Legend of Swordsman

Chapter 2529 - Crushed

Chapter 2529: Crushed


Jian Wushuang struggled out of the golden prison’s wall and once again appeared before Infernal Heart Prefecture Governor.

“Power, truly powerful!”

Jian Wushuang’s eyes were shining with excitement.

His abilities had been shockingly decreased by 50% from the Sword World’s effects.

Moreover, the Governor’s battle strength was also horrifyingly powerful. Any casual stroke he unleashed was ten times more powerful than regular High-Level Ultimate God.

An expert such as that…

“Looks like I have underestimated the gap between a High-Level and Peak Ultimate God, but I won’t miss a chance to personally experience his Sword World in detail.” Jian Wushuang smiled coldly as his body suddenly trembled.


Infinite golden lights violently surged and radically gathered in the form of a blinding golden light right outside of his golden robe before shrouding his entire body.

A shiny golden armor surrounded Jian Wushuang’s body in the blink of an eye.

One of Jian Wushuang’s secret techniques—Nine Sparkle Star Armor—was finally unleashed.

It was also the debut of his cultivated Life Armor after its upgrade.

“Show me exactly how strong an expert owning a Sword World is!” A piercing light shone through Jian Wushuang’s eyes.


All 11 apparitions were projected at the same time.

12 Jian Wushuang’s appeared out of nowhere in the void with each of them shrouded in golden armors which shone and made their appearance seemingly like golden demonic deities.

The 12 Jian Wushuang’s moved with terrifying speed in the void.

“Eleven apparitions. Does he have such a high understanding of Space-time Law?”

The Infernal Heart Prefecture Governor looked at those golden figures and drew his sword sideways with only one hand.

Clank, clank, clank, infinite sword essences suddenly solidified and became tiny little sword shadows that hurled toward those golden figures coming from every direction.

The sword shadows went right through each of those golden figures except one which made physical contact with them.

“Right there.”

The Governor’s figure appeared before Jian Wushuang’s physical body with a flash and lashed out his black sword. He struck like a venomous snake directly aiming for Jian Wushuang’s throat.

As he attacked, an enormous sword essence pressed against Jian Wushuang.

Jian Wushuang looked aloof as he swung his long sword which seemed to tear open the void before him and formed a sword river.

That sword river seemed to separate the two of them, making them confront each other on either side.

Both sword techniques exploded into action right after.

With consecutive wind noises, multiple traces of cold and mysterious sword-lights lashed out one after another.

The sword-lights were incredibly fast, vicious, and the momentum contained therein were horrifying. The crux was the huge number of sword-lights.

The infinite sword-lights were so dense that they completely shrouded Jian Wushuang in just a very short time.

Jian Wushuang was trying his hardest to withstand them but was shocked by the Sword World which greatly impacted his abilities and especially his sword techniques.

Even though he had Nine Sparkle Star Armor, which caused each of his strokes to be three times more powerful and placing himself not far behind in terms of momentum, but in terms of sword techniques…

“His sword techniques are just too fast. If I’m not affected by his Sword World, I could rely on my Space-time Law understanding to resist him. However, I can’t even catch up to his speed at this moment, let alone resisting him.” Jian Wushuang’s expression became extremely troubled. He was gradually losing to Infernal Heart Prefecture Governor’s oppression despite giving his all.

“This is it.” Jian Wushuang made a shocking realization.

The Governor’s pupils suddenly dilated before saying, “Golden-robed kid, go to hell.”


A flash of evil and cold sword-light slid by Blood Mountain Sword’s edge and aimed directly toward Jian Wushuang’s head.

The sword’s freezing tip stabbed between Jian Wushuang’s eyebrows. Jian Wushuang had the Nine Sparkle Star Armor shrouding over his body, it was an important defense, hence it also protected that area.

However, the armor fell apart as it made contact with the sword tip which continued to stab inward.


The sound of metals making contact was heard which was even accompanied by a flickering golden flame.

“Huh? Another layer of battle armor?” The Infernal Heart Prefecture Governor looked over and realized Jian Wushuang was not only shrouded with shiny golden armor but the golden robe which he had been wearing also turned into a sophisticated and beautiful golden armor that covered his entire body.

It was Jian Wushuang’s life armor, Golden Glazed Life Armor!

One must know Jian Wushuang’s cultivation of the Nine Sparkle Star Armor technique was meant for both offense and defense. It would fuse with the life armor and form a second layer of golden armor to defend the user’s body.

In other words, he was being protected by two layers of defense armor!

The Infernal Heart Prefecture Governor’s sword tip shattered the Nine Sparkle Star Armor which formed with the accumulation of divine powers, but it would not be able to harm the Golden Glazed Life Armor. The most it could do was to transmit its impact energy into Jian Wushuang’s body through the Golden Glazed Life Armor.

However, going through two layers of armors meant the remaining momentum bits were already very weak and could not even hurt Jian Wushuang a bit.


Jian Wushuang and the Governor moved away from each other.

“Golden-robed kid, your body’s defense ability is not too bad,” said the Infernal Heart Prefecture Governor.

“Thanks for the compliments.” Jian Wushuang did not deflect the praise nor did he show any arrogance.

“Hmph.” The Governor suddenly harrumphed coldly before immediately stepping out.

It looked like a simple and extremely casual step but was an incredibly huge step in truth.

It was amazingly fast to the extent of being almost like teleportation. The Infernal Heart Prefecture Governor had already appeared less than a meter from Jian Wushuang.

“What?” Jian Wushuang was shocked.

Right after that, the black sword in the Governor’s hand projected waves of dark light, and the Governor’s face looked extremely stern.

“Dark Sword, God-Kill!”

The Infernal Heart Prefecture Governor lightly recited those words as the black sword’s tip once again pointed toward Jian Wushuang without any obstructions in between.

The cold and gloomy black sword tip formed strange dark waves as it moved through the void. Those dark waves seemed to have formed a huge swirl.

Jian Wushuang had no time to react against that attack at all and neither was there a way for him to fend it off.

He could only watch as it made contact with his body.


The sword tip contained an incredible amount of impact and killing momentum instantly exploded on Jian Wushuang’s body.

Jian Wushuang flew like a cannonball and once again knocked against the Golden Prison’s wall.

It even formed a huge hole in the Golden Prison’s wall at that time with a huge momentum and sword essences rippled outward from the hole.

“Is he dead?”

Luo Shan, Luo Hai, and the Ultimate Gods who were also within the Golden Prison attentively gazed.

Infernal Heart Prefecture Governor stood coldly in the void with his suffocating aura projected from his body. He also looked ahead but began to frown.

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