Legend of Swordsman

Chapter 136 - Attacking and Killing in the Heavy Rain (Part Two)

Chapter 136: Attacking and Killing in the Heavy Rain (Part Two)

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“What happened?” An Ying asked and frowned.

“There are enemies attacking,” a purple-masked assassin yelled coldly.

The door immediately opened, then An Ying and others came out of the room. As soon as they walked out, they saw a ghostly figure in the outer courtyard that was several hundred meters away.

The figure swept through in succession, with a strong sword light and many streaks of sword light flashing. Each streak of sword light had the blood of assassins from Blood Feather Tower on it.

“There, hurry up.” A purple-masked assassin violently shouted, and then immediately rushed into the outer courtyard.

It was only a few hundred meters, so it only took an instant to arrive at their speed.

But in just that instant… the assassins in the outer courtyard had already suffered a massacre.

When An Ying and others arrived in the outer courtyard, Jian Wushuang was piercing the chest of the last silver-masked assassin with his Long Sword.


With the falling down of the silver-masked assassin’s corpse, only Jian Wushuang remained standing in the outer courtyard.

An Ying and the others were stunned.

Even though they were all top assassins, they were stunned when they came into the outer courtyard and saw this scene.

There were a lot of corpses spread out on the ground in the outer courtyard and in the corridor under the eaves. All these corpses were strewn about, and the whole courtyard was buried in corpses, while the blood rushing from their wounds had already dyed the whole courtyard scarlet.

It was still raining heavily, and the vacant land in the central courtyard was water-logged. But at the moment, that water was so scarlet…

At first sight, it was like a Demonic scene from Hell.

Wearing a bamboo hat and a straw rain cape, Jian Wushuang stood in the very center of this Demonic Hell with the Triple-kill Sword in his hands. He was like a powerful demon fighting his way out of hell.

No matter whether it was An Ying, those two purple-masked assassins, or the eight gold-masked assassins, all of them were shocked by this scene.

What shocked them was not that Jian Wushuang killed all these people, but the time that Jian Wushuang spent killing them.

As soon as Jian Wushuang started this slaughter, they became aware of it in the inner courtyard and immediately rushed here. From the inner courtyard to the outer courtyard was only a few hundred meters. They arrived in the turn of a hand, at most a dozen breaths of time in total.

In such a short time, Jian Wushuang killed all the assassins in the courtyard, nearly a hundred assassins.

“How could he be so fast?”

How strong is he?

The two purple-masked assassins in the courtyard asked themselves in their heart whether they could kill all the assassins in the outer court in such a short time if they tried their best. The answer was… No, it’s impossible.

But Jian Wushuang did it.

The most important thing was, judging from the Spiritual Power radiating from Jian Wushuang, he was only in… The Profound Gold Core Realm.

“A person in the Profound Gold Core Realm can kill nearly a hundred Blood Feather Tower assassins in such a short time.” An Ying watched Jian Wushuang with a strong killing intent on his face, and coldly shouted, “Who are you?”

The two purple-masked assassins and eight gold-masked assassins also intensely stared at Jian Wushuang.

“Two years ago, in front of a lot of people, I once said.” The face of Jian Wushuang was still hidden under the bamboo hat, but his indifferent voice spread throughout the area.

“The day I return is the day all you guys die.”

“You should have heard that.”

An Ying was stunned, and there was a hint of terror in his eyes. At this moment, Jian Wushuang also lifted his head slightly, and exposed his handsome face.

Seeing that face, even though An Ying was very calm, he could not help screaming at this moment.

“Jian Wushuang, it is you.”


“Jian Wushang?”

“The target of the Scarlet Kill Command?”

The two purple-masked assassins and eight gold-masked assassins were also stunned.

Jian Wushang?

The guy turned the whole Tianzong Dynasty upside down two years ago. And Blood Feather Tower was almost completely wiped out because of him.

“You, aren’t you dead?” An Ying looked at Jian Wushuang with astonishment and said, “How could you possibly be alive?”

“So many people saw you jump into the Abyss. You should definitely be dead?”

An Ying thought it was incredible.

Those two purple-masked assassins were also stunned.

They all heard of the Abyss, which was one of the death traps in the Tianzong Dynasty. What was underneath the Abyss was still a big mystery, because no one came back from the Abyss after entering it…

So hearing that Jian Wushuang had jumped into the Abyss, everyone believed he was dead.

Blood Feather Tower also thought so, and that’s why they had stopped chasing Jian Wushuang two years ago.

But now, Jian Wushuang appeared in front of them in perfect condition after jumping into the Abyss.

“How is this possible?”

“Sorry, I beat the rap. When I was passing through the Gates of Hell, the King of Hell said I was so handsome that it would be a pity if I died at such a young age, so he sent me back.”

“Since I am not dead, it’s your turn.”

Jian Wushuang smiled coldly, with a slightly upward smirk, but his smile was like a blade.

“Laughingstock,” one of the purple-masked assassins commented, then directly smirked.”There was an opportunity for you to live, but you sought death. Since you did not die two years ago, we just have to kill you today.”

As soon as his voice fell, the aura of the Yin-Yang Void Realm on that purple-masked assassin suddenly soared. He turned into a streak of Flowing Light at this moment and appeared in front of Jian Wushuang in a flash.

“Go to hell!” A Purple Soft Sword appeared without any omen, like a ghost.

An Ying and the rest of the assassins watched this scene coldly.

Jian Wushuang raised his head and looked at the Purple Soft Sword slowly moving toward him, but the corner of his mouth showed a faint smile.

“A purple-masked assassin.”

“Two years ago, when facing a purple-masked assassin, I had to use the Soul-Devouring Secret Skill out of desperation, but now…”

Jian Wushuang’s eyes turned cold, and the Triple-kill Sword suddenly thrust out at this moment. An eruption of the terrifying Fiery Wind Sword Essence on the Sword Edge tore everything and burned everything.

“What?” The purple-masked assassin was shocked.

“Not good,” the other purple-masked assassin exclaimed, immediately following to join the battle.

“Two people? So what?” Jian Wushuang still did not care at all. With the combination of the wind sword essence and fire sword essence, the extreme violent sword in his hands directly smashed forward.

The two purple-masked assassins joined hands, in an attempt to resist the sword.

However, Jian Wushuang waved his hands suddenly and then the sword struck three times consecutively.

All three streaks of sword light contained Fiery Wind Sword Essence.

This was the combination of two sword essences. The power would be much stronger than only one sword essence.

“Damn it.” The two purple-masked assassins shuddered inside and resisted with haste. But after striving to resist Jian Wushuang’s three sword strikes, both of them were directly slammed backward.

“It’s time.”

Suddenly, a light flickered in Jian Wushuang’s eyes.

The Triple-kill Sword became a streak of Flowing Light again, and then rushed forward.

Selfless Sword Technique, Idealistic Form.

His full strength suddenly erupted.

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