Legend of Swordsman

Chapter 1438 - Hunt!

Chapter 1438: Hunt!

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“Leader, what should we do?”

The people in Hong Ri Mercenary Group were terrified.

“What’s there to panic about? Stay calm!”

Yu Gang bellowed as he took a step forward. His bright, loud voice traveled well. “I am from Hong Ri Mercenary Group, Yu Gang. I wonder who you are and whether you could show us some consideration and let us pass?”

The voice transmitted through the spaceship to the outer void then to the crowd.

“Hong Ri Mercenary Group?”

The leader of the crowd was a bald man. He scoffed, “You’re only some random mercenary group. How are you qualified to ask me, Hei Longshan, to show consideration?”

“Hei Longshan?”

“He’s really Hei Longshan?”

On the spaceship, there was a commotion.

Hong Ri Mercenary Group often travelled back and forth in the boundless void. They were familiar with bandit forces that were extremely strong.

In the boundless void, there were four strongest bandit forces. Hei Longshan was one of them!

It was said that Hei Longshan had more than ten thousand Universe Gods. Among, them were hundreds of Universe Gods in the Third Heaven. Over the years, they had been moving about in the boundless void and they definitely deserved their titles as overlords in the boundless void.

Hong Ri Mercenary Group had heard of the name Hei Longshan long ago, but they had never crossed paths before.

It was their first time!

After finding out their enemy’s identity, Yu Gang knew that it would definitely be impossible for their troops to slip past Hei Longshan in peace.

“We, Hong Ri Mercenary Group, are willing to pay five million Chaos Gems as toll fee. I hope that you will all let us through,” Yu Gang offered.

Five million Chaos Gems wasn’t a small figure.

After all, an ordinary Universe God’s entire wealth would only be about forty to fifty million Chaos Gems.

“Haha, five million Chaos Gems? You’re trying to dismiss us? Listen up. If you, Hong Ri Mercenary Group, really want to buy your way out, at least show some sincerity. Fifty million Chaos Gems – no less. Otherwise, you will become souls of the deceased by Hei Longshan’s hands!” The bald man shouted.

“Fifty million?”

Yu Gang and the Universe Gods in Hong Ri Mercenary Group grew grave.

“A Real God would only have forty million. Now, he’s asking for fifty million Chaos Gems as a toll fee? He’s demanding an exorbitant price!” Yu Gang sounded cold as he looked around, “Turn around. With the speed of our ship, Hei Longshan might not be able to catch up with us!”


The huge spaceship immediately turned in another direction. He didn’t bother with the experts from Hei Longshan before him, but opted to plunge forward through the void by the side.

Looking at the sight, the bald man smirked but didn’t chase.

After the spaceship had traveled forward in a different direction for a while, he realized that at the end of their trajectory was an enormous amount of experts surging forward too.

Not only that, in the other two directions, there were also huge numbers of figures.

From all directions, there were shadows. In addition to the two thousand people that they saw, there was at least ten thousands of Universe God.


Yu Gang’s face grew grave. Everyone in Hong Ri Mercenary Group was terrified too.

“Hei Longshan, this is Hei Longshan!” Yu Gang quivered in fear.

The leader of Hei Longshan, the bald man, appeared once again before the spaceship. His malicious laugh was heard ringing out, “Haha, you’re trying to run away? We Hei Longshan had been eyeing your troop when you were in Floating City. Why would we give you a chance to flee?”

“What should we do? Leader, what do we do?” The Universe Gods in Hong Ri Mercenary Group looked terrified.

Yu Gang looked cold as he spoke with a deep voice, “I paid a great price to get this spaceship. The structure of the spaceship is extremely solid. Although there are many Universe Gods in Hei Longshan, it isn’t that easy to break through the spaceship. We can rely on the structure and force our way out!”


Yu Gang made a decision and there was a ray of light that exploded. The very next moment, the faint purple film at the border of the spaceship shined out brilliant rays of purple light. Then, the spaceship suddenly traveled at a terrifyingly fast speed and plunged towards the crowd ferociously.

“They’re asking for death!”

The leader of Hei Longshan, the bald man saw the scene and he burnt with rage. He waved and commanded, “God Slayer Guards, prepare yourselves!”

Behind the bald man were a dozen figures standing in line and holding on to a pitch-black bow that gave out an extermination aura.

The bows were controlled by Universe Gods in the Third Heaven. Along with the stretch of the bowstring, the extermination aura shook the universe.

“This is…”

The people in Hong Ri Mercenary Group noticed the existence of the extermination aura.

“It’s God Slayer Bow, God Slayer Bow!”

“D*mn it. Hei Longshan is just a bandit force, how could they have so many God Slayer Bows?”

Yu Gang’s face grew grave.

The God Slayer Bow was famous in Ten Cultivation Sanctuaries. Some extremely strong forces would build a soldier troop equipped with God Slayer Bow.

The fighting power of the troop would also be very terrifying.

But then, Hei Longshan was just a bandit force. How could he form a troop with a dozen God Slayer Guards?

“Humph, Hei Longshan has been called an overlord in the void for so many years. We are not just a name,” the bald man smiled savagely.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Along with the arrows that the God Slayer Guards shot, dozens of extermination lights shot towards the spaceship.

The dozens of lights hit the heavy-duty structure of the spaceship simultaneously. The spaceship was really solid so although it shook, it withstood the attack.

“They resisted the attack? Humph, do it once more!” The bald man’s voice was cold.

The dozens of God Slayer Guards pulled their bows once again and there were dozens of exterminating auras that gathered again.

“We’re doomed!”

On the spaceship, the Universe Gods in Hong Ri Mercenary Group, including Yu Gang, went as pale as a sheet.

In the cabin, Su Hong, who stood in front of Jian Wushuang, became nervous too.

Jian Wushuang still looked rather cold. His Soul Power was spreading over the area and he could see the situation outside clearly.

“At first, I wanted to wait until the expert from Chu Sect revealed himself before I take action, but it seems like I will have to take action ahead of schedule.”

Jian Wushuang squinted. The next moment, he appeared on the deck of the spaceship.

That very moment, the God Slayer Guards shot their arrows for the second time and were already flying towards the spaceship.

Jian Wushuang didn’t hesitate anymore when he saw the scene. He held his Blood Mountain Sword and took a huge stride to appear outside of the spaceship. He stood right before the exterminating arrows.

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