long Xianzi took the opportunity to take action which caused a huge part of the Saber Master’s strength to be suppressed. It was obvious the Saber Master could not endure their attacks under such circumstances and seemed as though he was going to lose.

“Haha… He won’t be able to continue for much longer. Fight with greater strength and kill him!” Grand Ultimate God Hong Chen looked extremely excited.

“Saber Master, we’re willing to cease our attacks if you obediently hand over the Interspatial Ring. However, if you continue to act so stubbornly—you’ll definitely die today!” Long Xianzi also yelled out coldly.

“Humph, you must be joking.” Although Saber Master was in a slightly embarrassed state, the look in his eyes was still extremely cold.

“Die!!” Long Xianzi no longer held back!


The huge black wood formed from the nine Infernal Crimson Divine Swords once again attacked Saber Master.

Saber Master resisted with his full might but accidentally revealed a flaw that Long Xianzi happened to spot.

“Die!!” The green spear in Long Xianzi’s hand directly pierced forward like a green rainbow with a strong whistling sound.

The green spear pierced through the void and was about to hit Saber Master’s head.

At that moment…


The sound of an ancient clock could suddenly be heard and the purple halo covering the outer skin layer of Saber Master’s body suddenly rose upward. The purple halo was a huge purple clock that completely covered Saber Master. Long Xianzi’s green spear had stabbed onto that purple clock which caused the clock to tremble slightly while giving out a crisp sound.

The clock’s sound was extremely ghostly such that even Long Xianzi’s soul was slightly affected as the sound spread.

“How’s this possible?” Long Xianzi was surprised.

She found a great opportunity to take action with such difficulties and originally thought that even if her attack could not kill Saber Master, she would be able to injure him badly. Unfortunately, the purple clock engulfing Saber Master’s body had completely blocked the attack.

“The purple clock has such strong defensive power!” Hong Chen and Jian Wushuang also looked seriously at the purple clock engulfing Saber Master’s body.

“Humph! Do you think you’re the only ones who have gotten precious items from the secret realm? Do you think I’ve received nothing?” Saber Master had a cold smile even though he was being covered by the purple clock. “I got this purple clock from the secret realm fifty years ago and was already extremely delighted because of it. However, the item I obtained from the secret realm this time is even stronger!”

Jian Wushuang, Hong Chen, Long Xianzi, and Devilish Wind King squinted.

They were able to recognize the purple clock was extremely strong and should be a precious Pinnacle Heavenly Treasure. Its value was definitely not lower than Long Xianzi’s bronze mirror.

However, the Saber Master mentioned the precious item he obtained from the secret realm at that time was even more precious than the purple clock?

What precious item could that be?

The Saber Master swept past the group of four with a cold look in his eyes. He then flipped his hand as the purple battle saber in his hands disappeared.

A crimson-colored battle saber that was covered in burning red flames replaced it.

The battle saber’s color was entirely crimson such that when Jian Wushuang and the rest took a look at it, they felt like they had seen a boundless sea of blood where everything was dyed in red.

They could feel the mystical weapons in their hands tremble the moment the battle saber appeared in Saber Master’s hand.

“This is…” Hong Chen and Long Xianzi fixated their gaze on the crimson-colored battle saber.

“This battle saber is definitely not a Heavenly Treasure. An Ordinary-level Heavenly Treasure won’t make us feel this way—not even one at the peak.” Devilish Wind King even had a horrified look on his face.

“This isn’t a Heavenly Treasure, it’s so much stronger than one such that even my Blood Mountain Sword trembled slightly. The battle saber should be a Holy Treasure!” Jian Wushuang coldly said.

Holy Treasure…

Those two simple words had caused Hong Chen, Long Xianzi, and Devilish Wind King’s facial expression to darken.

The Holy Treasures were precious items that even Undying Saints paid high importance toward.

The cultivation of any Holy Treasure was extremely difficult. Its value and power were outrageously strong. It was not something comparable with Heavenly Treasures.

Many Undying Saints with ordinary strength still did not have a suitable mystical weapon of the Holy Treasure level with many still only using Pinnacle Heavenly Treasures.

The power displayed by an Undying Saint that owned a Holy Treasure and one that used Heavenly Treasures was vastly different under circumstances where both had similar personal strength.

It was the reason a Holy Treasure would be so highly valued by others.

However, the Saber Master actually owned a Holy Treasure that many powerful Undying Saint did not have at that moment?

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