Legend of Swordsman

Chapter 2440 - Resolution

Chapter 2440: Resolution

“Gentlemen, we honestly don’t know how we could have offended your sect. Could you please explain in detail?” Elder Linghe said.

One of the Great Compassion Sect’s old men who were in purple robe coldly said, “Hmph, your disciple from Narcissus Island killed our genius disciples in Saint’s Tomb. It would be another matter if it was only a regular genius disciple, but Pang Tao was the one who he killed!”

“What?” All of the experts from various sects were caught by surprise.

“P-Pang Tao?” Even Elder Linghe was dumbfounded.

Pang Tao was one of the Twelve Minor Kings who enjoyed great fame among the younger generation in Wusha Wilderness. Naturally, all the experts from different sects knew about him.

Elder Linghe looked at the purple-robed old man. “Mr. Hanyun, you’ve got to be joking. Everyone knows that Pang Tao is one of the Twelve Minor Kings and was ranked sixth. His battle strength is definitely not below Peak Divine Demon. Besides, such a genius disciple would definitely have a Safety Token with him. With his powerful ability and the Safety Token, who would be capable of killing him in Saint’s Tomb?”

The experts from other sects around them secretly nodded as well.

It was indeed true that based on Pang Tao’s abilities, even if he was besieged by many experts, he could always escape with his Safety Token the moment he realized he was in a life and death crisis.

Killing him within Saint’s Tomb—unless Crimson Stone Saint did it himself—was almost an impossibility.

“I’m not in a mood to joke with you. Pang Tao is truly dead and he was killed by Jian Wushuang, your genius disciple from Narcissus Island. Many people clearly saw that he killed Pang Tao with one sword stroke. Pang Tao didn’t even get the chance to break his Safety Token. If you don’t believe me, you could send a message out and ask,” the purple-robed old man, Hanyun said coldly.

“Jian Wushuang?”

Elder Linghe, Wujian, and the Seventh Elder looked at each other as their expressions changed.

Just as they were about to send a message to inquire…

“Linghe, your disciple from Narcissus Island has such a ruthless tactic!”

A furious shout broke out. Another few menacing bolts of expert energy dashed at the three Narcissus Island elders, and that was only the beginning.

“Narcissus Island! Alright! Narcissus Island!”

“We from Radiant Palace had a total of eight disciples who went into Saint’s Tomb and six of them died at Jian Wushuang’s hands! Narcissus Island, we need a resolution!”

“We from Crimson Heaven Sect also have four disciples that died at Jian Wushuang’s account.”

“We from Pinnacle Tower have also lost three disciples to Jian Wushuang.”

Those voices of fury continuously resonated one after another.

One sect came after another, the stronger ones had extremely similar stature as Narcissus Island.

The weaker ones also had a few Peak Divine Demons in residence.

At that rate, there were close to 20 sects that came directly at them. All of these experts were burning with rage while staring at the three of them.

They have all just received news about the massacre carried out by Jian Wushuang and had many disciples who died under his sword.

Elder Linghe, Elder Wujian, and the Seventh Elder were stunned beyond words looking at so many sects coming toward them together.

All those various sects’ experts around them were wearing extremely strange expressions as well.

“Haha, looks like we, the Great Compassion Sect, are not the only ones who suffer a big loss to that Jian Wushuang. A great many other disciples have also died under his sword, huh?” Hanyun smiled coldly—his smile was as sharp as a blade’s edge.

“Linghe, all of us need an explanation from Narcissus Island!” shouted Hanyu.

“Yes, there needs to be a resolution!”

“Our disciples cannot die in vain!”

“That Jian Wushuang is simply the Devil. He killed so many genius disciples in one go without even blinking an eye. A person such as this cannot be kept alive in the world. Otherwise, he would bring major catastrophe to Wusha Wilderness!”

The experts from multiple sects who came at them started voicing out.

Elder Linghe felt trapped.

Although Narcissus Island was a big enough sect to be listed within the top ten of Wusha Wilderness, when faced with so many sects at once was not an easy task, especially the Great Compassion Sect.

Under the continuous bombardment from those experts, Elder Linghe took a deep breath and finally spoke, “Everyone, could you please give me some time and let me inquire what just happened so that I could give everybody an answer?”

“Sure, you go and ask them yourself. It would be best to ask in detail to see if we lied about Jian Wushuang starting a massacre in Saint’s Tomb and killing so many disciples from various sects,” said Hanyun.

Elder Linghe did not hesitate and immediately sent an inquiry message.

Of course, the person she asked was Zhong Yi.

Zhong Yi soon answered her and explained the entire matter in great detail.

After a long moment, Elder Linghe finally gave a long exhale.

“Second Elder, is it true what they have said? Jian Wushuang really killed Pang Tao and all these genius sect disciples?” Elder Wujian and Seventh Elder both looked at Elder Linghe.

In their minds, they could not come to believe any of it.

It was not that they did not believe Jian Wushuang had the guts to do such a thing, it was really because they did not believe he had such abilities.

After all, Jian Wushuang was currently only in the Chaotic Realm.

With a heavy expression and under the scrutiny of Elder Wujian and Seventh Elder, Elder Linghe nodded. “It’s true.”

Both Elder Wujian and the Seventh Elder were dumbfounded.

“Linghe, you can finally verify it, can’t you?” Hanyun once again looked over.

Elder Linghe raised her head to look directly at Hanyun and those experts from various sects who came at them before deepening her voice and said, “Everyone, I’ve clarified what has happened. Jian Wushuang did kill Pang Tao in Saint’s Tomb, as well as many of your genius disciples. However, the issue began with them coveting those three position tokens that Jian Wushuang had obtained. They took action and besieged Jian Wushuang in order to get his tokens.”

Other than that, our disciple told me that Jian Wushuang did not intend to start a blood bath. He was only planning to avoid fighting by relying on his own speed and finesse so that your disciples would retreat from the difficulty of targeting him. However, your disciples chose to attack his Big Sister in order to force Jian Wushuang to threaten him into battle and accept their challenges. It was only at that time when Jian Wushuang started killing.”

The fights for those positions in Saint’s Tomb has always been extremely frenzied. Many genius disciples would lose their lives in every competition. Narcissus Island also suffered many huge losses over those position competitions in Saint’s Tomb. It was a fair fight after all and we left everything up to fate, hence we had never blamed it on anyone and neither had we ever thought of seeking revenge from the opposing sects.”

However, you can only blame their insufficient skills since your disciples were killed for snatching those position tokens from Jian Wushuang. How could you blame it on Narcissus Island, now? As for demanding us to offer a resolution, that’s even more laughable.”

We of Narcissus Island will not offer a resolution!”

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