Legend of Swordsman

Chapter 1864 - Suffer A Crushing Hefty Defeat

Chapter 1864: Suffer A Crushing Hefty Defeat

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“The formation broke, hurry up and leave,” Palace Master Wu Luo broke the formation and immediately shouted.

 However, when he turned around and saw everything that had happened behind his back, his face changed.


 There was a shrill scream that reverberated in his ears. Before Palace Master’s gaze, Emperor God Dan Tu’s face was red and the saber that was tightly gripped in his hand dropped. Then, there were two resplendent golden lights that shot at him.

 Emperor God Dan Tu looked hopeless.

 He didn’t have any Chaotic Divine Treasure level defense armor like Palace Master Wu Luo. It was impossible for him to withstand Jian Wushuang’s golden sword attack.

 Psst! Psst!

 The two golden lights pierced Emperor Dan Tu’s head almost instantly and his head was completely smashed.

 The super genius from Abysmal Palace died on the spot.

 “D*mn it!”

 Palace Master Wu Luo was furious.

 He had never expected that in the short time that he was resolving the formation by One Pearl Realm wholeheartedly, Jian Wushuang would kill Emperor God Dan Tu with thunderous measures.

 Plus, not only Emperor God Dan Tu, but the other Sir God experts from Abysmal Palace were massacred mercilessly as well.

 They were in a wretched situation.

 When the formation by One Pearl Realm broke, the experts from Abysmal Palace were thrilled. They started fleeing without hesitation.

 Although Palace Master Wu Luo was furious, he didn’t stay but ran away at the first instant.

 Without the hindrance of the formation by One Pearl Realm, Jian Wushuang couldn’t make the experts from Abysmal Palace stay when they started running away.

 Very soon, the experts from Abysmal Palace had disappeared completely.

 In the void, Jian Wushuang, Hall Master Gu Xin, Hall Master Nie Yun, the three of them stood at the far front while the Dao soldiers followed behind them.

 Watching the experts from Abysmal Palace running away, the three of their faces were cold.

 “It’s a pity that my One Realm Pearl, although it could become a formation with my will, the power of the formation is limited. Palace Master Wu Luo was powerful and he could break the formation with three full-force hits. If the formation could hold them back longer, the Almighties from Abysmal Palace might have been killed,” Jian Wushuang was filled with murderous intention and there was a tinge of regret in his eyes.

 “It’s a pity,” Hall Master Gu Xin and Hall Master Nie Yun nodded simultaneously.

 The three of them exchanged a look and then smiled.

 “Haha,” Jian Wushuang laughed extremely wantonly.

 Hall Master Gu Xin and Hall Master Nie Yun then laughed too.

 Although there were many experts from Abysmal Palace that had managed to escape, which they found regrettable, the result was that Abysmal Palace had suffered a crushing hefty defeat after all.

 Hefty defeat!

 It was absolutely no doubt a great defeat.

 During the fight, Lineage of Star had merely had a few of their bronze-armored Dao soldiers damaged. They only needed some resources to recover them. Other than that, they hadn’t lost anything.

 Abysmal Palace had suffered a great loss!

 “Abysmal Palace kept a high profile and came to Lineage of Star before the forces and experts in Sanctuary Alliance. In the end, they suffered a crushing defeat and lost many Almighties. If the news were to be spread, it would stir a great commotion,” Hall Master Gu Xin said excitedly.

 “It’s okay to stir commotion. Most importantly, the fight serves as a deterrent to the others,” there was a gleam in Jian Wushuang’s eyes, “Abysmal Palace sent eighty percent of their highest fighting power and suffered a crushing defeat. How many Abysmal Palaces does Sanctuary Alliance have?”

 “After this fight, the forces and sects would be even more fearful of Lineage of Star. Even if they found out that the Master of Star Palace passed away, they have to reconsider again and again before they do anything to Lineage of Star.

 “Yes,” Hall Master Gu Xin and Hall Master Nie Yun nodded heavily.

 They walked out of Galaxy Universe and took on their enemy in order to intimidate all forces with the fight.

 They were very satisfied with the result.

 “Come on, let’s return,” Jian Wushuang waved to put the Dao soldiers away.

 Then, Jian Wushuang and the two Hall Masters brought the exciting result back to Lineage of Star.


 In the void, far away from the battlefield earlier.

 Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

 A few figures stopped in the void. The experts from Abysmal Palace who strutted about and gave themselves airs when they barged into Lineage of Star. They were daring and energetic. But then, everyone, including Palace Master Wu Luo, was in a fix. They were like stray dogs.

 Especially many Sir Gods looked terrified and frightened.

 These Sir Gods were normally high and mighty. Although they had once faced life and death danger when they wandered outside, it hardly happened. That day, they had really taken a trip to Gate of Hell.

 They almost couldn’t return.

 “There are so few of us left?” Palace Master Wu Luo’s face grew in distress. He looked at the people around him and he couldn’t help but shiver.

 The experts from Abysmal Palace looked around and lowered their heads simultaneously.

 The reason why they lowered their heads was that they were embarrassed.

 One should know that they had sent out a troop of eighteen Almighties in the beginning. Among the eighteen Almighties, there were three Emperor Gods and fifteen Sir Gods. It was a terrifying team formation.

 But then…

 With one glance, the people who were still standing in the void were only nine in total!

 Yes, only nine left. There were two Emperor Gods, Palace Master Wu Luo and Emperor God Luo Xian. The remaining seven were Sir Gods. Among the nine of them who were alive, every one of them was pale and they were injured.

 As for the other nine people… They had been killed in the fight earlier!

 Nine Almighties, including Emperor God Dan Tu, passed away during the fight!

 On the other hand, there wasn’t any death in the other party.

 Was it really Abysmal Palace that had such a result?

 Abysmal Palace, whose overall foundation and power were in the top three in Sanctuary Alliance, had been beaten up by Lineage of Star?

 “Saint Master wanted me to kill Jian Wushuang and destroy Lineage of Star along the way. I have to figure out ways to get my hands on the Secret Skill of Star Palace as well. But now, Abysmal Palace was defeated heavily in the fight. How do I report to Saint Master?” Palace Master Wu Luo looked distressed.

 “Not only we couldn’t report in, but Abysmal Palace’s overall power also diminished. We would even become Sanctuary Alliance’s laughing stock for quite a while!”


“Jian Wushuang, heh, Jian Wushuang!”

 “This time, Abysmal Palace is doomed. We will definitely remember this. In no time, I will definitely repay in ten times, a hundred times or even a thousand times!”

 “Just you wait…”

 Palace Master Wu Luo roared and led the experts from Abysmal Palace to leave very quickly.

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