Legend of Swordsman

Chapter 113

Chapter 113: Spotlight

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The fight for the Black Water Lotus Seeds was over.

The seven seeds had their owners.

The face of those people who couldn’t get it looked bleak.

“Damn! I almost got it!”

“I paid such a high price to hire you for these Black Water Lotus Seeds, but none of you succeeded. Why did I hire you?”

“You all are good-for-nothing!”

“Fortunately, although I didn’t get any Black Water Lotus Seeds, at least I am still alive, which is better than those who died.”

“It’s tragic. Too many people died. If I had rushed to the forefront, I am afraid that I would have been one of the corpses!”

The different survivors felt various emotions, ranging from anger, annoyance and some secretly grateful.

Anyway, this fight was over. The warriors of the Golden Pill Realm here could relax.

But at this moment…


Suddenly, a terrible deafening roar came from nearby, everyone immediately turned around and looked over.

At the peak of the nearby majestic mountain, two different terrifying spiritual powers were colliding furiously.

The world was roaring and the earth was trembling! The ruptured gravel rolled down from the peak of the mountain like raindrops.

SMASH! It seemed like an apocalypse.


The warriors of the Golden Pill Realm standing near the Quiet Moon Lake were shocked and then the crowd stirred immediately.

“It’s Xiao Mang and that black-robed swordsman whose level was at the Initial Completion of the Golden Pill Realm”

“They are still fighting?”

“How long has this been? There is still no winner between them?”

“Come on, let’s go and watch!”

“Haha, the contest between two powerhouses! Hurry up!”


All the people became excited with fiery eyes and they moved to that majestic mountain.

“Third brother,” Su Rou said and stared at that mountain. She then moved toward it quickly without any hesitation.

“Xiao Mang and that boy of the Initial Completion of the Golden Pill Realm, they could fight for such a long time?” Gu Tao thought. A gleam of a surprise entered his eyes, he clenched his teeth, rushing over.

At the Quiet Moon Lake, all those warriors, no matter how they arrived, alone or hired, were crazy about this fight which was happening at the mountain peak. Those hired guns ignored the wishes of their employers. At that moment, a large number of warriors of the golden pill realm were swarming towards the peak of the mountain like bees.

But after they appeared on the top of the mountain, all of them were shocked by the scene before their eyes!

The ground there had crumbled into potholes, littered with piles of rubble and a series of giant sword scars or knife marks which demonstrated the overwhelming spiritual power.

The original stone forest here was already gone, just leaving some stark rocks.

Suddenly, a dazzlingly cold blade flashed towards Jian Wushuang with fury.

As the blade flash’s target, Jia Wushuang dodged the attack by swerving his body. Then the blade chopped into the stone below his feet.


The human-height rock was split into two parts just like tofu after contact with the blade. Immediately, the rock shattered apart.


After splitting the rock, the blade didn’t stop, it kept moving towards the ground with the same force. In a moment, a horrible deep chasm emerged, three or four meters across with rubble flying everywhere.

“Oh, God!” The spectators were stunned.


At the sound, a sword shadow pierced the void, moving quickly towards Xiao Mang.

Xiao Mang evaded immediately.

Thus, the long sword of Jian Wushuang stabbed into the stone wall behind Xiao Mang with a buzzing sound. The central stone of that wall was smashed into pieces directly by this attack. At the same time, a spiral hole which was one meter deep appeared on that wall.

This hole covered the entire surface of the stone wall which made people feel like the half of the stone disappeared entirely.

The visiting warriors of the Golden Pill Realm went silent after seeing this.

Even the strongest warriors in the crowd, Gu Tao, when he saw what had happened here, swallowed unintentionally.

“God! What a terrifying power! Can anyone resist their attack?” Gu Tao thought,

Was it possible that someone could smash the gigantic rock with one slash and produce such a deep crack in the ground or impale the large rock with a thrust while destroying all those stones and obliterating the other half?

That was unbelievable!

“Are they just at the golden pill realm?”

“Warriors of the golden pill realm? It’s impossible!”

Everyone kept their eyes wide with the very strange expression, especially those guys whose cultivation was already at the Profound Gold Core Realm or the Exceptional Gold Core Realm.

Remember, one of the two guys was just at the initial completion of the golden pill realm, which was lower than anyone else here.

The winds roaring, Xiao Mang was hidden in the wind but reappeared anywhere randomly.

At the same time, Jian Wushuang kept dodging flexibly, avoiding the attacks. The spectators could only hear the horrible, violent thuds over and over again, and watch the destruction of the rocks.

Suddenly, Jian Wushuang stopped moving, staring at Xiao Mang with his gleaming eyes.

Xiao Mang’s expression became serious at that moment.

He didn’t care about this battle at the beginning, after all, he was confident about his strength, not to mention that his realm was at the consummation of the golden pill while Jian Wushuang was just at the initial completion of the golden pill realm.

But during their fight, he found out that this initial completion guy was scarier than he thought.

“Xiao Mang, is that your actual strength?” Jian Wushuang asked with a loud voice, ” You are really great, you deserve to be the 22nd in the earth dragon list. But I will win that black water lotus.”

The temperature rose immediately and then a substantial red blast formed followed by Jian Wushuang’s sword shadow.

The flames which covered the sky arrived at the same time.

Xiao Mang brandished his saber quickly and then the flames were split up. Seeing that, a gleaming light flashed from Jian Wushuang’s eyes. Then a dim shadow of the giant sword chopped again…

But this time, what had changed, was the inconceivable and capricious formless swordsmanship.

The perfect transformation of the three sword essences, including Gusty Wind Sword Essence, the Earth Sword Essence and the Raging Fire Sword Essence, displayed the real strength of Jian Wushuang.

“He’s too strong! Who’s he? I have never known this black-robed swordsman! How can his strength be so marvelous?”

“He grasps three sword essences with such deep insight at the same time! Oh, my God!”

“Though Xiao Mang is strong, he’s just good at the essence of gusty wind, while his opponent simultaneously grasps three essences. If these three sword essences can be transformed perfectly, it would be flawless.”

Many warriors were in awe.

Comprehending three sword essences at the same time was an inconceivable matter in their eyes, but Jian Wushuang did it.

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