League of Legends: League of Unknowns

Chapter 245 - Lowering their IQ

Chapter 245: Lowering their IQ

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“I just want to ask, if we hadn’t managed to take down most of them just now, what would you have done?” Lin Dong asked.

“I would have continued to stealth.” Luocheng replied.




The other members of Team Skycrown were speechless.

As expected, once this guy started being b*tchy, he didn’t differentiate between friend or foe, night or day!

Once they had gotten the ace, Luocheng led the push, taking down two turrets from the middle lane.

Once they had killed their opponents, there was an extra blue buff to be taken. Teemo’s mushrooms started appearing in the opponent’s jungle, flooding all possible paths that they would walk. In short, you wanted to farm in the jungle?

Without Oracle’s Elixir, don’t even dream about going!

Could you understand this feeling, your entire jungle had now become a landmine, there was no place to step foot in that was safe!

Even if you used Oracle’s Elixir and cleaned them up slowly, there was no telling how long it would take you to do it, and the opponent’s minion wave would have pushed further in already.


“I’m going to take red.” Redhead said as his Caitlyn went toward the buff’s direction.

Equipped with a Bloodthirster, Caitlyn didn’t really fear Teemo’s damage. The health that was taken away by the mushroom could easily be lifesteal-ed back when hitting the red buff.

Animation Cancel, Animation Cancel, Redhead skillfully controlled Caitlyn to shoot faster…

A real master could consistently maintain Animation Cancel no matter what they were hitting so as to avoid getting attacked by their enemies.

Redhead’s skills in Animation Cancelling were smooth, and he kited the red buff beautifully…


Suddenly, it seemed as though Caitlyn had stepped on something behind her. The mushroom exploded, spraying smoke onto Caitlyn and her health began to drop.

“F*ck, there were some here?”

Redhead cursed, stepping on the mushroom gave off a disgusting feeling. Worse was that she had just taken the red buff, if she died just like that…Redhead’s face twisted.

‘I can’t take it anymore!

‘I want to kill that damn brat!’

Redhead was almost at his boiling point and he was going to scour the world for Teemo!

League players would understand, you can lose the teamfight, but Teemo has to die!

However, this time, Team Galaxy had a higher level of understanding. In the future matches, they would definitely aim to ban Teemo because of the shadows it was bound to leave in their hearts after this game…

Split pushing 4:1, Luocheng started to farm in the lane without much thought. A Top Teemo would generally appear in higher ranked games, his objective being to farm at the top lane and use his mushrooms to fill up the entire top lane and some of the jungle.

If one person came, Teemo could throw a few mushrooms and still engage. If two people came, he could activate Move Quick, leading them on a chase to step on the mushrooms. If three people came, he would drag the fight on as long as possible to help his teammates push their lanes or take the Dragon.

To be honest, Luocheng’s items were quite good, taking first blood, stealing other people’s jungle, stealing their kills…

With his mushrooms, he could save a bit on vision and use the gold to buy other items. Bringing an Oracle Elixir and decorating his minefield, Teemo continued to happily farm at the top lane.

Adorable on the outside but a demon on the inside, this Teemo in the guise of an innocent rabbit always bent down to plant his mushrooms, treating your jungle area as his own home, bending down in front of you as if he was picking up your soap and throwing it at you. Who could bear this, who could tolerate this!

He must die, he must die!

Seizing the chance just as Luocheng was bringing down the inner turret, Team Galaxy surrounded him from the back.

“I’m going, three of us…”

“Just for a Support Teemo, Team Galaxy is crazy.”

“If it were you, you’d go insane too. I didn’t understand it last time, why the hatred toward Teemo was so great, what they meant with they are willing to lose the teamfight, but Teemo must die…” Huang Yu sighed and said.

When you performed miracles with your fighting skills, escaping from the enemy line and thinking that you had some godly light shining down on you, suddenly a ‘boom’ and your screen would become gray…At this time, you would have a painful realization when you looked at Teemo.

When you were struggling with the jungle creeps and it leaves you with just a little bit of health, a ‘boom’ and your buff goes flying somewhere else, you would have a painful realization when you looked at Teemo.

When you see Teemo all alone, planting mushrooms in front of you as he shakes his butt at you, and you launch yourself at him in haste but he runs into a bush to hide, and you go inside the bush because you can’t let that disgusting shit go…A painful realization that once you go in, there would be another three or four champions lying in wait for you…

When you’re in a teamfight and after so much trouble, you managed to kill four of them but you turn around and realize that Teemo has already taken down your Nexus, that was a feeling of utter defeat and realization.

With so many things mentioned, do you still not realize why this champion—Teemo needs to die??

And with this player who could make use of Teemo so brilliantly…no, who could bring out his inner demon in Teemo perfectly, are you saying it wasn’t worthwhile to send three members of Team Galaxy to surround him?

The fact that Team Galaxy hadn’t smashed their keyboards where they sat, but instead, rushed toward beating up the Teemo in game, they were still considered to have brains!


With wards and mushrooms everywhere, Luocheng could clearly see that he was surrounded by three opponents.

When Luocheng escaped, he never took normal roads to run, and this time, it was no mistake that he was heading straight for their base!

There was someone inside the base, Blinding Dart, and then run!

Juke, avoiding Zyra’s Grasping Roots.

Walk in a circular motion, avoid their skill shots.

Run in the opposite direction, break out of their circle around you…

Being caught up to, Flash right into their fountain!

At one time, their base was a show of Teemo making a commotion running around, and three to four members of Team Galaxy were chasing after him. They spent more than twenty seconds before they finally managed to force Teemo into a dead-end.

Team Scarlet was starting to doubt that this was an official professional match after watching this unfold…

Which match have you watched, that a Teemo would run right into the opponent’s base, bringing three to four champions on a wild goose chase for half a day?


“F*ck, we’ve lost the Baron!” Lu Lian shouted.

Teemo had really pissed off Team Galaxy now, making them chase him for more than twenty seconds, ultimately causing them to lose out on the Baron!

They felt like little kids being led around by their noses, letting someone use a brainless champion like Teemo to lower their IQ!

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