Legend of Swordsman

Chapter 147 - New Rankings of the Earthly Dragon List

Chapter 147: New Rankings of the Earthly Dragon List

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“This is … Lin Yun?”

Jian Wushuang looked at the gruesomely tortured body lying in front of him with astonishment. Wasn’t it the purple-masked assassin, Lin Yun, who chased him so hard that he had to jump into the abyss two years ago?

“Yes, it’s him,” Wang Yuan answered and smiled.

“How did you get him here?” Jian Wushuang asked.

“Ha-ha, I have my ways.” Wang Yuan grinned, but didn’t explain much.

Jian Wushuang’s expression turned odd.

He always thought Wang Yuan was special.

In terms of talent, Wang Yuan, who only passed the third floor of the Dragon Gate, was at the bottom of the many disciples in Dragon Palace. There was nothing extraordinary and no hint of him being a genius.

Normally, a man like him could not get into Dragon Palace, not to mention staying there for so long.

However… Even with his unimpressive performance, Wang Yuan still remained in Dragon Palace.

Jian Wushuang refused to believe that there was not something fishy about it.

Now, it was clear that Wang Yuan had an unusual identity since he could bring Lin Yun here and torture him secretly without alerting Blood Feather Tower.

“Is he a child of one of the seven top clans? But there’s no Wang among the seven top clans in Tianzong Dynasty. And, even though those top clans are formidable, having an expert in the Yin-Yang Void Realm guard the gate is still absurd,” Jian Wushuang thought.

“Third brother, Lin Yun is my gift to you. How do you plan to deal with him?” Wang Yuan said with a smile.

“Just kill him,” Jian Wushuang answered.

“Do you want to do it yourself?” Wang Yuan asked.

“Yes.” Jian Wushuang nodded, them he slowly stepped forward.

Lin Yun was tied to a red-hot iron pillar. Sensing someone coming, Lin Yun struggled to lift his head, but his eyes widened with fear when he saw Jian Wushuang standing in front of him.


“How could it be possible!”

Lin Yun couldn’t stop growling,” You are not dead? How can you still be alive?”

“Sorry to let you down.” Jian Wushuang wore a faint smile, then leaned forward beside Lin Yun’s ears and whispered, “Do you remember what I said at the Abyss?”

Lin Yun was stunned for a second.

“Since I survived, Blood Feather Tower will be in trouble. But you are not the first purple-masked assassin I have killed. Lucky for you. I have already killed one at the Clearwater Stronghold in Tianyan Province. You are the second.”

After finishing his words, Jian Wushuang grabbed Lin Yun’s throat and squeezed it, crushing his throat in an instant.

Lin Yun, the purple-masked assassin of Blood Feather Tower, and well-known governor of the Blizzard City, died on the spot.

“Yuan, thank you so much,” Jian Wushuang said.

” Ha-ha, you don’t need to be so polite with your brother. Let’s go,” Wang Yuan laughed and said.

They immediately returned to Dragon Palace.

During the following days, Jian Wushuang started to dig into the last three moves of the Formless Sword Art.

He became ecstatic immediately after gaining some understanding of the last three moves.

“Ha-ha, I never thought that the last three moves required the use of two sword essences simultaneously, and those two sword essences just so happen to be the Sword Essences of Gale and Raging Fire!”

Jian Wushuang was overwhelmed by this huge surprise.

The Formless Sword Art had always emphasized the Sword Essence of Gale. The deeper the comprehension of the Sword Essence of Gale, the stronger the power would be when one demonstrated this Sword Art.

But he never expected the last three sword moves would require an understanding of both Sword Essences of Gale and Raging Fire. Only by combining the two sword essences could one demonstrate the three moves.

The seventh move of the Formless Sword Art could only be displayed by someone who had good comprehension in both Gale and Raging Fire. But combining them was not necessary.

The eighth move, however, required the two sword essences to be combined into the Fiery Wind Sword Essence.

As for the last and the strongest, ninth move…It demanded an extremely deep comprehension of the Fiery Wind Sword Essence.

“Now that I’ve combined the Sword Essences of Gale and Raging Fire into the Fiery Wind Sword Essence, I can definitely demonstrate the eighth move of the Formless Sword Art!”Jian Wushuang’s eyes flashed with excitement.

He had been missing a sword skill that could fully exert the Fiery Wind Sword Essence ever since he combined the two sword essences.

Although he had the Selfless Sword Technique, it had an incredibly high prerequisite. Plus, it needed four sword essences instead of two. The Selfless Sword Technique could not be fully activated if he only combined two sword essences.

But the Formless Sword Art was different.

It happened to aim for people who were mastering the Fiery Wind Sword Essence, so it was the most suitable sword skill for him to exert his full power.

Without hesitation, Jian Wushuang started to meditate on the seventh and eighth sword moves of the Formless Sword Art.

Seven days passed quickly.

During these seven days, many warriors who had trained in Dragon Palace had returned from their travels for self-training.

In addition, the Earthly Dragon List had updated its rankings during these days.

While the new rankings evoked quite a stir in Tianzong Dynasty.

The rankings list was as follows…

“Rank 1, Xue Yun!”

“Rank 2, Baili Chen !”

“Rank 3, Ouyang Haotian!”

“Rank 4, Mu Yingying! ”

“Rank 5, Feng Yutian!”…

There were no alterations from the first place to the ninth place, only the tenth place.

“Rank 10, Jian Wushuang!”

It surely attracted a lot of attention when a new name barged in the rankings of the Earthly Dragon List, claiming the tenth place.

And the description of him was as follows.

“Jian Wushuang, a disciple of Dragon Palace, with Cultivation in the Profound Gold Core Realm, had used the alias Swordsman and defeated Xiao Mang who ranked 22th on the Earthly Dragon List at the Quiet Moon Lake two years ago, then jumped into the abyss while being pursued by Blood Feather Tower!”

“Two years later, he returned and fought with Ouyang Haoyue inside the imperial palace. He blocked Ouyang Haoyue’s full strength blade attack with only his bare hands, easily overpowering him and winning the fight!”

“The Millennium Chronicle of the Gladiator Arena recorded Jian Wushuang as an exceptional genius rarely seen for decades. After evaluating his talents and the brilliant battle record from two years ago, we, the Golden-dragon Palace, affirm that he is now capable of being ranked in the top ten of the Earthly Dragon List!”

The description was not long or short, but it explained very clearly why Jian Wushuang was among the top ten.

Of course, the description stirred up a great number of disputes.

“They ranked him at tenth place without any battle results, only because on his talents and the fact he easily supressed Ouyang Haoyue? That’s way too arbitrary!”

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