Legend of Swordsman

Chapter 2438 - Big Trouble

Chapter 2438: Big Trouble

The battlefield looked like an inferno itself!

Blood covered the grounds, reflecting its crimson colors to the sky.

Headless bodies were scattered everywhere, and they were already considered pleasant looking. There were many other corpses that were slashed open by the sword with its blood and flesh splattered across. One could not even put their body parts back together.

The thick stench of blood filled the air, making it nauseating.

Among those who were lucky enough to have survived, there were many genius disciples who had seen a lot in their lives, but they still could not help but felt shaken by such sight.

In the center of the battlefield, Jian Wushuang was floating at a low altitude with his Blood Mountain Sword’s tip pointing towards the ground as blood glided and dripped down his sword.

At that moment, he was like the God of Death’s statue.

In such a short time, his figure had only disappeared and reappeared seven times. However, he had killed at least 70 or 80 genius disciples during his seven reappearances.

Bear in mind that the total number of genius disciples was only up to a hundred people.

In that brief moment, he had already slaughtered more than half of them. Only 30 to 40 lucky geniuses escaped.

“He’s the Devil himself!” Someone shouted in horror.

The word ‘Devil’ also appeared in everyone’s minds.

Some people were horrified, some were stunned, and some were almost mortally devastated.

“Junior Brother!”

“Senior Sister!”

Screams of anguish turned up one by one and the entire battlefield was filled with incomparable sadness.

“Jian Wushuang, you dare kill our disciples from Snow Sun Sect? Just you wait, we from the Snow Sun Sect will never let you get away with this!” A Second-Class Divine Demon disciple from Snow Sun Sect pointed his finger at Jian Wushuang, screaming in extreme devastation with his slightly trembling voice.

It was understandable why he felt that way. The Snow Sun Sect was a big sect after all and had eight disciples who entered Saint’s Tomb, among them were two First-Class Divine Demons. However, in that short massacre carried out by Jian Wushuang, only two of them survived.

“That’s right, we from Sky Shadow Sect will also avenge our dead disciples!”

“Jian Wushuang, be prepared for your death!”

“With such mindless killing of various sects disciples, not even Narcissus Island could back you up.”

Growls were continuously heard. The geniuses that were lucky enough to survive stared deadly at Jian Wushuang. Due to their distance from Jian Wushuang, they were not afraid that he would come and slaughter them, hence the fear in their hearts began to disperse to be replaced with surging hatred and grudge.

Jian Wushuang raised his head slowly, looking at all those geniuses’ facial expressions and hearing those words that they shouted at him. The corners of his mouth curved upwards and gave a smile of disdain—Jian Wushuang truly did not care.


“A bunch of amateurs like that could be regarded as geniuses? What a joke!”

Jian Wushuang retracted the Blood Mountain Sword. Not wasting another moment to glance at the so-called geniuses. He turned around and walked towards Zhou Bing and the rest.

As for those disciples, although they were still yelling and shouting claiming that they wanted vengeance, none of them dared to take action or even took a step forward.

The reason being they would probably die under Jian Wushuang’s sword if they went up.

Seeing that Jian Wushuang did not pay attention to them, their shouts got even more heated. It was certain that they had also reported those occurrences to their respective elders and experts.

“Little Brother.”

“Junior Brother Wushuang.”

Zhuo Bing, Ling Dan, Zhong Yi, Su Tong, and all the disciples from Narcissus Island and Ancient Star Temple came before Jian Wushuang. The way they looked at him was filled with respect and even fear.

The way Jian Wushuang was killing just a minute ago not only terrified those genius disciples who attacked him but also made those from his side horrified.

Even Zhuo Bing, who was Jian Wushuang’s own sister, had a slight fear in her eyes at that moment.

She had only first met Jian Wushuang in Saint’s Tomb. After a few days of coming in contact with him, Jian Wushuang had left her an impression of being soft-spoken, sophisticated, easy to talk to, and a very calm temperament.

Not only her, but all the disciples from Narcissus Island also felt that way.

However, who would have thought that as soon as he started killing, he could be so terrifying.

He was simply a Devil, an ultimate God of Death!

Most importantly, he had his massive abilities to rely on.

“Little Brother, are you alright?” Zhuo Bing asked carefully.

“I’m ok, just got into some small troubles.” Jian Wushuang smiled. Towards those geniuses who tried to kill him, he was the ultimate God of Death or Devil, but towards Zhuo Bing and those close to him, Jian Wushuang was still as soft-spoken, sophisticated, and modest.

“Little troubles?” Zhuo Bing and the rest smiled wryly.

Zhong Yi exclaimed, “Junior Brother Wushuang, the mess you’ve gotten into is not little. You’ve got yourself in big trouble! You killed 70 to 80 people in just an instant. These people are genius disciples from various sects. I had counted. Among the ones you killed were disciples from close to 20 different sects. Although most of them are not from very powerful sects, there are still quite a few big sects among them.”

Most importantly, you had killed Pang Tao!”

Zhuo Bing, Ling Dan, and Su Tong’s faces turned gloomy.

Yes, Pang Tao!

That was crucial.

Pang Tao was not only one of the Twelve Minor Kings. Most importantly, he was also one of the most outstanding genius disciples from the Great Compassion Sect. His teacher was the top Elder from the Great Compassion Sect, the number one sword cultivator of Wusha Wilderness, Fan Jianxian!

Having a disciple like that died under Jian Wushuang’s sword, how could the Great Compassion Sect ignore it?

How would that be possible?

“Although this is Saint’s Tomb, one should not have been blamed for killing another while competing for the position token where life and death were all up to fate, what you have done is really too big of a deal. Even we of Narcissus Island, may not be able to endure pressures from so many sects including the Great Compassion Sect’s fury,” continued Zhong Yi.

“Besides, even if we were strong enough to bear it, the Great Compassion Sect and other sects must feel dissatisfied in their minds. They’ll do whatever they can to deal with you. If they’re not able to deal with you in the open, they would use all kinds of underhanded tricks. Anyway, what I wanted to say is that I’m afraid your forthcoming days will not be pleasant, Junior Brother Wushuang.”

“Senior Brother Zhong Yi is right. Those sects all look holier than thou, they certainly would not let this go easily.” Su Tong joined in as well.

“Perhaps, but I wouldn’t be too worried. Let them come. It’s useless to feel regretful now since I’ve already done it.” Jian Wushuang smiled with a relaxed look as usual.

He never regretted killing.

Besides, killing one or many were both acts of killing. The only difference for him was whether they deserved to be killed.

In fact, he was trying to be merciful at that time, but those geniuses from various sects were seeking death. Jian Wushuang could only comply with their wishes.

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