Legend of Swordsman

Chapter 141 - Ouyang Haoyue

Chapter 141: Ouyang Haoyue

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In a dim study, a grey-clothed elder was so angry that two will-o’-the-wisps seemed to be burning in his eyes.

“He didn’t die. How could he still be alive after jumping into the Abyss?” the grey-clothed elder growled.

The two purple-masked assassins standing in front of the grey-clothed elder were trembling with fear and dared not say anything.

“Not only did he not die but became much stronger.” the grey-clothed elder looked at the information in his hands.

The information read, “Jian Wushuang went to the Clearwater Stronghold in Tianyan Province alone, killing all 98 copper-masked and silver-masked assassins as well as 12 golden-masked assassins.”

Even one purple-masked assassin was killed there.

After the revenge two years ago, there were not many purple-masked assassins remaining in Blood Feather Tower. And now they had lost one more.

It also read, “The two purple-masked assassins in Clearwater Stronghold joined hands to fight with Jian Wushuang. But seconds later, one was directly killed and the other one was scared, escaping into the air and not daring to fight anymore.

He fought against two enemies at a time and completely suppressed them.

“He has improved at such a fast pace, way too fast!”

“If we don’t stop him, Blood Feather Tower will be destroyed by him sooner or later. He must die!”

“Don’t take any chances and don’t give him any chances!”

“We have to kill him.”

The grey-clothed elder growled. Suddenly, there was a light sound heard in the room.

“You have said that many times, haven’t you?”

The door creaked open. A silver-robed young man, who had long hair and a wicked face, leaned against the door. He was staring at the grey-clothed elder with a strange smile.

If anyone else intruded into his study like this, the grey-clothed elder would have killed them the first time, but the demonic youth was different.

Not only did the demonic youth intrude into his study, he also sneered at the grey-clothed elder. However, the elder was not angry at all.

“Why did you come here?” The grey-clothed elder asked.

Though the young man hadn’t reached the Yin-Yang Void Realm, his status in Blood Feather Tower was extraordinary. Even the elder had to be humble when speaking to this person.

“I did not want to come here. However, Master ordered me to, so I had to come,” the demonic youth said.

“Tower Master?” the grey-clothed elder was stunned.

“Master said that Jian Wushuang is the target of a Scarlet Kill Command, so he has to die. However, you have failed twice in a row and Blood Feather Tower paid a great price because of that. Nothing unexpected is allowed in the third assassination. Therefore, I am here,” the demonic youth smiled.

The grey-clothed elder’s face fell.

He knew that Tower Master was questioning his ability because he failed to kill the target twice.

“What will you do?” the grey-clothed elder asked.

“That’s easy. I’ll kill him openly,” the demonic youth smiled and said.

“What?” The grey-clothed elder didn’t understand.

“Don’t forget that a major event is about to happen. As a disciple of Dragon Palace, Jian Wushuang should certainly attend it. Killing him at that time will be undoubtedly logical. Dragon Palace won’t say anything no matter how much it angers them,” the demonic youth said.

“Haha, I almost forget about that,” said the grey-clothed elder, smiling as well. He was confident in the demonic youth’s strength.

Jian Wushuang defeated two purple-masked assassins simultaneously. However, the demonic youth was much more terrifying.

Because he was Xue Yun!

Ranking 1st on the Earthly Dragon List, he was recognized as the strongest in the Yin-Yang Void Realm.

Three years ago, he fiercely fought with Baili Chen and Barbarian King Qing Cang, who ranked 2nd and 5th on the Earthly Dragon List respectively, outside the imperial palace.

He fought with both of them at the same time, finally ending it in a draw.

However, Xue Yun was only in the Profound Gold Core Realm three years ago. Now, he had reached the peak of the Exceptional Gold Core Realm!

After raining a whole day and night, the weather finally cleared.

Jian Wushuang was flying through the air on a Griffin, rushing toward Dragon Palace. Soon, a solemn and magnificent city appeared in his sight.

Needless to say, it was the imperial palace of Tianzong Dynasty.

It was crowded and busy in the imperial palace, so nobody noticed Jian Wushuang when he flew over the imperial palace.

“Ah, that is?” Jian Wushuang suddenly noticed a figure in the crowd at the imperial palace.

He changed his look a little bit, then he made the Griffin land in the imperial palace.

A bunch of warriors were gathered on a wide street of the imperial palace center, excitedly watching the fierce fight in front of them.


A deep and low crash noise sounded. The amazing strength gathered into the blast wave and spread out, which made many warriors narrow their eyes. Following that, a strong man flew back in defeat.

“Haha, Su Lie, is that your full strength? So weak. You want to fight with me for the Cloud Dream Ginkgo. A weak man like you, you must be kidding,” a purple-haired man with a saber in his right hand and a milky ginkgo in his left hand. His budding laughter echoed through the entire street.

The man who was just beaten back was Su Lie, a disciple of Dragon Palace.

At this moment, his face was red and his breath was short. He stared at the purple-haired man coldly. And a red-robed girl stood beside him.

“Brother, are you OK?” the red-robed girl was worried and asked him.

“I’m fine,” Su Lie shook his head and said, “but, I couldn’t take back the Cloud Dream Ginkgo.”

“Doesn’t matter. Forget it,” the red-robed girl said.

Su Lie bitterly nodded. He was not willing to forget it.

Many warriors gathered here and watched this with interest. And Jian Wushuang appeared as well, wearing a bamboo hat.

“Su Lie.” seeing Su Lie, Jian Wushuang smiled. Then he looked at the purple-haired man who was yelling. “That is, Ouyang Haoyue?”

Jian Wushuang raised his eyebrows.

Ouyang Haoyue ranked 21st on the Earthly Dragon List, higher than Xiao Mang, whom he had fought with before. No wonder he defeated Su Lie so easily.

The experts on the Earthly Dragon List were at the peak of the Primordial Gold Core Realm, but their strength still varied.

The closer to the top, the stronger his strength, especially for those ranked in the top 20 and the top 10. Among them, each one was a monstrous expert.

Ouyang Haoyue was ranked 21st, but Su Lie was ranked 94th. This was obviously a huge gap.

“Everyone says that there are lots of exceptional geniuses and disciples with heaven-defying talent in Dragon Palace. But it seems you are nothing more than this,” Ouyang Haoyue overlooked Su Lie and sneeringly said.

“Are you provoking the whole Dragon Palace?” Su Lie’s eyes were dark.

“So what?” Ouyang Haoyue didn’t care and continued speaking, “Only Baili Chen and Qing Cang are ranked in top 10 on the Earthly Dragon List. Compared with the past disciples, you are much weaker.”

“In this year’s event, it would be pretty good if Dragon Palace could get 2 out of 15. But you, ranking 94th on the Earthly Dragon List, were not qualified to join it, am I right? Proud as you are, you are just a joke.”

Ouyang Haoyue sneered. Unwilling to talk to Su Lie, he turned to leave.

However when he turned around, Jian Wushuang stepped out from the crowd and walked towards him.

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